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  1. There is an Instagram account called oatsandquotes that dd and friends follow... They are all fanatical about oatmeal with all kinds of healthy toppings for breakfast.
  2. So! My dd and I have had a crazy few weeks. We were in London just last week as dd had private(scheduling conflicts) auditions with ENBS and RBS both for final year (6.3). I have been quiet lately but reading this forum daily. With dd being a foreign applicant, I have been apprehensive about sharing but now I can! Bad news first - ENBS was a no and RBS was a short list with a wait til May. Now the good news! Just before we left, dd received an email from National Ballet of Canada where she had attended auditions for company back in January. They had one more spot to fill and wanted to take a second look. So yesterday she attended a company class and an hour later, an email arrived with an apprentice contract offer! WOOT! DD is shocked and stupid happy - it's a JOB. Let me add, dd has less then perfect turnout. It was great when she was 11 and started vocational school but as she grew, her turnout decreased. She has also had to work her buns off for decent extensions. It has been her passion and crazy discipline and work ethic that got this opportunity. So it can be done! If anyone has watched 'Centre Stage', she's like Julie
  3. Just curious, I notice ENBS not mentioned a lot in this (these) discussions. Is it because it doesn't have lower school? Or is not a serious consideration. I thought they had good record for employment also.
  4. Oh Oh Oh can I add to that 'thequays'? The 'of course she did' comment when you mention a success. I find that comment so belittling! Not sure why but I think because it makes light of the fierce competition in this industry and takes away from the hard work put into the accomplishment.... just my rant.
  5. I get it. When dd went off to voc school at 11, apparently the siblings took it upon themselves to have a family discussion behind my back because they thought it was a bad decision. That was 7 years ago and I just found out recently (by accident) so am letting it go but geez!
  6. Every week long break, we parents are sent a letter reminding us of how young bodies need time to recooperate and they suggest limiting our kids to just daily stretching and normal recreational activities. For longer breaks (Christmas and summer) the older students usually have exchanges but are still encouraged to find at least a week to relax. My dd usually comes home and parks her butt on the couch under a blanket for the first few days but then gets restless so resumes her daily stretches, maybe a yoga class or the gym for a few days as time allows.
  7. I don't specifically see a downside but just to note, grade level is not really a factor in auditions for any student under 11yo. Potential and musicality are all that are judged usually. You could always consider other styles (jazz, tap etc)
  8. Im an overseas lurker/occasional poster. Regarding current vocational students not participating. It has been my understanding that the competition is directed at students that are not already in a partner school. Not a hard and fast rule but generally speaking. Schools want to hold onto their own and it could be perceived negatively if students jump ship. There are working relationships within the partner schools and companies that current students have some access to. My dd will be auditioning in Europe/UK soon for graduate training and the school helps setup the auditions. It would be nice, of course, to do it in one week at something like the Prix but alas not an option.
  9. So here is a little antidote. My dd, who is at a vocational ballet school, went for dinner with her classmates at a Sushi restaurant this past weekend. It was an all-you-can-eat deal but the rules are you pay for what you DON'T eat. They ordered massive food and the waiter was concerned because they would have to pay for leftovers.... they not only finished the first round but polished off another 2 rounds. Most dancers DO eat.
  10. Taxi, while I understand wanting that opportunity for all students, the reason I mentioned it may be better suited to voc students (older students) is the type of instruction. It is set-up more like company class.... large numbers and very minimal one-on-one instruction. I recall hearing complaints in the past on this issue. There can be up to 40 students in the ballet class and that's not a good fit for everyone.
  11. DD is a vocational student in Canada and attended YBSS two summers ago. She loved that it was full of students from RBS, Central, Elmhurst etc. Classes are large and are akin to company classes therefore maybe better suited to voc students.
  12. Interesting comments about Vaganova. Perhaps it is us parents and our need to raise our children with a more rounded upbringing as well as maintaining academic standards. Perhaps we still want the same results as past generations that didn't share the same focus, but without sacrificing everything. Safe to say the transition maybe hasn't fully caught up to company expectations? Just thinking out loud.
  13. I have been reading this thread with interest also. I have not read the article either as I don't get the DT. We have similar issues at Canadas NBS. A pianist at the school once told me how discouraged he felt that our students weren't more aggressive in auditions. He couldn't decide if it was complacency in their ability or lack of confidence to say "hey look at me!" We too, deal with foreign students, winners of the Prix or YAGP getting scholarships and revered for their performance skills (tricks and turns) and the long-time students sometimes feel disregarded by this when the new students are awarded the prime roles because they have more experience in PDD and performance. Regarding Christopher Powney, may I add that the Dutch Academy has become the most requested school that our graduates seek for their post-graduate year of training so he must be doing something right with training. CeliB hit it on the head when she wrote: "... UK is seen as an accessible stepping stone into European ballet companies. I guess most countries teach english as a foreign language so USA and UK are bound to be easier for students with some knowledge of the language. And Royal ballet has a fabulous rep and of course you are more likely to be seen if you are in the upper school so of course it's going to be a prime place to apply" Regardless of training, RBS has one of the best employment rates I have seen. So of course foreign students want to get in before the end and have that on their resume. But back to the issue, maybe Christopher Powney's comments have offended but in the long run, I wonder if maybe shaking things up will move RBS's UK students to higher levels.
  14. The title of this thread caught my eye because it has recently been discussed in this home! I have a new response to my darling dd whenever she asks for anything unnecessary.... and it is "50K" which would be 30k in UK. "Mommy can we stop for a Frappuccino?" me - "50k" "Mommy will you order me a Yumiko bodysuit for Christmas?" me - "50K" It is the year of reckoning which means auditioning for final year training at European schools which means an audition tour, flight, hotels etc plus whatever that tuition for one year may be..... so Christmas this year is airfare. Maybe a book or two and a few stocking stuffers
  15. Well I have no fixed plans and hope to go where the wind blows (spent a holiday in York and London last summer after dd's YBSS) and would likely find myself in UK in either August or September. So I would go wherever was suggested. Crazy I know but it's my dream. I used to have a facebook page for photography but haven't updated in awhile as I get more job requests then I am willing to do. I have recently joined Flickr and am slowly uploading but maybe I should get a move on that. Is it ok to add a link here on balletco?
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