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The Northern Lights are in my eyes ...


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1 hour ago, alison said:

... or in fact not.  I missed them last night.  Does anyone have any photos to share?

Gary Avis posted some gorgeous photos on Instagram and Facebook.  

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Aurora Australis is visible too. Even living in the suburbs, with all that light pollution, it has been visible. I'm hoping go go somewhere dark tonight on the coast for a better view.

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I went out down the field Friday evening to have a look because my daughter said she'd seen some photos on our local facebook page, and I stared northwards for a few minutes and saw nothing. Then ten minutes later I got a phone call from dd again saying "Go outside and look!!!" so I went out into the garden, phone in hand, looking northwards again. "No," she said, "look up!!".


Light pollution and all, there it was. The sky was pink and mauve and green, a great long stripe from west to east, and right overhead. Incredible.

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