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RBS or Elmhurst for sixth form (year12on)


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So our DD is an SA with RBS and a student with Elmhurst associates and has been told by the tutors to apply to Elmhurst and Royal for year 12. Apparently stands a good opportunity of gaining a place as has something special and unique. DD was offered both at year 7 but declined due to worries about homesickness and I’m glad she stayed home to have a normal school  life aswell as an associate training  ballet life. She does Elmhurst Royal and BBO. 


which do you think is the best? I wonder if Elmhurst is better as I believe they do A levels (am I right?)

which is a good back up in case of injuries or changing minds? 

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4 hours ago, Blue Box Ballet said:

RBS hands down. 
The training, the teachers, the connections...

Also as arguably one of the best best ballet schools in the world, it attracts the best students which in turn will push up the standard of each cohort. 

100% agree, if you can stay in til graduation that is 😔

Both my children graduated from Elmhurst to gain ballet company contracts, a bit physically and psychologically broken, both not well managed sadly, but that’s ballet training in our experience. The A levels and the Diploma were a god send as our daughter changed paths and went to University instead of the ballet career. Girls 100% need a plan B not just because of the employment difficulties. I’m happy to answer any specific questions you have x

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If the dream is to dance in top professional ballet companies around the world then it has to be rbs. Look at their graduate destinations year on year.


Academically the upper school students undertake a BA hons degree in classical ballet context and also do another study stream alongside which can be an a level or epq. 

It’s extremely competitive to get into with the international prize winners and top students from around the world as well as white lodge students taking most of the places. 

Good luck! 

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Apply to both, definitely.  As cotes du rhone says, the challenge for UK trained girls who get into RBS Upper school is being kept for the full three years - IF they can stay the course and graduate, they have the best chance of getting a paid contract in a good ballet company.  However, the chances of getting a place and not being assessed out are slim for UK trained girls.


Have a look Elmhurst’s graduate employment statistics and weigh them up against the vital “Plan B” backup given by having A Levels.  


Also speak to other parents via PM about pastoral care at both schools, because going away to train full time at 16/17 can be especially hard for those who have trained at home. 




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I would say the pandemic, lockdown, companies loss of income, Brexit has really shaken things in the ballet world in the UK. Graduate destinations are not as robust or assured. Think about your Dd’s personality and her mental strength. All I know is dancers who were assessed out of Elmhurst and RBS but kept training are getting jobs at BRB and ENB and elsewhere. 

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