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Chris Marney is stepping down as AD of Central School of Ballet and new AD being sought

Jan McNulty

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2 hours ago, NJH said:

watch the  Conspiracy Theorists go into overdrive ... 



I don't think it would be being a conspiracy theorist to wonder what was going on if you had a child heading there this September. If he's leaving without a replacement in place, then there's a story there. It's probably a very humdrum story but I wouldn't blame any parent for feeling a bit jittery.

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Can we just hold it there, everyone?   It is not unusual for a departure to be announced before a new incumbent is appointed.  Northern Ballet recently announced David Nixon's departure and, with that, the Board's intention to start on a replacement process - and in a similar fashion, I see that the CSB announcement starts by saying that they are seeking to appoint a new AD.


Enough of the 'conspiracy' stuff then - or we may have to close the thread. 

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Being a private institution Central do not necessarily adhere to this but it is custom in educational institutions to give half a term’s notice of intention to leave which looks to be what has happened here. Some in senior positions may give longer. 

imagine if the advertisement for a replacement had been placed before announcing he was moving on. That would start the rumour mill. You can’t really operate a fair and equal recruitment process in private. 

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