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  1. the RAD certainly has Standards Examiners who examine the examiners iirc Lynne Reucroft-Croome ia or was a Standards Examiner ( @sophie_rebecca would know )
  2. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Mrs Kidd , I have met Simon IRL (and taken class as noted in my other reply ) I do think there is a risk that people focus in certain schools ot the exclusion of others ( although for many the whole MDS situation may mean that they have to ...) Obviously i have not seen him teach young people but i found him to be very engaging and able to cope with the vast range of ability you get in the studio at TBR
  3. that indeed they ( Mr and Mrs Kidd ) do... in the wonderful pre- covid world I had the pleasure of taking class with Simon Kidd at The Ballet Retreat (DPK had to drop out last minute so Hannah B made some calls meaning that we had a double treat of daily classes one with Pippa Moore and the Other with Simon kidd )
  4. Happy New Year to the Team Happy New Year to the Members ( and the the lurkers) Hopefully 2021 will in due course let us back into the studio on a predictable basis and also back into the theatres !
  5. glad to see that the RAD have finally realised their previous advice about Teir 3 was contrdictory especially as the higher grades VGEs and DR ARE ' educational qualifications' due to be RQF accredited
  6. nothing at all to do with it , if Gyms are allowed to open and personal trainers are allowed to work , then private classes ( or PDD with a bubblemate/ housemate ) are allowed the professional / education allows socially distanced / covid scure group classes to continue in tiers 3 and 4 as seen in tier 1 and 2
  7. this in buckets ... there are a few of us here who have a particular personal interest in this despite being rather older ...
  8. CAT is an alternative to vocational Lower School though so They might see a local dance school as a conflict of interest ... ( also the only Ballet foceused CAT is AoNB - although the Contemporary focused CATs often do iffer a decent standard of ballet as part of their program ) I can see some teachers being dubious aobut some of the ' Associate' schemes that pop up but equally when you look at the Quality of some of the teacher involved with associates not affiliated with a VocationaSchool or Company, they are not to be sniffed at...
  9. unfortunately it seems that there is a pattern in the east midlands and it's elephant in the room time
  10. exactly this certainly under tiered restrictions the operational policies of most studios has bene to ask peopel to come to class adequately pre-changed that you don;t need changing rooms etc and restrictions have been placed on how toilet faiclities are used to ensure social distancing ( which should be the case unless all your toilets are current 'gold standard' for unisex provision in which there is no need for docial distancing in use as the toilet and handwash are full enclosed for each stall/ unit
  11. yes it does , it;s just the RAD seem to have mis read it perhpas some at Battersea are clutching their pearls from home
  12. tier 2 and adult classes is as we have seen social distancing and area of studio based class size limits , no partnering unless bubbled rule of 6 and bubbles are irrelevant to a professional environment ( in fact one of the battles in my work place has been gettign across to people that to maintain the level of (lack of) restriction for everyone on site that means everyone follows the rules ref social distancing . ( also about enforcement although typically it;s actually the first line Management who are getting caught up in failure to follow the rules but that is pat
  13. it's a marketing thing ... a poor teacher who doesn't have a name as a performer will struggle where someone with a big five company credit to their name will get people regardless I have had fabulous teachers who are 'unknown' but extremely competent teachers whether they were vocational trained or not ( one of my favourite 'unkonown' teachers is actually a Consultant anesthetist in 'real life' - she has a particular approach and of course her physiology knowledge is off the scale ) , i've had fabulous teachers who balletomanes will recognise their name, i
  14. as others have said there are really a few things to consider with 'online' classes 1. the 'follow along' class whether that's a video created by a teacher expressedly for this purpose or because an interactive class can also be accessed by a none interactive live stream (as we have seen with some Pro company classes (e.g. Ms Rojo in her kitchen ) (or substitutes for such such as the classes Dan DeA taught from his conservatory) in first lockdown - you are not going to get corrections from the one way stream 2. an excessively large nominally interactive class wit
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