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  1. the problem is that whatever you put in that series people would complain it missed stuff out , focus on the Big 5 and M Bourne and the none big 5 companies would be missed out ... focus on the growth of recreational ballet and some of the human interest stories there (even though some of them have been told all ready) you know it will bring out the various hate groups with their absolutist views even if those views are such that they are "not worthy of consideration in a democratic society"
  2. for a young person to get to finals for one of the vocational schools , it's really quite firmly likely that they are above the 'quality line' - after all this is what the application process and preliminary auditions are about, do not feel guility aobut whether they are 'special' they quite clearly are. @Pups_mum is spot on
  3. AIUI The only explicitly Ballet CAT is the AoNB one in Leeds , the rest seem to be aimed at Contemporary / Urban altough they do include ballet tuition
  4. Absolutely , fortunately for most people their ability to get interactive teaching is down to their own usual teachers or to former teachers / people we know iRL who teach but we can;t physically make their classes normally
  5. i agree that portrait view is a must for the student
  6. demonstrates the process / kit from a teaching point of view i'd stand by my assertion that *as a student* if your phone / tablet supports screen mirroring to the TV / decent monitor that is adequate presumably by having the laptop connected to the TV you can get a nice big gallery view of your students ?
  7. coincindentially i have a Samsung TV as well as a Samsung Galaxy S9 phone this means i can easily mirror the phone screen to the tv over wifi. I use tripod / selfie stick and keep the phone in portrait orientation because it allows the closest to a full length image
  8. post show 'drop' - especially without the usual decompression plus lock down = this is normal reaction to the situation
  9. Jane is a fabulous teacher regardless of the age or level of of the class ... i've only briefly looked at the videos in question but i suspect that most adults would benefit from if not enjoy the 11 + / g5 + set
  10. most dance teachers are self employed so they cannot be furloughed
  11. absolutely spot on , as is usual ... some of the pro classes being streamed are very good at giving that firm advice ( i know Ms Rojo's class mentions this and Dan De Andrade has mentioned this aobut his insta streamed class )
  12. somewhat 'understated ' assessment of Ms Rojo's class there ...
  13. NJH

    Home studio

    the data sheet says 2 m wide roll so 1, 1.5 or 2 m *2 m or 1*1 m squares ... ?
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