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  1. you do realise how diverse the Grishko range is ? and why there are both the novice builds and the work that led to 3007 ?
  2. few too many people are quick to dismiss Grishko on the basis of limited stock held by local shops who try to fit all kinds of brands ... it;s not been helped by Difficulties Grishko have with finding a territory manager for the UK who knows enough aobut the product and is a good enough territory manager for what is a quite specialised product
  3. with any such process there;s the 'hell yeah' or ' no way ' answers that come straight off the mark, then there is the analysis of those who are on the borderlines to get the ranking around the cut off of places and the quality line cut off
  4. we have big posters to the effect at my work place as most of the staff aren't allowed their phones inside the warehouse area
  5. Thank you Peony well looks like it;s likely that at least 2 examiners are unlikely to be allowed to examine me ( saying much more would identify which two examiners )
  6. definition and citation please , I don't recall seeing an interpretation of this so if you could point me in the direction of such a standard , if only so i know how long I have to wait before no longer having to declare having taken class with an RAD Standards Examiner and previous member of the Board of trustees today 😉 I know the applicant and the candidate have to make statement of 'substantial links' with Examiners when making an application for RAD exams
  7. Does it now ? or is this onjly important because of some unproven beleife it will impact on the chances f these YP to get a place at RBS whether WL or Upper ? there area a hell of a lot of blurred boundaries with associates and summer schools for young people, before we go into the blurred boundaries and contradictions we see with adult 'recreational activities' ballet activities ... ( such as the class in the studios of a top five UK company, taught by a Principal Dancer of that same same company , that threw out the company rule book for adult recreational acti
  8. if people want a 'quick' solution something like Gr 3 /4/5 or Discoverign repetoire level 2 shouldn;t be too far beyond the reach of a typical 'not London General' adult class ... ( London class descriptions vs outside London class descriptions are a whole different thread )
  9. sounds sensible It seems a lot of those who are returning to ballet tend to want to pick up where they left off and those of us who come to Ballet as adults tend to be of a certain mind set and shoot fairly high fairly quickly (I forget how long @sophie_rebecca had been dancing before she took Inter Foundation but I have a feeling it was 18months - 2 years) and my decision to pursue Exams after dancing for nearly 4 years is a bit of a 'go big or go home' decision to Start working on RAD Intermediate, equally i know of people who started as adults who have started with G2
  10. chookas my Dear ... which exam do you fancy doing ?
  11. the obvious Link between Ballet and Dr Who is of course the late Christopher Gable of Central school of Ballet, Northern Ballet Theatre (as it was during his time there ) and Sadler's Wells Royal ballet and of course havign played a Dr Who villain , who died on 23rd October 1998...
  12. that is also in terms of other activities, however the boxes can be ticked with primary age initiatives and stuff like over 55s... certainly my perception is that 'working age adult' provision beyond 'hobby' classes happens despite the big companies and is one of the first things to fall with the vocational schools that have supported / tolerated it
  13. which is exactly my point ref the 'phenoms' from (mainly) the USA who despite storming competitions as teen disappear once they have to start pulling their weight across the repetoire and sink or swim on their own merits among peers rather than carefully crafted opportunities
  14. All three of my regular teachers know that I have other regular teachers... Also they know that I get different things from all of them I'm also lucky that I can get classes at a suitable level that fit with my diary / timetable /rota... As an adult you can still be 'Loyal' to your school(s) if there is more than one , a lot of the stuff with younger dancers should be about consistency... however adults shoudl be able to cope with the differences in emphasis and if classes are free work small differences are less of an issue... I am reminded of a comment DPK made at a The
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