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  1. absolutely this in spades ... one of the hardest things to do is put the brakes on the roller coaster
  2. that building is on ballet ley lines or something ...
  3. my thoughts exactly look at a group of secondary school aged kids, regardless of settings ... yr 7s are all 'kids' yr 8 is the awkward age for both the boys and girls and tipping into year 9 for the boys, (by year 9 most of the young ladies are exactly that )...
  4. which NCP would that be ? NCP the Markets i've never had a problme with card payments the parking directly by Northern / Quarry Hill Ministry of Truth building is Leeds council and the card payment option rarely works
  5. i do not think that sentence has the meaning you think it has ... *cough* Gillick / Fraser * cough *
  6. because the first sound in the English pronounciation of a good few letters is a vowel even if the letter itself is a consonant... e.g. eff, aitch, ell, emm, en , arr , ess , exe,
  7. people who mispronounce things often do because they first found the term by reading , however i'm unsure how that would parse to RAD classes whether acronyms care pronounced as words or as letters is an interesting topic. Terms are often contextual and the same term can have very different meanings in different contexts, even before we consider those who choose to to wield words as power and take advantage of their privilege.
  8. NJH

    Sewing help!

    given one can 'sit' Inter Foundation at 11 https://www.royalacademyofdance.org/exams/prerequisites-age-requirements/
  9. people have got places off the waiting list for various TBRs ...
  10. AoNB working age adult offering is rather lacklustre , offering only really beginner and improver classes . some of the teachers who teach for AoNB do teach elsewhere nad offer privates, as does one of NSCDs CAT ballet teachers ... and there is KNT in Manchester as well , Karen is a fabulous teacher though their current adult graded offering is only to Inter ... but i suspect karen would be able to advise
  11. NJH


    really depends how brave you feel ... the whole thing of what to wear at adult classes is fraught for anyone , you see the full range of options in mayn places regardless of whether the dancersi n question are masculine or feminine in their presentation ... although appropriately supportive underwear is a very good idea
  12. indeed , i do find that odd given as you say wide at the metatarsal feet seem to suit them reasonably well ( says ms XXXXX width pointes here )
  13. NJH

    DBS advice needed

    the DBS then becomes 'transferable' as the original scheme prior to this issued the full disclosure to the organisation applying for the disclosure
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