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  1. given she says Tuesday evenings it;s going to be the classes nominally taught by Renato P unless she;s hiding her ballet light under a bushel as the otehr ballet class on Tuesday in inter -Advanced with Denzil https://www.centralschoolofballet.co.uk/aectimetable.php
  2. i know a numberof people doing pointe classs who are 80- 95 kg ... and have a situation which means gaining and maintaining strength is really rather slow ...
  3. mental blocks are part of it power to weight is unfortunately part of the issue for the vast majority of adults new to pointe - especially if you are comparing yourself to to 'typical age' Inter foundation and Inter dancers
  4. I have no experience of the school mentioned above but i would echo, as someone who took up ballet as an adult, that who teaches you can make a massive difference, i've been lucky enough to take classes taught by soem real big names , but that is a side step the the point beign made , i have had things i;ve struggled with formonths and then a coupel of hours with a different teacher and 'boom' sorted ...
  5. And i guess some of you may be waiting with baited breath to find out if it was a success ? 7 people for both PBT and Class , a variety of experience and currency ! and accordign to Julie a number of thers interested who for whatever reason couldn't make it tonight ...
  6. how old is your DD ? given many of the CAT are contemporary focused (i think it;s only the Northern Ballet based CAT which is Ballet focused) 11 or 12 is obviously not too young ...
  7. good to hear ... Lincoln has been a bit of a desert adult class wise for a while ...
  8. indeed , it seems the piece is not well written - such as the comment aobut a piece chorepgrapher for mainly / totally guys ... seemingly ignoring Macmillan's The Judas Tree ( which is 13 guys and 1 or 2 women )
  9. a class that entered the school a number of years ago and from which it appears more of the young women have been 'lost' , whether to being assessed out , choosing to leave or having to leave/ back class through illness / injury then the the number of young men lost through the same reasons
  10. absolutely this in spades ... one of the hardest things to do is put the brakes on the roller coaster
  11. that building is on ballet ley lines or something ...
  12. my thoughts exactly look at a group of secondary school aged kids, regardless of settings ... yr 7s are all 'kids' yr 8 is the awkward age for both the boys and girls and tipping into year 9 for the boys, (by year 9 most of the young ladies are exactly that )...
  13. which NCP would that be ? NCP the Markets i've never had a problme with card payments the parking directly by Northern / Quarry Hill Ministry of Truth building is Leeds council and the card payment option rarely works
  14. i do not think that sentence has the meaning you think it has ... *cough* Gillick / Fraser * cough *
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