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  1. Northern has both Apprentices who are named as part of the company and the professional graduate programme ( which is one of Pippa Moore's current projects with Northern ) not 100 % of the terms of engagement of the Apprentices but at least one had completed the PGP before getting her apprenticeship https://northernballet.com/biography/sara-dos-remedios also the PGP is branded under the Academy of the Northern Ballet rather than the Company https://northernballet.com/academy/professional-training/professional-graduate-programme Interestingly this leaves the conventiona
  2. given Linehan's 'performance' in his " evidence " to the house of lords , which any objective assessment demonstrates to be nothing more than conspiracy theories without any basis... and an object lesson in the damage that obsessive belief in XRW lies has on careers, lives and income ...
  3. is it ? as under the tier system once the gyms reopened PT sessions were permitted, but group classes were banned. also 'household' doesn;t come into it with regard to paying for a service.
  4. what is the advice given ref Personal triners at that 12th April point of view as some of the NGB advice has failed to distinguish between individual and group classes and also failed to akcnowledge that adults can be working for NQF accredited qualifications
  5. I absolutely love Anna as person and find her classes such fun
  6. I suspect they probably don;t any longer given how problematic parts of Mumsnet are for extremist radicalisation
  7. I suspect, however, that Edinburgh's experience is based on being in Scotland and having a lot more people coming with *solely* highers than is typical across the UK as a whole as the Welsh and NI systems are fundamentally the same as England in terms of final year of secondary education being at 18 for the vast majority of pupils
  8. I bleive it does. from my own ( now 20 + years ago) experience of University, the main thing with under 18 freshers generally was they were pplaced in catered halls with all the other support structures halls have ( senior residents / subwardens and like) were those over 18 could be placed in 'flats' or 'university houses'
  9. the RAD certainly has Standards Examiners who examine the examiners iirc Lynne Reucroft-Croome ia or was a Standards Examiner ( @sophie_rebecca would know )
  10. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Mrs Kidd , I have met Simon IRL (and taken class as noted in my other reply ) I do think there is a risk that people focus in certain schools ot the exclusion of others ( although for many the whole MDS situation may mean that they have to ...) Obviously i have not seen him teach young people but i found him to be very engaging and able to cope with the vast range of ability you get in the studio at TBR
  11. that indeed they ( Mr and Mrs Kidd ) do... in the wonderful pre- covid world I had the pleasure of taking class with Simon Kidd at The Ballet Retreat (DPK had to drop out last minute so Hannah B made some calls meaning that we had a double treat of daily classes one with Pippa Moore and the Other with Simon kidd )
  12. Happy New Year to the Team Happy New Year to the Members ( and the the lurkers) Hopefully 2021 will in due course let us back into the studio on a predictable basis and also back into the theatres !
  13. glad to see that the RAD have finally realised their previous advice about Teir 3 was contrdictory especially as the higher grades VGEs and DR ARE ' educational qualifications' due to be RQF accredited
  14. nothing at all to do with it , if Gyms are allowed to open and personal trainers are allowed to work , then private classes ( or PDD with a bubblemate/ housemate ) are allowed the professional / education allows socially distanced / covid scure group classes to continue in tiers 3 and 4 as seen in tier 1 and 2
  15. this in buckets ... there are a few of us here who have a particular personal interest in this despite being rather older ...
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