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  1. It is highly unlikely that professional photographs would be suitable for application to a summer school anyway. There are very specific requirements and the people in charge know what they are looking for. My daughter's were always taken in our kitchen. We never applied for summer schools where a video had to be sent as there was no space to dance in our home and she didn't have access to a studio outside of class.
  2. GSA is one of the best places in the country to train for musical theatre. Its very difficult to get into.
  3. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/dance-and-drama-awards-income-scales/dance-and-drama-awards-income-scales-2018-to-2019-academic-year
  4. Everyone went for a pcr the day after coming into contact with the positive case and all were initially negative. They did daily lateral flows and it appears the new positives developed 4-6 days after contact.
  5. At Hammond Lower school already had their show, streamed I believe). Seniors are all as far as I am aware isolating in their accommodation. The initial case meant there was still time to hold a version of the showcase after isolation ended but it was over the course of this weekend the other cases emerged and extended isolation.
  6. It is a similar situation at Hammond. Currently around 9/10 of the graduate year are covid positive only a week after coming out of isolation for a previous outbreak. The graduate show was already postponed twice & will now not go ahead. Its been a dreadful year for them all.
  7. Yes, Kai Jones (nee Akahoshi) jumped out at me.
  8. That might be something she needs to consider in the future. UKA is an accredited dance exam organisation, but it isn't a very common one. Although her long term goal might be to run her own school it is likely that she will start off teaching for someone else first and RAD & ISTD are the more common boards that I see requested. You can move across boards later on but it is easier if you are familiar with them. However at 11 it's more important to be focused on the quality of teaching and whether she is happy at the school with friends etc.
  9. I was just going to say is anyone aware of Tanz de Vampire. Love the opening of Act 2.
  10. Being a private institution Central do not necessarily adhere to this but it is custom in educational institutions to give half a term’s notice of intention to leave which looks to be what has happened here. Some in senior positions may give longer. imagine if the advertisement for a replacement had been placed before announcing he was moving on. That would start the rumour mill. You can’t really operate a fair and equal recruitment process in private.
  11. Tring used to be called Arts Ed. There were two schools, the one at Tring Park and the one in London. They became separate in the 90’s. According to Wikipedia it became known by its current name in 2009. Rupert Pennefather also went there.
  12. The school bus is for Lower School students and leaves from the boarding house (which has moved since my dd was there I don't actually know where boarding is located now.) Very occasionally it has been possible for seniors to cadge a lift (probably easier for those who have been there since they were young and know the people). My dd started on the diploma when she was 16 so for her first two years lived with a host family. I am told they don't do that now for the younger ones. When she moved into private halls for her third year she was able to drive in. There is a bus to Warrington Road.
  13. I’m not familiar with Trinity. Quite a lot of older Hammond students live in Tramways. There are also a few in Abbeygate and Tudor Place.
  14. Hidden in teensy tiny print in one of the policy documents is the statement that Kate, Penelope & Alex Frost are all licensed chaperones. Having googled their names it appears they are the owner/teachers at Penelope's Dance Studio registered at the same address as Birmingham Ballet Company.
  15. The fact that their application details asks for a dancers instagram handle instantly puts me off where children are concerned.
  16. If you live in Birmingham and the classes don't clash I'd say it is eminently do-able. If you have to travel from outside the area and they are on different days then it might be too much.
  17. LIPA isn't on the published list I saw. Is there an updated version somewhere? I guess I think of places like Trinity more as music conservatoires. Guildhall is on it, but again I think that's more to do with the music side than the drama. The one well known drama school that is on it is Central. The specialist institutions currently are: University of the Arts, LondonConservatoire for Dance & DramaCortauld Institute of ArtCranfield UniversityGuildhall School of Music & DramaHarper Adams UniversityInstitute of Cancer ResearchLondon School of Tropical MedicineNational Film & TV SchoolRoyal Academy of MusicCentral School of Speech & DramaRoyal College of ArtRoyal College of MusicRoyal Northern College of Music Royal Vetinerary CollegeTrinity Laban
  18. The list of specialist institutions is very small and doesn’t include ballet or musical theatre schools (though remember this is degree institutions not MDS or DaDa institutions. Several music conservatories are on it alongside places such as London School of Tropical Medicine and some art/design collleges.
  19. In previous years Hammond have invited everyone offered a place to funding finals. (Assuming you are eligible on grounds of residence etc).
  20. Whereas KS Dance offer ISTD teaching qualifications (including Cecetti ballet which my child would have loved the chance to learn)
  21. I've just realised I still have a list dated 2011!!!!!
  22. Does he have a gut feeling about where he might feel happiest?
  23. it’s unusual for vocational schools to allow associates whether residential or not. It certainly wasn’t allowed at my child’s school.
  24. How refreshing to hear of the positive attitude of Beth’s coach.
  25. the school has been closed for the last 3 weeks. pre-Covid you would be receiving an invitation to attend a taster day around June time. Lots of information is given out on that say. Whether that will happen this year or nor, who knows.
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