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  1. Knowing some of the people involved I'd say this isn't the last we have heard of this. It's worth noting that Twitter was particularly interesting to read when the production of Glastonbury Joseph was cancelled. A feeble excuse about casting diversity was made.
  2. I’ve not seen the tour. My son and his friend saw the show in London in June (whilst social distancing was still in place) and said it was cut. On Facebook people were saying there was just one dancer who knew that track and lots of reports of it not being in. Maybe they put it back. It was popular.
  3. I was going to suggest beautiful from Jamie too. There is also If I Met Myself Again but it's a much older woman looking back on her teen years. The original production had a beautiful contemporary style dance to it bud sadly that has been cut from the post covid version. Breathe from In the Heights
  4. Hyper-mobility is often co-morbid with neuro-diversity which in itself often leads to anxiety. That fact might skew figures.
  5. My son and my daughter had different Easter holidays for the past 5 years due to us living on the border of two counties.
  6. I have no idea. My dd never darned hers. She said she preferred not to.
  7. Sorry, my dd never darned hers. Can she use those stick on pads things instead?
  8. It really is different for every child. For my child they had a hellish Year 8 and was put on notice to improve. Then Year 9 was wonderful and they won one of the year group prizes! Go figure. I found on the whole that teachers and management and teachers were caring and always responded to issues in the best interests of the child although there were a few maverick comments from the odd ballet teacher regarding size/shape etc. Unfortunately it was in Upper School where it all started to go pear shaped. I can't fault the teachers on the whole but a change of management and structure meant the ethos totally changed for the worse. Covid played a part, but I was on the verge of removing them in February 2020 before it all kicked in. We were actually threatened at one point. We struggled locally to access the kind of training needed to enter upper school/college and balance it with normal academic school, that's why my child went and they don't regret it at all. But I do wish they had gone somewhere else at 16.
  9. In the UK something generally goes into the public domain 70 years after the death of the creator. Choreographers are usually very protective of their work. As Balanchine died in 1983 there is quite some time to go fir his work.
  10. I assumed that the thread was only about BA Hons degrees. Bird run two different courses, the BA Hons for which full student funding is available for all successful applicants and the Trinity Diploma for which Dance & Drama Awards are available for some applicants.
  11. Whereas somewhere like Bird College, although private, teaches a degree on behalf of university of Greenwich & students enrol with Greenwich.
  12. The reason is that it is a private institution offering a degree validated by another university. The government rules are that students can only loan £6k at private institutions and the college set the fees at a level that they feel they need to in order to provide the course. Contact hours are usually a lot higher at vocational colleges than at normal universities. Some normal universities offer their own vocational training degrees but franchise them out to a private college. At those places you can borrow the full £9k.
  13. I do think it's important to note that in the UK there is no one set way of "completing your formal education." In a sense this is actually done age 16 with GCSE exams. Young people then choose from a myriad of options which include A Levels, Btec Diplomas, T Levels (a new post 16 qualification which will be phased in as Btec's are phased out), apprentiships and for vocational performing arts students the Trinity Level 6 Diploma. All of these routes include an academic element and all of them can lead to a university degree. My daughter enjoys academia and so for her it was important for her to attend a school where she could combine vocational training with at least a couple of A levels. My son on the other hand chose to enrol on a more practical Btec Extended diploma and he will be applying to university with that qualification.
  14. "Upon completing the course, you will be granted a Degree in Dance entitled by IDTA. " Please correct me if I am wrong but I did not think that the IDTA had the authority to confer full degrees and their diplomas are Level 4.
  15. Yet they appear to have no links to any degree awarding body, only IDTA for their diploma.
  16. It looks like a dance school who offer a Cambridge Technical (it's a bit like a Btec/UAL diploma) in conjunction with a local FE college. It is a fee paying college. We have a place locally that does the same sort of thing but is free. I imagine most students will go on to study a degree or L6 diploma in dance or musical theatre. It's not a place designed for immediate entry into the industry. Saying that I recognise a lot of their singing and musical theatre faculty who are very high calibre.
  17. It is highly unlikely that professional photographs would be suitable for application to a summer school anyway. There are very specific requirements and the people in charge know what they are looking for. My daughter's were always taken in our kitchen. We never applied for summer schools where a video had to be sent as there was no space to dance in our home and she didn't have access to a studio outside of class.
  18. GSA is one of the best places in the country to train for musical theatre. Its very difficult to get into.
  19. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/dance-and-drama-awards-income-scales/dance-and-drama-awards-income-scales-2018-to-2019-academic-year
  20. Everyone went for a pcr the day after coming into contact with the positive case and all were initially negative. They did daily lateral flows and it appears the new positives developed 4-6 days after contact.
  21. At Hammond Lower school already had their show, streamed I believe). Seniors are all as far as I am aware isolating in their accommodation. The initial case meant there was still time to hold a version of the showcase after isolation ended but it was over the course of this weekend the other cases emerged and extended isolation.
  22. It is a similar situation at Hammond. Currently around 9/10 of the graduate year are covid positive only a week after coming out of isolation for a previous outbreak. The graduate show was already postponed twice & will now not go ahead. Its been a dreadful year for them all.
  23. Yes, Kai Jones (nee Akahoshi) jumped out at me.
  24. That might be something she needs to consider in the future. UKA is an accredited dance exam organisation, but it isn't a very common one. Although her long term goal might be to run her own school it is likely that she will start off teaching for someone else first and RAD & ISTD are the more common boards that I see requested. You can move across boards later on but it is easier if you are familiar with them. However at 11 it's more important to be focused on the quality of teaching and whether she is happy at the school with friends etc.
  25. I was just going to say is anyone aware of Tanz de Vampire. Love the opening of Act 2.
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