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  1. Also the construction of your hips determines whether or not you can do box splits. Some people just can't.
  2. It is Clause 4 of the acceptable use policy I was referring to. Understandably, members mostly do not wish to reveal their full names so the critical posts can not be made regardless of whether they are first hand experience or factual. “If a member chooses to make highly critical comments this must be done in their own full name and not behind an anonymous user name and email address. ” Perhaps it would be a good thing, in the interests of balance is all posts were generic whether positive or negative, and schools not named at all.
  3. This thread is a very good example of that. Parents are not able to comply with the forum rules when talking about negative experiences at these schools because to do so would identify themselves and their child. So the positive experiences remain and the negative ones are hidden.
  4. I do feel that six times a year is very excessive. I know that my daughter was weighed at another school but it was done once a year in a private room as part of the annual physio assessment by the physio.
  5. The written reports and parents evening assessments from my child’s vocational school far outstrips that of my other child’s academic school (the later being simply a list of subjects with numbers 1-9 relating to current overall level below, on target or exceeding target & a behaviour grade. My child received his last report in February but did not receive anything following lockdown. There is an annual parent’s evening but there are not enough appointments to go around. (You have to book 5 minute slots). The vocational school provides a report for each dance subject following assessments again with numbers but split into categories, plus a written comment from the teacher detailing areas to work on etc. Parent’s evening follows this and I have found that teachers are Frank & comprehensive. A second, briefer report is sent at the end of the school year however that did not happen this year due to lockdown.
  6. Absolutely. My child applied for a place at an independent secondary school and we paid a deposit of £500. Following successfully gaining a place at vocational school we withdrew but were liable (& were chased for) the first term’s fees in lieu. The deadline in that case for withdrawing was the first day of the Summer Term.
  7. It’s swings and roundabouts. For Lower school auditions I can absolutely see that the best thing would be to start auditions later. To give the pupils more time to prepare and next term studio space will be at a premium with social distancing in class/smaller class sizes etc. However for Upper School auditions later auditions will impact much more on GCSE exam preparation.
  8. age 16 by 31st August in England.
  9. Scottish Ballet are not part of the DADA scheme though are they? I think you do have to be 16. You have to be 18 for Acting courses. Some individual colleges will also have minimum age requirements.
  10. Girls in local authority care in some authorities are given more pocket money than boys due to having to purchase sanitary items and black and mixed race children for hair care products as it is recognised these cost more.
  11. My child's year had far less. There were I think about 12 dancers of which 7 had MDS. There were less than 20 in the year group as a whole.
  12. I always thought it rather unfair that girls got exactly the same amount of MDS dancewear allowance as boys did considering the cost of pointe shoes.
  13. Which area are you applying for? It may be that in some areas they can judge the number of places against number of auditionees more than in other areas.
  14. My daughter wasn't even shown how to sew them!!!!!
  15. At my daughter's school the girls were fitted for pointe shoes in the January of Year 7. All daily ballet classes were in flats, but they did RAD classes twice a week. Those who had not passed IF before entering the school (most of them) began work on the IF syllabus which I believe is mainly a short pointe section at the barre with the few that had passed doing Intermediate. In Year 8 they began to use soft blocks for daily classes alongside work on the Intermediate syllabus, with more pointework introduced in Year 9.
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