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  1. One took about 8 weeks but the recent one only 5.
  2. Are any other September starters going to the summer school on Thurs/Fri?
  3. Wonderful to read this - both for you and your family who are finishing, and the likes of mine who are just about to begin.
  4. I don't think it would be being a conspiracy theorist to wonder what was going on if you had a child heading there this September. If he's leaving without a replacement in place, then there's a story there. It's probably a very humdrum story but I wouldn't blame any parent for feeling a bit jittery.
  5. My daughter had a great time at the event yesterday. Enjoyed the lessons and meeting other soon-to-be-first-years. Eased a few nerves ahead of September...
  6. Thank you! Yes, we're going to have a chat about it today. It feels important to be part of the FB group, so I think she'll do that. Thanks for the tips.
  7. My daughter went in 2019 too and would agree with all of this. She too was entranced by her first experience of pas de deux, especially as it was with BRB dancers.
  8. That's kind, thank you. I'll have a word with her. Her younger sister persuaded her to join WhatsApp recently so they can be in close contact when she goes away, so she's ok with WhatsApp. It's just that we both agree that her avoiding all SM until now has undoubtedly been great for her work, dancing, outlook and MH, so it's a big step to join it now.
  9. Great. My daughter also doing both events. Also 16! (But living in student accommodation.) Just chewing over joining FB...
  10. Hello NBS people. Any of the 2021 intake planning to go to the events on 10 June and 15-16 July? And are people joining the FB group that NBS has set up? Thanks.
  11. Mine was in the uniform she wears 99% of the time (if not wearing a leotard) - sports leggings, trainers, hoodie!
  12. All good points and this is far from easy. It's hard to separate the personal hurt/anger (this is my hard-earned money she's smoking away, this is a brilliant opportunity she's putting at risk, she has lied to me about this etc) from the ultimate aim (she wants to be a dancer and is doing very well; meanwhile she's trying something most teenagers try, this is part of the individuation process etc). I guess one significant question is: what would happen if she was forced to quit and come home? It may be that smoking would be the least of your worries then. Final thought: let the dust settle for a few days. (Please be aware that these opinions are very much offered in a spirit of trying to help (we all have these worries about our children, I'm sure, and don't know how we'd react until it happens), not tell you what to do - just another perspective.
  13. She's a young woman making her own decisions. Her reports have been glowing. I think as parents we gradually have to accept that our children have the right to make their own decisions and our role is to support them, not micro-manage them.
  14. They said 'in a few weeks' when we visited, which doesn't narrow it down much obviously! Grey leotards instead of burgundy.
  15. Go to the News & Events tab on their website, scroll down and click 'Show more' - that's where the link is hidden.
  16. Have a look at the NBS thread - there are some very helpful people with children either in the school now or who have been recently and they may be able to give you a feel for the place.
  17. Thank you very much, it was. We're not long back. Really glad we did it and were able to see everything in the flesh for the first time. My daughter is even more excited to go now! I know others on the forum have their own visits planned so I don't want to just post a list of what I learnt in case you want to ask for yourselves - but I'm happy to do so if it would be useful? I did ask a few questions.
  18. Elmhurst is reasonably close to us and my daughter has done quite a few intensives there and I've been really impressed by their approach to things like nutrition, strength & conditioning etc - quite forward-thinking. Great facilities, respected teachers and of course the close link to BRB.
  19. That's good - we're off up there this Weds. If we find anything useful out - eg uniform - I'll let you know. We had our DaDa offer a little while ago. It wouldn't hurt just to check in with them - we found twice that emails hadn't made it...
  20. I don't mind at all! We're doing Weds 5 May and having a quick look at New Medlock that day too. Probably have a bit of a potter round the area and get a feel for it as well. Another of those 'blimey, this is really happening' days I think.
  21. Right, we're booked in for a look round both NBS and New Medlock! Keep ticking these jobs off the list...
  22. Thanks for this. My daughter (admittedly under my influence...) has managed to avoid all social media so far in her life so isn't on Instagram (yet) but if that's the way to go, she may join. I think she's going to sign up to WhatsApp at some point, so maybe others would be willing to have a group on there too in due course?
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