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  1. 🙂 Indeed it is. There is probably no more controversial or disputed book in the world than DSM 5. But anyway, that's a different discussion.
  2. 👍 Thanks very much - just pinned those to my browser for reading when I have a mo.
  3. Thanks Anna C - very interesting. I certainly would like to read more on this. Farawaydancer - The diagnostic criteria for anxiety disorders are spectacularly open to interpretation. (I don't know enough about hypermobility syndromes to comment really, although it does strike me as something that would very much be dimensional rather than easily segregated, discrete conditions).
  4. Interesting. Quite early stage research and simply stating a correlation - but I'm still curious. I'd be interested in the social factors that play a role - eg Do hypermobile people go into training/careers that have a higher likelihood of stress? Also, the definitions of both hypermobility and anxiety are wide open for interpretation. So while I'm interested in this, I wouldn't draw any conclusions.
  5. Great articles, thanks. And completely chimes with what the two S&C specialists my daughter has seen say. All about the strength. Cold, pre-class stretching of little or no value and actually can damage - yet nearly everyone in class still does it.
  6. I remain very glad that I kept my daughter off social media for as long as humanly possible! I'm interested to read the above because my daughter's hypermobility has been as much a hindrance as a help - for example, when dancers have to put their arms out straight, her 'straight' is actually beyond 180 degrees because of her elbow hyperextension and she has had to work really hard to recognise where 'straight' actually is and hold her arms there instead.
  7. I'd say to make sure your daughter has a good perspective on the day. Most auditions for most dancers end in a no thanks, so treat the day as an experience in itself to enjoy and learn from. The result isn't everything. Most dancers love to perform, so let her enjoy performing for the people running the audition. And remember that each school is looking for slightly different things so a 'No' may not be because the dancer is not good but instead may be because, for whatever reason, they're not the right fit for the school.
  8. This is very sad. You've been very honest about your experiences - and you certainly won't have been the only person caught in this impossible bind. I have every sympathy.
  9. I think everyone on the thread has agreed that some children will thrive at dance school and it's great that yours is/was thriving. It's helpful for parents considering dance schools to be able to see the whole range of views, including yours.
  10. This is a good counterpoint (and your following post) to some of the posts, like mine, that are perhaps more worried about the lower school experience. It really does depend on the child - and the parents. That the child always knows there is a way out, no matter how prestigious the school or how much money spent, is critical. One other separate point: I don't know about the really big name schools but there are several schools who take not only 16 year olds but 17, 18 and even 19, 20 year olds, so your child can start at the right point for your them.
  11. I appear to be 7 years late to this thread - but yes, I'm a cricket fan! And player. And occasionally writer. About to put the kit in the loft for another winter...
  12. That sounds truly dreadful. You're right, there's no 11 year old in the world who can be prepared enough to deal with that. It would test most adults.
  13. Well, this is very true. You can plan and think and consider all you like but much remains in the lap of the gods. I suppose that's why I tend to like the idea of sending your child off with the tools to manage whatever comes along: a bit more awareness of themselves, who they are, their strengths and weaknesses - and, crucially, that just because one adult in a position of power says something, it's not gospel.
  14. Our 16 year old daughter has just started at another school, so I can't comment on those you're looking at. However, on the general point of going to lower school and boarding, I guess I'd think long and hard about it and also be curious about the route of staying in conventional training (with Associates, Summer Schools etc thrown in) until 16, then going to upper school. Would this suit your child better? Would they lose any ground? We are also a non-dance family and really it was only through ignorance that we didn't consider lower schools. It was only when our daughter become deadly serious about being a ballerina that we looked into how to give her the best chance of making it happen. And although she is quite a young 16 year old, I feel like we've had a bit more time to give her the self-awareness and self-belief to withstand some of the vicissitudes of dance school. I should say that I probably also bring in a certain bias, having boarded (not dancing!) myself from a young age and not wanting to put my children through the same experience.
  15. I did start to post on their FB page as I had noticed they had been quite responsive to other complainants. I think I'll just see how my latest email settles, then pick up social media if no response. There was another alarm earlier tonight...but interestingly it got stopped sharpish - maybe because reception staff were still actually there. Maybe they need to be 24 hour for a while...
  16. Thank you. Yes, I did email NBS over the weekend and have heard back that it's been shared with Miss Gray and the Head of Student Services. Agreed, it is intolerable - not least because a number of the alarms have apparently been set off deliberately...
  17. I know I'm getting a bit boring on this - apologies - but there have been more fire alarm evacuations, including one around midnight last night. I've been on the phone to New Medlock this morning. One thing they did say was that students/parents emailing them to complain does make a difference because it's something they can show to their managers to demonstrate the urgency of the problem. So if your child is struggling because of the constant alarms, please do take a moment to email New Medlock about it.
  18. Sorry, I was careless saying that - this is supposition, not proven Covid cases.
  19. Excellent idea, really, thank you. (TBH, quite fancy this just for myself...)
  20. Thanks for the supportive messages - all good advice and observation. I know you'll understand how hard it is to spectate all this from afar! @Balletmum74 - I know there's a party being held by NBS students tonight but with quite a few Covid cases in Yrs 2 and 3, a number of Yr1s aren't going. Not sure if there are other parties - hopefully not on the same floor as my sleepy daughter! @glowlight - I am fed up with it but won't be rushing to a rash decision re: moving out. All the reasons I chose it in the first place remain, it's just a few issues since the start have been very challenging. We're not too far away from M'cr - 1.5-2.0 hrs in the car depending on the M6 - but whether she comes home/we visit depends a lot on how helpful or otherwise it is to see, and then have to leave, us. Coming home to just sleep for two nights is certainly worth bearing in mind though. And @glowlightand @balletbean - yes, I will definitely keep in touch with Medlock/Unite. The one lady at Medlock, Zobia, is really helpful and trying her best but there's only so much she can do.
  21. Yes, we have asked that and urged them to put their policies (warnings, fines, expulsion) into action. I bet the fire brigade are just as furious as the parents.
  22. Good grief - fire alarms between 8pm and 3.30am last night: 3. Total in the first 10 days: at least 10 (though I'm losing count). In all my research on accommodation, how come I not once read about fire alarms?! Current status: wondering about moving her out of New Medlock House.
  23. That's kind, thank you. We're on video calls with her a lot! And the first years seem to be helping each other out. Hopefully the weekend will be a bit more relaxing. I rang Medlock the other day re: the alarms - they're quite understanding and probably pretty frustrated too!
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