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  1. Go to the News & Events tab on their website, scroll down and click 'Show more' - that's where the link is hidden.
  2. Have a look at the NBS thread - there are some very helpful people with children either in the school now or who have been recently and they may be able to give you a feel for the place.
  3. Thank you very much, it was. We're not long back. Really glad we did it and were able to see everything in the flesh for the first time. My daughter is even more excited to go now! I know others on the forum have their own visits planned so I don't want to just post a list of what I learnt in case you want to ask for yourselves - but I'm happy to do so if it would be useful? I did ask a few questions.
  4. Elmhurst is reasonably close to us and my daughter has done quite a few intensives there and I've been really impressed by their approach to things like nutrition, strength & conditioning etc - quite forward-thinking. Great facilities, respected teachers and of course the close link to BRB.
  5. That's good - we're off up there this Weds. If we find anything useful out - eg uniform - I'll let you know. We had our DaDa offer a little while ago. It wouldn't hurt just to check in with them - we found twice that emails hadn't made it...
  6. I don't mind at all! We're doing Weds 5 May and having a quick look at New Medlock that day too. Probably have a bit of a potter round the area and get a feel for it as well. Another of those 'blimey, this is really happening' days I think.
  7. Right, we're booked in for a look round both NBS and New Medlock! Keep ticking these jobs off the list...
  8. Thanks for this. My daughter (admittedly under my influence...) has managed to avoid all social media so far in her life so isn't on Instagram (yet) but if that's the way to go, she may join. I think she's going to sign up to WhatsApp at some point, so maybe others would be willing to have a group on there too in due course?
  9. Thanks very much - major relief. Hadn't quite allowed myself to consider how it would even have been possible with no offer. Only got ours just before c.o.p. today so I expect more will be coming - fingers crossed for you too.
  10. Got a DaDa offer late this afternoon, thank goodness. As long as it stays at the figure it suggests, we might be able to avoid remortgaging... Thank goodness. Hope others get something too.
  11. On the website. I was just reading the website for the hundredth time and suddenly there it was! We did email to ask if the tours were suitable for us and they are - they're designed for people in our position as well as those interested in coming in the future. NB We also asked when we'd hear about Dada - they couldn't say - sounded like they're waiting to hear back from Dada.
  12. No, not been to see. We noticed that NBS are doing tours of the school over the next couple of months and as we've never been there, we might go. It would make sense to look at the accommodation at the same time I guess.
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