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  1. That's kind, thank you. We're on video calls with her a lot! And the first years seem to be helping each other out. Hopefully the weekend will be a bit more relaxing. I rang Medlock the other day re: the alarms - they're quite understanding and probably pretty frustrated too!
  2. Yes, it's been really hard actually. Two just before 10pm, one about 7.45pm and this morning 3.45am. She's so tired and a bit shakey anyway that this is really not helping. Just never thought of it really but I suppose it's to be expected when several hundred 18/19/20 year olds are let loose for possibly the first time and possibly the first time in a kitchen! (Although I believe it was hair straighteners the time before last).
  3. One unexpected challenge of packing off your 16 y.o. daughter - her student accommodation having 4 fire alarm evacuations in the first 5 days... Nightmare. Three of them when she was asleep. She's exhausted. Anyone else with a child in New Medlock?
  4. Anyone know of good physios who specialise in dancers in Manchester please?
  5. One took about 8 weeks but the recent one only 5.
  6. Are any other September starters going to the summer school on Thurs/Fri?
  7. Wonderful to read this - both for you and your family who are finishing, and the likes of mine who are just about to begin.
  8. I don't think it would be being a conspiracy theorist to wonder what was going on if you had a child heading there this September. If he's leaving without a replacement in place, then there's a story there. It's probably a very humdrum story but I wouldn't blame any parent for feeling a bit jittery.
  9. My daughter had a great time at the event yesterday. Enjoyed the lessons and meeting other soon-to-be-first-years. Eased a few nerves ahead of September...
  10. Thank you! Yes, we're going to have a chat about it today. It feels important to be part of the FB group, so I think she'll do that. Thanks for the tips.
  11. My daughter went in 2019 too and would agree with all of this. She too was entranced by her first experience of pas de deux, especially as it was with BRB dancers.
  12. That's kind, thank you. I'll have a word with her. Her younger sister persuaded her to join WhatsApp recently so they can be in close contact when she goes away, so she's ok with WhatsApp. It's just that we both agree that her avoiding all SM until now has undoubtedly been great for her work, dancing, outlook and MH, so it's a big step to join it now.
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