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Some questions about Perm State ballet school


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Dear members


Do you have some updates about the Perm state ballet school? 


How is the social life there for the international students?

How many hours of ballet training per day? 

Is it difficult to follow the academic studies in Russian?

What nationalities of international students are now there?

The russian ballet teaches have a reputation of being very strict, demanding, less pedagogical and old fashioned in approaching of students, is it truth?

Do you know some international students who are in Perm now?

Do you know about sponsorship in Russia/ Perm? 

Does Perm school known internationally or only in Russia? 


Thank you in advance 


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  • Anna C changed the title to Some questions about Perm State ballet school

Hello Lilya and welcome to the Forum.  Many of our members in “Doing Dance” are based in the UK and although we have had a few members whose children studied in Russia, I don’t know of any who studied at Perm State.  


We did have one thread about the school here but it’s from 2012:  https://www.balletcoforum.com/topic/1497-accepted-to-perm-ballet-school/


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Hi Liliya,


I noticed you were also asking about Brussels. Did you try any UK schools or just european ones? 

Have you received offers from both of these schools, BIB and Perm?

I'm really interested to understand the  characteristics the different schools are looking for....was there a difference in these two schools?


Thanks for sharing




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9 hours ago, DD Driver said:

Here is an Australian student's account of her experience there.  An oldie (2016) but a goodie




Thanks for sharing that DD Driver.  I think what struck me was the feeling of loneliness and isolation due to not being able to communicate properly and due to many of the students having been together for years.


Not dance but one of my close relatives started a degree course in photography.  The course, although fully accredited, was taught in a local college and all except 3 or 4 of the students had been together since early school days.  When my relative returned after the Christmas holiday she was the only one left who had not been in that local group and she left at Easter.


It is something to think about even in our home country.

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Thank you for your comments. 


I was just hoping about some new info about the Perm state ballet school, as the last ones were in 2012, 10 years ago.  I know that the UK students were in Perm since than, maybe somebody will come with comments. 


Answer for SillySally: yes, my daughter got two offers. I cannot say yet about the differences but for sure, Perm is a classical education, probably a bit old-fashioned,  while BIBS is a private, small and already known positively. 


My daughter tried UKs big schools. Without luck. 

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