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  1. Hi Meghan, Congratulations to your son. We're looking at european schools, and am just wondering how the process compared to the british audition process. After sub,itting an initial video was there a live online/zoom audition?
  2. Thanks all for this. She was so worried that something she writes places her application in the "no pile" before they even look at her...after much persuading she accepted this was unlikely to happen... I will encourage her to write from the heart without any diva or drama if that makes sense.
  3. Hi All, My daughter was looking at the application for Rambert School yesterday and discovered you need to complete a Personal Statement. She has not written one of these before and was stumped what to include and how long it should be. What kind of information do you need to include in the personal statement? Can anyone help explain what kind of things are worth mentioning? Thanks for any help. Wishing everyone a good start to the week 😊
  4. thanks for the imovie & film from floor tips 😊 ill be sure to anticipate some midnight candle hours ðŸĪŠ
  5. Thanks Aklf and Peanuts68 🙂 I think my internet browser was automatically loading a stored page ðŸĪŠ I'm happy to learn there is no compulsory video. On the topic of dance videos I welcome any tips or hints that others have learnt whilst making audition videos.... Our dance school is not so helpful with making videos .... they charge for the studio time and do not help with the music or exercises. It is up to the child to decide what to include. They dont even stay in the room. It's really a hands off approach. 😝 I appreciate schools have different requirem
  6. Hi Aklf, Thats really useful to know. Could you please explain where you got this info from...I've been checking their website and cant find any info for 2020/21. We will be in the audition trail next year and I'm afraid I'll miss the deadlines! Thanks.
  7. Hi all, I was wary of posting my question.....as weight and size remains a controversial topic in ballet. And I can vouch as a mother of a 15 year old aspiring dancer, it is a conversation rather than a topic that is never ending 😉 However it seems that the post has led to a sharing of knowledge that I'm sure will benefit many. Once a comment is made to a child (and at 15 my DD is still a child in many ways), it is difficult to change the understanding of the comment. I want to turn what appears as a negative into a constructive comment - whether it leads to a change in exer
  8. Thanks Peony. Lisa Howell is new to me, so I'm going to get watching.
  9. Thank you I will make sure DD watches this
  10. Thanks fr all your response. drdance, to answer your question - we have received feedback from 2 schools about her thigh muscles that is why it has come onto our radar. It probably isn't the only "flaw" but I personally thought it was dangerous and unnecessary to use a comment on her physique as feedback, generally as schools refuse to give feedback on technique post audition. Especially when it was given as a negative comment with no constructive advice. We think she is generally fit and strong. The elliptical machine was a tool she started using during lockdown to
  11. Hi all, i am looking for some advice about my 15.5 year old daughter, who is currently training RAD Advanced level. We live in Switzerland and have come across a problem. She is in generally good shape. Her physique is considered large by european standards - 169 cms and 53kgs. She is well toned but a little thick around the torso and has large thigh muscles. Honestly her diet is very healthy and balanced, following standard premise of lots of sleep, no junk food, lots of protein, portion sizes controlled etc etc. She trains 14 hours a week and exercises maybe
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