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Competitive Break Dance to become an Olympic Sport


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My DS is a breakdancer and currently at a vocational ballet school 🙂 trains ballet during day and breakdance in the evenings/weekends/holidsys. Sometimes performs an interesting combination of both. Recently decided to leave his ballet school after GCSEs and focus completely on breakdancing. It is extremely athletic so hard to carry on with both. 

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On 07/12/2020 at 22:36, glowlight said:

I know it's not ballet...but it is dance.  


Any aspiring break dancers out there?



Just curious as I really don’t know much about the breakdancing genre.
How would a dancer qualify?
Is there a British Championships type of event? 
Will amateur and professional dancers be eligible? Therefore compete alongside each other at the Olympics. 
Is there an Governing Body for the Breakdancing to oversee adherence to rules etc. Help towards overall costs etc Provide physios/Dr’s etc. 
Will Boys compete against the Girls or will they be separated? 
Minimum age limit? I appreciate there are very young participants in gymnastics at the Olympics but wondering if breakdancers are more likely to be young adults. 

Finally, how did breakdancing qualify (excellent for them) compared to other genres of dance? 

Thank you. 

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I can't answer most of your questions but I am aware that there are B-boy (and girl) battles - including a British championship.  


I have seen some performances by crews at the Lowry over the years and I found them really rather exciting.  One performance I saw by a Swedish crew did have both male and female members but I don't know if they would appear together in a battle.  I can't imagine what the atmosphere at a battle must be like!


I assume b-boy battles qualified for the Olympics because they applied but I don't know if any other genres of dance did.





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