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Gaynor Minden pointe shoes online retailers?


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I'm looking desperately for a very specific Gaynor Minden pointe shoe - 

If anyone knows any online retailers that I could try please pleeeeease let me know.

I have tried the U.S. website and they will take 10 to 12 weeks to get here :(

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Just Ballet? 

Also Dancia sell GM and I’ve phoned them in past and they’ve posted out items as don’t really have an online store. Problem is I imagine they and a lot of the retailers are closed at the moment because of the lockdown. 

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In addition could try

The Dancers Room, Lichfield

Dancing Boutique, Tunbridge Wells

Dancemania, Poole

Dancique, Birmingham 


not 100% sure all stock GM but gives you a few more to try as you are looking for a specific shoe from stock...am sure all will be doing mail out - I’ve certainly had quick service & items posted out by the first 3 suppliers in the recent past. Good luck!


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Becky at The Dancer’s room in Lichfield is fab and they definitely stock GMs as my dd has them from there. Dd used to have a special order, but Becky found her a more standard pair which are fine and take less time to come. 

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