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Benoit Swan-Pouffer new AD of Rambert

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I have been a keen follower of Rambert Company since its Classical days - Madame Rambert was a friend of my Russian ballet teacher.  So I shall be interested to see how this new chapter unfolds.  I saw Rambert 2 on their recent tour, and although the dancers were fabulous, I was not overwhelmed by the choreography or the way the programme was put together.  Rather strident music for all three pieces and gloomy lighting, made them all seem rather the same.  David Dougill wrote a piece in the Sunday Times (?) which was mirrored exactly what I thought, though I didn't see a link for it here. 

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4 hours ago, Sim said:

You just really, really, could not make it up!!  😂


Marie Rambert changed her name. So did many of them back in the day. I just thought I'd mention it!  

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