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ROH/RB Spring General Booking Experience

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Went in and got basically what I wanted  - but noticed that there was much more competition for the Amphi standing than had been the case in the past.  Struggled at 9.01 am to get a place for the Macbeth ... got one ... but after I went back after making all other bookings ... it suddenly seemed there was - magically - more standing places available.  Strange.  Got better placements.  Struggled too to get a standing place to Osipova's first Manon ... but did eventually ... Strange as her other performance was more open in terms of availability.  Seems these Amphi Standing 'seat's (as the ROH puts it) are getting to be more cherished by a greater many.  Wonder what the frenzy will be like when General Booking period (Summer) opens for the cost enhanced SL.  Only time will tell.  For me this booking period came in at a remarkably modest cost.  

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I had a moment of slight anxiety when I refreshed at 9am on the dot and found myself in a virtual queue - got decent seats for the Cuthbertson/Clarke matinée of Manon though, so I'm happy.  Done and dusted by 9.15 am. 

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