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  1. I have a lovely antique pair of mother of pearl opera glasses. They can often be bought for fairly reasonable prices in antique shops/centres
  2. Sorry, I didn't mean to do anything wrong...just thought people might want to read the article from this thread too
  3. Lovely feature about Marcelino here https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/marcelino-sambe-royal-ballet-dancer-kevin-o-hare-carlos-acosta-f3tzm78h7
  4. I was in the orchestra stalls, near the front, and pretty much everyone behind me was standing 😊
  5. Fed up that there is no Alice or Woolf Works! Not feeling super inspired by the upcoming season.
  6. As I'm pretty small, I often find that my view is partially blocked if I'm sitting behind someone tall. Fair enough if it's a restricted view seat, but if it isn't then it can really spoil my experience of the ballet. I once used an inflatable cushion and was angrily told by the person behind me that they're only for children! I prefer the front row amphitheatre seats with limited legroom as they seem to be pretty good value, but as a treat I like to sit in the orchestra stalls. The one ballet I regretted not seeing from lower down was Woolf Works - I didn't get the full effect of the wave patterns in Act 3 sitting higher up.
  7. Yes, I'm aware he was a sub for those roles, I just think he deserves to be first choice for once!
  8. Disappointed that Campbell isn't being cast as Romeo, especially given the number of male principal roles he's been overlooked for in the last year or so. (Siegfried, Albrecht, Des Grieux..)
  9. Is it just me who doesn't find the new website that difficult to navigate...?
  10. I'm hoping that the takeaway from this is that prices should be slashed by about a third to 50% depending on the seat, and that a shorter run with sold out performances is preferable to a longer run with hundreds of empty seats per performance.
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