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  1. Fed up that there is no Alice or Woolf Works! Not feeling super inspired by the upcoming season.
  2. As I'm pretty small, I often find that my view is partially blocked if I'm sitting behind someone tall. Fair enough if it's a restricted view seat, but if it isn't then it can really spoil my experience of the ballet. I once used an inflatable cushion and was angrily told by the person behind me that they're only for children! I prefer the front row amphitheatre seats with limited legroom as they seem to be pretty good value, but as a treat I like to sit in the orchestra stalls. The one ballet I regretted not seeing from lower down was Woolf Works - I didn't get the full effect of the wave patterns in Act 3 sitting higher up.
  3. Yes, I'm aware he was a sub for those roles, I just think he deserves to be first choice for once!
  4. Disappointed that Campbell isn't being cast as Romeo, especially given the number of male principal roles he's been overlooked for in the last year or so. (Siegfried, Albrecht, Des Grieux..)
  5. Is it just me who doesn't find the new website that difficult to navigate...?
  6. I'm hoping that the takeaway from this is that prices should be slashed by about a third to 50% depending on the seat, and that a shorter run with sold out performances is preferable to a longer run with hundreds of empty seats per performance.
  7. 3rd April 7.30pm (Naghdi, Sambe, Ball, Stix-Brunell) Amphi A34 - restricted view Selling at face value (£19) plus £1 postage (will be a bit more if you want recorded delivery) so £20 in total
  8. Last night was brilliant - I'd been worried that I wouldn't enjoy the ballet after reading reviews in the press and on here. I loved the atmosphere of gothic decay created so skilfully by John McFarlane. The sets often seemed somewhat disembodied, eg the hallway of the Frankenstein mansion surrounded by empty nothingness, which I thought was very clever given the subject matter of the ballet. The special effects were dazzling, and I *know* the score felt cinematic but I loved it. The orchestra were on top form and received a huge round of applause! As a huge fan of the novel, I do have some questions about the omission of large parts of the plot. I can understand the Creature's tale being left out, but it seemed bizarre for Act 3 to begin with a lengthy wedding ball rather than with the Creature's impassioned appeal to Victor to create him a female companion, and Victor's creation and destruction of that companion. It would have made for much more powerful and compelling viewing; crucially, it would have given the audience a greater insight into the Creature's decision to kill Elizabeth. Contrary to what the ballet seems to suggest, the Creature does not just go on a mass killing spree because Victor abandoned him - there is more to his side of the story. This ballet needs a bit of tweaking, and choreographically it is nowhere near as good as my favourites, but I would definitely see it again. 'Hideous progeny' it is not!
  9. I haven't seen the ballet yet, but I've read (and taught) the book, and I agree that 'Frankenstein' is arguably the creature's story as much as it is Victor's; as readers we are forced to see things from the creature's perspective, and to empathise with him. A shame if he's mostly reduced to a lurking background figure?
  10. Your ballet highlight of 2018! I talked about Francesca Hayward as Manon
  11. They're literally giving tickets away - I won a Royal Ballet competition and they gave me 2 central front row amphitheatre seats for Friday's performance! Very excited, but would not have paid £70 each for them.....
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