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Long sleeved leotards


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Hello everyone,


I was wondering if anyone knew where I could purchase some pretty long sleeved leotards for my 14 year old dd.


They need to be full arm length ,not 3/4. This is due to certain issues that we are faced with. 


I have found some some but they all tend to be very plain and not flattering which is not the quite the look my dd is going for.


Thanks for any help anyone could give.


BM13 xx

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I have one a bit like this in black: the lace is pretty solid and covers up my (aging crepey) arms to over my wrists. When I wear it, I get compliments about it (the only design fault is that it's quite difficult to get out of!):


Long sleeve lace leotard

(Can't find the original, but it's like this one).


I also have this one, which is plainer, but elegant, because of the wide line across the shoulder & neck. Although I find the heavy velvet seam at the shoulder can sometimes make it look as though I'm hitching up my shoulders (even more than I actually do):


Velvet two-tone leotard


This also looks fun, but I haven't worn it:




It can depend on how much you want to pay: there are lots of custom-design leotards available by mail order from the US: Yumiko is the famous one, I think.

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Lucky Leo do this beautiful Revolve top. It is designed to be worn with the revolve leotard but watching the 'how to wear it' video on the website, it looks to me like it could be worn over any leotard (maybe with the addition of a couple of loops as shown) quite expensive but if it worked, would transform lots of different  sleeveless leotards she may already have. 


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Yumiko (as KateN has mentioned) and Eleve do custom leotards, so you can add sleeves as per your requirements. Yumiko are based in Spain and Eleve the USA. I've bought many Yumikos and they wash and wear really well so I think they're great value. I've never purchased an Eleve Leo myself but they do some beautiful colours and unusual fabrics so they may be worth a look too. as Eleve are US-based you may be slapped with additional customs charges.







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Not a long sleeve leotard but for a short term fix that can be worn with existing leotards, chop up an old pair of tights. You can turn them into a top to wear over a leotard or into a shrug type cardigan that just covers the upper back and arms.  Might be lighter than a leotard with full sleeves too as it's pretty hot at the moment! 

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Energetiks is an Australian company that I think ships internationally. They're one of my go-tos and I noticed this nice long sleeve leotard the other day.



Might be good if you want to avoid mesh or lace, nice fun colours and I think is pretty for either a younger child or an adult to wear without looking too young or too old.

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