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  1. I think we will try it and see how it all goes? What is the furthest that you would travel? Thanks for your input everyone!!
  2. She does want to audition for upper schools and her favourite is ballet. How far would be the furthest you would travel to a dance school?
  3. We are thinking of making it slightly less but will see if we enjoy the trial first. How much would do at vocational school as she is concerned that she doesn't do enough compared to others!
  4. My dd is 14 and for some time we have been unhappy with her training and teachers. We are considering moving her to a new dance school either from September or January. She has a trial next week but I was wondering what you think of this time table. Monday: 1.5 hours of ballet, 1 hour of pointe. Tuesday: 1 hour of modern, 1 hour of ballet. Wednesday: 1.5 hours of ballet, 1 hour of character. Thursday: 1.5 hours of ballet, 1 hour of tap. Saturday: 6 hours including ballet, pointe, contemporary. Sunday: 1.5 hours of ballet, 1.5 hours of pointe or partnering or rep. What do you think of this? Thank you, BM13
  5. Thank you for all of these suggestions, I will look through them all with dd.
  6. Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew where I could purchase some pretty long sleeved leotards for my 14 year old dd. They need to be full arm length ,not 3/4. This is due to certain issues that we are faced with. I have found some some but they all tend to be very plain and not flattering which is not the quite the look my dd is going for. Thanks for any help anyone could give. BM13 xx
  7. You can aim for the exam and even if you don't do it you will still have improved greatly and will be ready to do it soon after. BM13 x
  8. Audition today for year 10!! Dd is very nervous as still recovering from an injury..
  9. Please could you PM me? I have sent you a message.
  10. Also, does anyone have any experience of feet shrinking due to pointework? BM13
  11. My dd's friend's first pointe shoes were Gaynors but they were the only pair that fitted. My dd (14) would like to try them but is going to wait for when she does now pointe. She currently wear Merlet but has also worn Grishko in the past. BM13
  12. Done on behalf of dd!!
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