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Hello everyone


I've left it rather late to apply for Summer Schools this year, (RBS, Yorkshire) but I wondered if anyone had any recommendations that aren't full up?


We are in the South East, and my daughter is 10.


Any information would be gratefully received.


Thank you!

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My dd really enjoyed Yorkshire Ballet Scholarship Centre (not the same as YBSS!) last year, and is going again this year. Near York, with a residential option. No audition. Mix of vocational and non. Lovely school and grounds, lots of evening activities. Don’t know if it’s full yet, but worth a try.



If only DD was Ten! I have family in Escrick and it's a beautiful school! I shall remember this for next year, thank you for posting X

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Thank you Lilac. I did have a look at RAD, but was told by a lady whose daughters have done the residential ones, that they use teenagers as chaperones and the younger ones don't get any sleep! Not sure how true this is, but she said she wouldn't let her two be residential again because of it.

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Young Dancers Academy is a good option if you can find cheap accommodation in West London.  


The Summer school itself isn't overly expensive and you would get to collect DD at the end of the day and ensure she is rested (although we always tended to rush into Covent Garden and come back exhausted but you don't have to leave the area with Westfield right near.

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Hello everybody,


Allow me to invite you to have a look at www.thedancesummerschool.com https://youtu.be/beeRkkVcD5s

Residential and non residential

Patrons (and faculty) are Head of Dance at Performers and Head of Ballet at Birds


For students age 10+

Minimum standard required to apply grade 2 ballet (RAD,ISTD, BBO, IDTA, etc.)


email contact@thedancesummerschool.com


Edited by Moderator to add: There is a thread about this summer school here: http://www.balletcoforum.com/index.php?/topic/9228-the-dance-summer-school-perth/

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