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  1. My DD also did York Ballet scholars a couple of years ago and loved it. Highly recommend especially for a first residential. Rooms are lovely, staff very friendly and a high standard of dancing. Food was good and they got to use the swimming pool!
  2. For sale - one Degas Camisole 9502 leotard in Grenat size 12A only worn on a couple of occasions. Price £20 postage £2.99 Recorded. PM me for photos. Payment via PayPal or Bank Transfer only.
  3. So pleased for you both my lovely after such hard work and dedication to be given this opportunity - so deserved!!
  4. Atacrossroads- could you explain in what position you are in to have the authority to state this definitively or is this just hearsay?
  5. That’s very frustrating. Plus if you feel self conscious enough already having to demonstrate and ask for critic if it’s a general class won’t help. Any opportunity for a private lesson?
  6. YDA and the current Y11 deserves a bit of a pat on the back don’t they!
  7. Shaky shaky shaky, waving and doing big swoopy circles with ‘em 😘👏👏😂😂😂😂
  8. Thank you for replying - I’m a teensy bit worried about Tring interviewing mini pv as just this week I overheard her discussing Ballet future, fees and scholarship details with her piano teacher and how daddy wants “Joon to go into the light” (great grandma June is languishing is some comfort in a care home up North and may well outlive us all). There was a lot of warning coughing from me waiting outside.
  9. Hope everyone had a good time at YDA finals today! Good luck! Can anyone tell me - at the Tring preliminary audition for Y7 Dance are the candidates interviewed? Or is that only at the later funding audition?
  10. Come back and visit Balletco as often as you can - best of luck to you and your DD on her new adventures. * wait taxi! Don’t log off yet - I’ve just thought of something VERY important I need to ask a long time stalwart of DoingDance and I’m sure this question hasn’t been raised before and I have DEFINITELY searched for it and just can’t see an answer? ...SOCKS..... or TIGHTS? ;-)
  11. Yes drop them an email as results were sent out Monday x
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