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wanted Hammond uniform year 9


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Does any one have any Hammond year 9

She will need size 3 leotards and I'm not sure how the other uniform is sized


My DD has a 30 inch chest 27 inch waist and 32 inch hips if that helps


We have a heap of things you could have let me know what you need.

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Here goes ladies .... I can either post or leave at the BH for you .


School Coat like new ... I cannot find the tag so I have measured across the front of the chest and its 20 inches , sleeve from shoulder to cuff is 19 .... I can provide more measurements if needed ....... £10

Blazer chest 34 .... £5

Sweat Shirts chest sizes :

34 Brand new £10

34 like new £5

34 like new £5

4 X 36 like new £5 each


Jazz Wear Moi leotards


Blue yr7/8

2x age 10/12. £5 each

1 X XS £5


Pink yr 10 ( I think )

1x Med brand new £8

1x Small £5


Spares Still plenty of wear in them

Blazer chest 28

Track suit bottoms inside leg 28


1x 34

2x 36


Bundle of 6 pairs tights all new small Capezio £5

2 X black convert able

2 X footless

1x pink convertible

1x pink footless


Bloch stretch pointe shoes brand new size 5 XX £20

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