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Looking for a private ballet tutor?


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My work schedule has made it impossible to attend an actual ballet class on a regular basis and I'm really missing it. I can get to London possibly about once a month to do open classes but it isn't enough. So I'm seeking a private ballet teacher who might be willing to do the occasional class with me? During the day and most likely a Monday or Tuesday. Anyone have any suggestions or recommendations? I'm a young adult at low intermediate level. I hate to think I might have to give up ballet because there's nothing available. Thank you!

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In London I can recommend Franziska Rosenzweig. She gives private tuition in her own studio in Shoreditch easily walkable from Old Street tube on the northern line. She used to dance with the Berlin ballet.

I have found her enormously helpful and excellent for training focus and concentration. She does teach at Danceworks on Sunday's and Thursdays if you wanted to try a class first.

You give her some idea of a few things you'd like to work on and take it from there. I find one of her hour lessons has the effort of two usual classes because of the degree of focus in a one to one.

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Hello Munchkin,

My friend and I have had some private lessons with a principal dancer from Royal ballet, Roberta Marquez. She is an amazing and inspiring teacher. When you are in London you should try one of her classes.


Have a look at her Instagram account if you are interested, she sometimes posts details of masterclasses on there.

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I'm also on the hunt for a private tutor. We live in Worcestershire and I'm trying to find someone who's able to teach my dd at her school. Any help/ advice would be very welcome.

Hello Balletnovice,


As this thread is about a tutor for an adult dancer in Surrey, you may not find any answers to your question here so I have started a new thread and will move your post there. Hopefully then you will get some answers. :-)

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