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  1. Hi- happened to stumble across this which thought might be useful https://www.dance-teacher.com/theory-practice-winging-and-sickling-it-2392290123.html
  2. How do you do this every year with all the different students? (and parents?!) 😂
  3. I think we have an understandable focus on RBS- after all, our children are auditioning- and for JA places we’re still very early in our experience of all this. It’s exciting and it’s...well....RBS. A quick glance through this site though shows just how many opportunities there are for our children to do what they love -and only a tiny proportion of that is through RBS. So yes, it will be amazing if they get a place but not getting a RBS place now at this early age really isn’t the end of their opportunities. That said....good luck everyone and I’m looking forward to the next few weeks of second guessing the ‘criteria’ and waiting for the results with you all ☺️
  4. I suppose London is in half term so it’s possible that some audition at other centres if they have holidays or other commitments. We’re doing London this year but it was annoying having to block out 3 possible dates and not plan any holiday events until day/time was confirmed even though they give a ‘guide’ as to when the age groups are likely to be.
  5. Ballet boost are fabulous. Why don’t you drop them an email- they usually respond very quickly @Emma northmore
  6. Ah yes I misunderstood the original. Thanks 😁
  7. If you are near London you could try Emma Northmore’s Academy of Balletic Arts @Emma northmore - I believe they’ve had a successful year and the model of how it’s run sounds great if you’re close enough to get to it!
  8. @Bankerchauffeurstylistfan How old is your dd? Did she board? Did she like it? But nervous as mine wants to board but she won’t know anyone else who is going..,,
  9. She’ll be almost 10 and she’s thinking of auditioning for Tring etc in a year or so so it would be nice to see if she can cope for a few nights away and also see the school a bit
  10. Hi..my daughter is interested in the Tring summer (dance not musical theatre) course but she’s never done tap. Can’t find info on site as to if it’s necessary- anyone know? The only course requisite is ballet but then it asks for you to list experience in tap/jazz/contemporary etc. Thanks!
  11. SWL for a year 4 place last year, fingers crossed for a yr5 place this year! Good luck to everyone!
  12. I might be missing it but can anyone tell me where the auditions or rehearsals are held. No idea if it’s practical for DD to try for this!! thanks!
  13. Hi margarite I’m interested...can you provide photos? thanks
  14. Great news Starlight - did you get a call or an email?
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