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  1. @Sally-Anne Only if they get through Eastleigh Leeds two days of Bath and Totnes first...🤞🏻 But I doubt it....
  2. You’re right I know last year the Monday was a day of silence and the yr 6 London results started coming in the tues
  3. I’m waiting g for London but not expecting til next week if Eastleigh Leeds bath and Totnes have to come before us
  4. I hate to say it but I don’t think anyone is getting results today....had a quick peep at last year and no one got Friday results the day before the summer fair. Could have been because the next centre was to have been London and they didn’t want to split the London results sending.....but.....
  5. I can understand them not wanting to commit to a set date but surely once they know they’re ready to start/sent the first ones they could issue a timeline for the rest to save us all this angst!
  6. Oh and you’ll find out with the centre you auditioned ie bath
  7. Hi twirlygirl you will either get a no a yes for 1st choice a yes for second choice or waiting list if you get a yes for second choice centre I think they also give you an option to with accept second choice centre or to go on wait list for first choice. I don’t think you can accept 2nd choice and go on wait list
  8. Good morning Eastleigh refreshers and Leeds hopers. Let’s hope RBS email fairy hasn’t taken a long weekend! Fingers crossed for you all x
  9. Yes definitely they go in centre order- as someone said earlier as they had an early result for Manchester because they auditioned in bham. It’s not just London /Eastleigh that have centre crossovers
  10. Newcastle came out late morning yesterday I think?
  11. Fingers crossed for you @Creakingstool and everyone else waiting for Manchester 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻
  12. Can you get to London? RAD run a summer school you can be 8 but need to have done grade 2 I think...
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