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  1. Hi everyone, my dd auditioned at Eastleigh for a yr 5 London place this year purely because of the potential clash with All England. Would have preferred to go to London but would have been a risk that she'd have to choose between the JA and all England. Seen a few comments regarding the reverse frog position. Not heard of this exercise before but dd said one of the judges pushed her legs down further. Apparently there was only one other child they did this to. Not sure what to make of this but hoping it's a positive sign. Has anyone had previous experience with judges being hands on?
  2. Ah its a No result here. DD auditioned at the end of day 2 so London results should hopefully be out soon. Gook luck everyone still waiting x
  3. Cant understand why they have skipped over b'ham. Leeds and manchester results have come out and i thought they had auditions over 2 days too. Might have to leave phone at home tomorrow as im not getting much work done with the constant refreshing of emails. This is torture.
  4. Hoping birmingham results Will be out today. Is anyone still waiting on leeds?
  5. Hi everone i only stumbled across this forum yesterday and have been maniacally checking emails ever since id read that results are out. The waiting game is driving me crazy. My dd auditioned at birmingham 2nd day. Ive noticed the Leeds auditions overlap the Birmingham ones so thinking the bham ones will be out before some of the leeds ones x
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