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  1. It's a yes for London mids for my dd. Good luck to those still waiting for results x
  2. Our JA teacher said results for mids should be out early/mid May.
  3. it's going to be difficult with everything closed. Hopefully the weather is kind!
  4. My DD has sat 20th, arrival between 13:30-14:00 and a very specific departure time of 17:55, guess they are staggering pick ups.
  5. Ok thanks, mine doesn't have anything in blue and nothing happens when I press on it. I'll see if it makes a difference from my laptop instead of the phone.
  6. Has anyone confirmed or declined their wl final audition place yet? the email says to complete the form in the link but I can't see a link on the email!
  7. Well done everyone. Really wasn't expecting results this week. Its a yes for WL finals for my DD
  8. we've just had the one view so far. 5 min 56 sec on the 7th Jan.
  9. I could be wrong but sure I read somewhere year 7 and 8 is a mixed class so I think there will be less places split across both years 😞
  10. Hi everyone, so pleased I found this forum. My DD is a JA in London and auditioning for a white lodge/mids year 7 place. Our video was viewed a couple of days ago but only just under 6 mins(less than half 😬) The whole video audition process was extremely stressful it was touch and go whether we'd get it done at all. Was considering tring too but couldn't face another separate video 😣Thinking/hoping entries will be lower this year due to the nightmare video process. Also thinking there maybe less places though as asume there won't be many/any current students assessed out this year as would seem harsh when they've had such little time in the studio. Does anyone know if they are doing mid assessments as normal?
  11. I have one very excited DD too 🤣 Hope they all manage to get some sleep tonight. Good luck everyone x
  12. Congratulations. My daughter will also be in this class.
  13. Newbie here too. My DD will be starting London YR 5 32 sessions. Exciting times ahead but all feels quite overwhelming at the moment.
  14. Hope all the DCs that got a not yet aren't too disappointed. My DD had a no last year and a yes this year so we're so pleased we gave it another try. Are there any London year 5 or 4 for 32 sessions on here? Trying to figure out how the sessions will fall.
  15. Thank you. Still in shock. Hopefully more results out tomorrow. Good luck to everyone still waiting x
  16. Omg I'm in shock. She got a place for 32 weeks in London. Fingers crossed you're little one gets a place off the SWL 🤞
  17. Yep, I'm here and feeling the pain 🤣 I've had to restrict the refreshing to hourly to stop me going insane! Starting to worry that they're are going to keep us waiting over tge weekend!
  18. Very unlikely they'll come after 6pm so at least we'll be able to have a temporary break from refreshing.
  19. This is torture. Was so sure Eastleigh would be out today.
  20. Good luck to everyone still waiting on results. Fingers crossed Eastleigh will be today. Anyone still waiting for Manchester?
  21. Congratulations to your DD stardust1. What group was she in? Day 1 or 2?
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