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  1. I remember a thread some while ago that was less than enthusiastic about this production. Having just got home from watching it I am a little surprised that anyone would not enjoy it. I admit that the storyline is weak ( but dare I say not a lot weaker than the original Sleeping Beauty) but that is my only real criticism. Oh, and some of the headgear is a little bit iffy ! What is admirable is that it is well danced, the small stages that this company gave to work is a problem that they overcome well. The original music is evocative and interesting and the lighting and use of projections rathe
  2. I think that David Bentley reads Ballet Forum and is teasing , Look at the principles for 8th and 9th December for example. Very interesting.
  3. I have earlier made a point about not being in the fortunate state of being able to see particular dancers in particular roles and that with BRB I know that I will see excellent dancing whoever is doing what but I would also like to endorse the opinion given by Sim that Celine and Brandon are lovely together. To answer Jane S - it is unlikely that the Birmingham Nutcracker is a total sell out but most performances are almost full houses with Saturday evening having the most availability for late booking.
  4. I have used the Arcadia thread to reply to Blossom ‘s interesting view as I obviously don’t want to repeat it here.I hope someone will pick it up as it seems that something must have gone wrong on Thursday night at the Wells
  5. Lovely review Blossom. It sums up beautifully with comments from the audience in Birmingham and what little press coverage there has been. i am seriously puzzled about your Aladdin review. At it’s premiere in Birmingham I was very underwhelmed but at it’s revival recently I modified my views somewhat. It will never be a great ballet but it has a lot of good points. I haven’t got the Thursday cast to hand so can’t comment on the dancers. The strange thing is that auduence comments from Salford,Birmingham and Plymouth plus a few press reviews have al stressed the excellent costumes,some bea
  6. I hang my head and ear humble pie - that’s a pretty fair review I think. Would still like to read comments from any other viewers.
  7. Thanks Janet. I stopped the Guardian sometime ago as it has got so perishing expensive ! Can’t abide Ms Mackrell but always glad to read a press review of BRB. I think most of the nationals no longer bother with exhausting trips to Birmingham !
  8. Any views or comments about BRBs Arcadia at the Wells from anyone who hadn’t seen it at Birmingham or BRBs version of Basier come to that?. There were quite a few comments from Birmingham viewers at the time but I would love to read comments from those who saw it in London?
  9. For some time I have wished that someone had taught me to Woooop. I feel stupid if I try. Then again I often think that other people who Whoooop sound pretty stupid and am glad that I can’t. Soooo I just shout Bravo at anyone or anything that has I excited me .......then I feel stupid !
  10. I hadn’t intended to make another comment but reading the above remarks by Jan and Maurice I am inspired to repeat my view that I expressed in the Penguin Cafe thread. In answer to those worrying that they can’t be sure who they will see dance Aurora in February I just don’t care as I am certain that , with the company on the form that it is at the moment, I shall see a stellar performance whoever is dancing..Look at the names sprinkled around in rave reviews this season and there are so many dancers who were barely known a season or two ago.BRB is a company in the true sense of the word.
  11. You may live to regret your comment Capybara ! To up date you..... Miki and Lachlan gave assured and delightful performances in Comcerto and I must add that I am sure Yvette would agree that her performance. was helped enormously by the assured partnering by Yasuo Atsugi. Samara Downs fully came up to expectations as the Longhorn Ram assisted by the grand old man of BRB Mr Iain Mackay ! Miki (again) was a delightfully irritating Flea and who could do a better Now Nothing than Tyrone and Yijing Zhang. Finally I’m sure you are right about Aitor Janet as he fully came up to expectations in Eli
  12. Recently there was a short lived thread from supporters of BRB who were concerned that they might not be able to book to see Delia dance Aurora. At the time I felt a little irritated and was tempted to chip in, but there was the risk of sounding rude. This new thread has prompted me into action and point out that many of us do not have the luxury of choosing the performance tha5 appeals to us. There was a time,living in Birmingham, when I had that luxury but now aged 88 and living in the wilds of beautiful Wales I am restricted to the Thursday matinee of each production . In the three seasons
  13. George C .I was at the matinee on Thursday and saw what in “the old days”would have been called the third cast and watched in awe and wonder at was a first class performance all round.. it confirmed my opinion that over the last couple of years BRB is a stronger company than it has ever been and one of those strengths is that every single dancer works her/socks off with skill and enthusiasm second none. Well done all - I am even looking forward to Aladdin !
  14. Sorry everyone else - this is not 'in the public interest'! Trog - any suggestions as to how to get the best out of Light Princess would be greatly appreciated. Glad you agree about the company - it's sad that they don't get the recognition they deserve.
  15. Only just discovered that they are doing a different show in London. Considering that it is only a couple of weeks before I see them doing Light Princess I think it underlines my point that for a small company with limited resources that deserve to be supported for being ambitious..
  16. The Light Princess received an 'iffy' review when it was first shown but when they come to my local theatre in November I shall be there. They performed a very good Cinderella some time ago and last year their Romeo and Juliet at times had me on the edge of my seat. It was very inventive,made excellent use of their limited resources and as for their Lady Capulet.....Wow. It was a case of Marion Tait watch out ! Go see - maybe you will be pleasantly surprised ( or I may have to eat humble pie)!
  17. I cannot decide whether I am envious or a little annoyed (tongue in cheek) about contributors who are able to pick and choose performances to see their favourite BRB dancer. When I lived in Birmingham I always went to the first night and following day matinee in order to see two casts. It was not at all unusual to see a better performance by the 'second' cast than the 'first'. Now, due to age and living in Wales I have to content myself with a matinee of each production. Frankly,I am thrilled to be able to see whoever is dancing. I believe that for a few seasons the company has been better tha
  18. Sorry ! Jenna and Jo Caley are to marry this Summer . I just wonder if she might with him to London as he is joining ENB.
  19. May I join the chorus of disappointment about Brandon.Can we now keep him ? Also, a fear that Jenna may leave to join her husband to be in London. Otherwise happy about promotions and pleased to see Hsmish joining the company. Saw him in Five Tangoes at Shrewsbury and it was a seamless performance. He reminds me of Robert Parker. His hero apparently. Now there's a surprise !
  20. Sorry Sophoife - predictive spelling caught me out - as a retired Headteacher I will give myself a hundred lines.
  21. You are all being kind to a new ''boy'' but thank you especially to Beryl H reminding me of Le Jeanne. I can't believe I saw that in 1947 -ouch! Also a huge thank you to Sophocles for that beautiful photo.
  22. We have moved from the idea of a static 'picture' to moving ones which means that I can add another of mine. Previous contributors have mentioned the Christmas tree and the appearance of King Rat in Wright's Nutcracker but,much as I love both ,the moment that really gets to me is when,almost without noticing it we are suddenly in a winter wonderland .I can't even begin to work out how many Nutcrackers I have seen but the end of Act One as Clara is whisked off as the snow falls still ALWAYS brings a lump to my throat. i am often asked what is my greatest memory of ballet and it goes back w
  23. Going better than I had hoped ! i agree Bruce - I always gulp when the curtain rises on Seranade (Safe and comfortable flight by the way ) Glad someone else admitted to being a sucker so I can now admit to loving the end of Penguin Cafe. Yes, gauzes do help to give a touch of magic and where would ballet be without the touch of magic.
  24. Thanks Alison. My first thread, probably collapse like a pricked balloon. Following Trogs comment about the final moment of Le Baiser in her remarks concerning BRB's latest programme I had to confess that although I do find the ballet too long that final moment is truly stunning. I was about to say that ,to me,it is one of the really great visual moments in ballet when it crossed my mind that this might make an interesting thread. As I was about to put that one at the top of my list I suddenly thought of the curtain rise on Enigma Variations or the curtain rise on the Capulets ballroom .
  25. Trig and I may not agree about the length of Le Basier but I fully agree about the finale. It is a breathtaking picture and must come near the top of the most beautiful pictures in ballet. Which leads me to think that if I knew how to do it I would love to open a thread and find out what other ballet lovers consider to be the most beautiful picture in ballet. For me,the curtain rise on Enigma Variations or the curtain rise on the Capulet's ballroom spring to mind, but then.........!
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