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  1. Lovely videos, thank you Jan and what a wonderful reminder of Saturday evening. I had to reach for a tissue just remembering it.. The whole company were quite brilliant and Nao and Chi as superb as ever.. one felt as if they could go on dancing forever .......if only ! Coming back down to earth, I must mention that at the curtain calls - and remember that it was at the end of Romeo and Juliet AND two farewell performances the guy sitting next to me, seeing Nao’s tears turned to his partner and asked, “Why is she crying.”. Oh dear.
  2. In total agreement with Janet about the matinee yesterday. Also about the standard of the company at the moment. TWO artists(not even first artists)appearing in important roles Haolian Feng (apologies if I have spelt that wrong) as Benvolio and Gabriel Anderson as Paris. Both important roles and both very well danced. And what on earth has happened to Max Maslen. I have always thought that he is a good dancer. I saw his debut as Franz in Coppelia and thought that he danced well. Suddenly this man explodes on to the stage inPolarity and Proximity - outstanding in Embrace and now, as Janet said,
  3. A lovely greeting - thank you very much. I am sure that I will have two memorable performances.
  4. Thank you Sim for your reply to my thread about the shows in London. As you can see, there has been quite a lot of feed back on the forum and more than usual coverage from the national press. I am very much looking forward to Polarity. I saw the premiere of Kin at the IDF and twice since and was very impressed each time. I was curious about Embrace but it looks as if it will tick the boxes. I am a fanatical fan of Upper Room. As I was in my eighties the last time BRB danced it I didn’t dare hope that I would ever see it again yet here I am two weeks short of my 89th birthday all ready to bounc
  5. I had been hoping to see some comments from forum members about the new ballet performed by BRB at the Wells, or indeed, the whole programme. I am looking forward to seeing it in Birmingham this week but would love to know how it went down in London. Thanks.
  6. Thanks Jan. I am particularly intrigued by the work named Remembrance which is, it seems, based on the life of Rambert in World War 1, a topic about which I regret I know nothing.
  7. I have the chance to see this company in September and would be grateful for any comments about them Their website looks attractive and the programme (Four Seasons and Remembrance) looks promising. Any information about them would be appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Unless I misheard on BBC Midlands Today it was stated that the Games video was a single shot camera which I find amazing.Congratulations to all concerned
  9. Thank you Bridiem. That is more or less what I expected. I regret that approaching my 89th birthday I really don’t think that I have the energy - it’s as much as I can do to get to performances ! Perhaps someone younger might volunteer but I suspect that you are right and that his leaving will be the event that will stimulate someone ‘high up’ to make a move. I just feel so sad that it will probably not happen while he is still Mr.BRB.
  10. I realise that this thread has really run its course but if it is not too late may I return to the vexed knighthood question. Several of us have raised the subject before but in view of events I feel it has become more urgent. Personally I would dearly like him to get this honour BEFORE he leaves us rather than on his departure. The problem is how to get the ball rolling. I presume a request to Downing Street is the correct approach but would one person doing this be sufficient or is a petition necessary. If the latter,how can we get this going? I know that someone mentioned that he may not wa
  11. I have spoken to David Bintley several times in the last year and begged him to bring Cyrano back but his answer has been quite simply that it was too big a financial risk. The perpetual ‘ bums on seats’ syndrome. I did get the impression that he was finding the cuts in funding a big problem when trying to keep the artistic integrity of the company. Certainly the last cut from Birmingham City Council was a savage blow. I fear that this situation is going to throw a big shadow over finding his successor. It is a very sad situation particularly as the company is now stronger than ever and has be
  12. Good point. I think that in my panic I am clutching at straws %,
  13. Changing tack if I may I dread the thought that so many of the dancers David has encouraged may not want to stay on. Another reason fo bringing in Robert Parker ? He is well known and admired by the company.
  14. After two years(possibly more) of complaining about the short notice given to subscribers I have to say that I am impressed with the much improved service this time.Almost a week to study the season,a clear system of ordering and no need to panic ! Well done. One small quibble - I still object to the Nutcracker not being included in the package AND having to book a year ahead to get ones favourite seat
  15. I was also at the Thursday matinee and totally agree about Miki but would like to make a comment about Cesar. We read frequent,very justified rave reviews about Brandon and Tyrone, but Cesar does tend to get overlooked. He may not be BRB’s most charismatic male dancer but he surely must be their most elegant. Plus, it is obvious that he is a wonderful partner and must give great confidence to any ballerina dancing with him. I do so wish I could have seen his Spectre at Symphony Hall.
  16. I am a little surprised about the somewhat negative response to the new season announcement. I am very excited at the return of Hobson’s- long overdue.. I am always happy to watch the delightful La Fille and come out with a soppy grin on my face. I admit that Beauty is not my favourite Bintley ballet but it does have sone great moments and incidentally I can’t agree about it being done frequently. I know that my aged memory is far from good but I don’t think we have seen it that recently and certainly not as often as Coppelia. I am quite thrilled about the mixed bills. I think the revival of t
  17. I have long harboured doubts about ‘gongs’ and felt that frequently in the world of arts and culture there is an element of being famous for being famous. It seems so unfair that someone of David Bintley’s stature is overlooked. He has nurtured Birmingham Royal Ballet to international status yet still providing ballet to areas of the U K that otherwise get to see little first class ballet. At the same time BRB contribute enormously to the community through their education work and projects in the city.On top of that he is a driving force in Ballet Now to launch new choreographers. Finally who
  18. No clue there I’m afraid Tony but Mr.Bintley did mention Will and Lachlan in the same breath. My feeling is that new boy Hamish Scott is going to climb fast and to my mind looks very much like the young Robert Parker. Plus he tells me that ‘ Mr ‘ Parker is his role model.
  19. I am afraid that I missed you at the Friend’s Doooooo Janet. Spoiler alert ....... I leant from David Bintley that the audience wil be included in the snowfall at the R A H. You have been warned ! More importantly he told me that Hobson’s is due back the season after next. Whopeee!
  20. Are men allowed to contribute to this fascinating thread ? ! i agree with many of the tear jerkers mentioned already but would like to pick out Ambra Vallo’s Juliet. She was such a lovely actor. I particularly remember one performance of R and J when she was unable to take her first curtain call because she was too overcome with emotion. On a slightly more prosaic note I know full well that when I see my umpteenth BRB Nutcracker in two days time that I will have to fight back the tears as the Christmas tree / fireplace dissolve into the Winter Wonderland as if by magic. Gets me eve
  21. Are men allowed to contribute ? ! i agree with several earlier mentions but would particularly like to endorse Ambra Vallo’s Juliet especially one performance when she was unable to take her first curtain call because she, herself, was in floods of tears. On a more prosaic note I know full well that when I see my umpteenth BRB Nutcracker in two days time I shall have to fight back the tears when the Christmas tree / fireplace scene dissolves into the Winter Wonderland as if by magic. Gets me every time.
  22. I would like to add the fact that Iain has always been a great ambassador for the company and very generous with his time. His project at the QE. Hospital earlier this year was very typical. He was also very approachable and would always stop if one bumped into him in the theatre or on the street and have a chat. Especially if one asked about his beloved family ! I had been hoping that he might join the staff of BRB but I am sure that he will be perfect in his new role and,like everyone else,I wish him every success and happiness.
  23. Sorry - the name Brandon seems to have slipped through the net !
  24. Nomination for outstanding performance in Wink. How good is tha?. Well deserved and fingers crossed that he wins it. Remembering that he also created Pan as well as wonderful performances in the company repertoire he really does deserve all the plaudits he gets on the forum.
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