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  1. The only ballet danced to music by Holst that I can think of is in the opera The Perfect Fool. I would have thought that someone somewhere has used The Planets but I am not aware of it.
  2. Very cleverly done and beautiful to watch. The dancing, the instrumental playing and the production are so professional and skilful. Congratulations to all and thank you for providing balm for the soul in these difficult times.
  3. Excellent news about Michael’s Gold Medal. He has been a very loyal member of the Royal Ballet organisation. He was such a talented dancer for BRB in a variety of roles and then developed into a first class character dancer and actor. On top of which his work behind the scenes is invaluable. His experience, sensitive approach when coaching dancers and amazing workload has been recognised by supporters of the company for many years. Congratulations Michael - a gong very well deserved.
  4. I was wondering if this topic should be a new thread but just to answer Lizie 1 the Ballet was Sleeping Beauty which was what they had toured the USA with. Also, before anyone asks what else Ballet Rambert danced on their wartime tour I sadly lost all my old programmes in a flood but if my memory serves me right it was Judgement of Paris and Aurora’s Wedding.
  5. Oh dear - where would I start ?! In the hope that it might get someone else going my very first ballet performance was a wartime tour by Ballet Rambert. It was seeing the lovely Sally Gilmour dancing in Lady into Fox. Perhaps my most memorable ballet night was being lucky enough to have (by chance) a ticket for the ROH for the first performance the Royal Ballet gave after their first triumphal tour of the USA. Sublime Fonteyn, my first flower shower and applause that seemed to go on and on. How lucky was that ? You shouldn’t have got me started !
  6. Thank you Maryrosesatonapi for your good wishes. I have resigned myself that at 90 and living in Mid Wales my ballet going days are drawing to a close. Having been an avid ballet fan since I was 15 I have had a pretty good innings and can look back on some quite amazing experiences AND I did manage three performances of Hobson’s Choice last June ! I hope you enjoy Giselle - never one of my favourites although the thought of missing Momoko makes me a little sad. Perhaps you will post a thread on the performance that you see.Celine or Miki........I wonder !
  7. Did no Forum contributors go to the Hippodrome last week ? Due to old age this is the first season for over 20 years that I haven’t become a subscriber and due to ill health I had to miss the first of the only three shows booked. I had been hoping ( with mixed feelings) to reading a review of what I had missed. I have heard a rumour that the new work was very good. More information would be very welcome.
  8. I think that this trailer is exquisite. An unusual take on the ballet and beautifully filmed. He really is a very talented young man....and not a bad dancer ! !
  9. Hi North Star. I shall be at the matinee tomorrow. I am sitting in the Circle if you recognise me from our meeting at the Evening of Music and Dance. For anyone disappointed that they may not see the Lachlan/ Samara cast I must tell you that the alternative cast at the matinee on a Thursday were quite superb. I have seen many performances of Hobson’s over the years and this was as good as any.
  10. Now I know ! I enjoyed Seasons in our World. Attractive setting with very atmospheric lighting. Satisfying choreography with Winter particularly impressive. Very well danced and a shame that it will not be seen in Birmingham. I went expecting to tolerate Peter and the Wolf knowing the music inside out from my teaching days but I have say that Ruth has been brill (sorry). No unimaginative meadow, tree and pond but and urban setting with scaffolding and backyard bits that give much scope for invention. A cute girl (Petra?) as Peter, the bird is a hip/hoppy lad in a tracky outfit, the wolf
  11. Thanks Tony. I was looking forward to Saturday anyway but you have increased my feeling of anticipation. Plus there is still Hobson’s to come. Bring it on !
  12. Did no Forum members go to see the show in Cheltenham? I am anxious to hear opinions of the touring programme before I see it at Shrewsbury.
  13. Absolutely superb photos Dave. Thank you so much for sharing them with us. I now want to see it all over again.
  14. Don’r worry......she is back, There is a comment on the BRB website from someone who saw her dancing the role who reported that she was very, very bossy, the audience laughed a lot and loved her. Great to read. She is the consummate artist in whatever role she dances and a wonderful ambassador for the company.
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