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  1. A yes for my DD for Elmhurst Junior summer school. So nice after a no to year 8 finals 😀
  2. Welcome to our lovely MA Manchester class. Well done
  3. Not all JA’s get SWL a few from my dd JA class got a no for MA’s last year. My daughter and 2 others got MA’s from waiting list
  4. Well done to your DD for getting finals again fantastic achievement. How many girls did they take for year 8 finals?
  5. A no for my dd for a year 8 place Manchester auditions.she’s fine about it they are very resilient. Had a yes for finals for year 7 last year and is now loving her MA class. Good look to everybody for the year ahead x
  6. We haven’t heard from Manchester either same audition as your DD
  7. My DD has been offered a place at Newcastle and was on SWL.
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