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  1. That's really good. I was told the new order won't be until the new term now, thankfully, we did get the leotard which was the important bit. Although I was a bit surprised it came with the straps not sewn - I have no sewing skills whatsoever!
  2. Resurrecting an old post but I was just wondering: for anyone with a DC joining CBA this September, were you able to purchase a CBA hoodie from Dancing Boutique? I think they are out of stock but wasn't sure if anyone had info on when they will be back in stock.
  3. I found that the school actually has a new website now, which doesn't easily come up (if at all) when you do a Google search using the name: http://mastersofballetacademy.com/ This was where I saw the new timetable and fees schedule. I got the idea that you can do just once a week classes because the fees are dependent on how many classes a week you take, and also they have a Little Stars group which I would not have thought would be an age group that would attend class more than 1-2 times a week max. Does anyone know if this school has a uniform or would any black leotard do? It would appear the new website doesn't have a lot of information as yet.
  4. Just noticed - probably quite late - that the Russian Imperial Ballet School has now changed to the Masters of Ballet Academy and is moving to new premises in Acton. Does anyone's DC attend classes within term time at formerly RIBS? I am very keen to get feedback on how they found it as I am looking into possibly enrolling my DD for a weekly class. The school and teachers sound very impressive. I know the summer and Easter courses are superb which is why I would love to know more about the regular term-time classes.
  5. Can't recommend physical shops in the Berkshire area but can highly recommend Just Ballet, Dancique and Dancia. Just Ballet has an excellent selection of dancewear online, but beware (in a good way) as they carry amazing brands not easily found anywhere else (DD has recently discovered a penchant for French leotards - Degas and Wear Moi, both of which are stocked by Just Ballet). Sheila is amazingly lovely, so easy to communicate with and always goes above in beyond with customer service. Dancique and Dancia's websites don't show all their stock online but both are easily contactable via Facebook messenger if you're after anything in particular. I recently bought uniform bits from Dancique (paid over the phone as I believe they're in Birmingham which is nowhere near us), as well as some Wear Moi leotards and they came pretty much the next day. Dancia London is also excellent to contact through messenger, they put on hold a couple of hard-to-get-hold-of Mirella leotards for me for a few days until I can get to London to collect them.
  6. Thanks Meglorien, for following this up. That sounds brilliant, my DD loves repertoire work.
  7. Has anyone heard how many were offered places? I believe there were 6 groups, DD's group had about 21. Does Tring CBA only accept very few every audition?
  8. Yes, I was wondering that too Meglorien (although my DD doesn't do CBA, I once saw the schedule). Is "coaching session" perhaps stretching or pilates-type session?
  9. Last November we received a no letter on what would be this Friday. I heard that there are less than a handful of places on offer across all groups, although I'm not sure how reliable this info is.
  10. Tring summer dance course sounds like it would suit your DD as they do quite a few genres, not just ballet. They have one commencing on 30th July and again one from 28th August.
  11. DD has participated in a couple of dance festivals in the last year and has about 3 solos in her "repertoire" of dances (ballet, modern, tap). So in the festivals she's been in, she gets to perform on stage on her own and all the dancers in that section go on stage one at a time to perform. Adjudication happens after every section (if it's quite a big one) or after every few sections (if sections are small). A couple of her friends live up north (Lancashire/Yorkshire way) and participate more actively in festivals and in more sections (everything from Latin to cheer, hip-hop in addition to ballet/modern/tap). However, I noticed that in DD's friends' festivals, the children in each section appear to all dance together in a group (although obviously against each other) all together on stage or the middle of a hall, doing the same or similar steps. Some then get called back for semi-finals and finals. I just wondered why the festivals are quite different in format. Is this due to the organisers? The genre? The region (we live in the South of England)? I've just always wondered about this and was too shy to ask DD's friends mums. I also wondered if DCs who get to perform with others in their section at the same time, as opposed to going on stage one at a time, find it less daunting as they are actually dancing as a group (even if they are technically against each other). Another little thing I noticed - photography and taking videos when DCs are performing are strictly prohibited in the festivals my DD has been in, and yet in the festivals her friends have been, this doesn't seem to be the case as I've always been shown videos and photos of them dancing taken during the actual performances.
  12. Finally received information. We also have 9.30am stretching and 10am audition start time. Does this mean there's only one group? Or are there several depending on age? The bit about the physio assessment is also scaring me - DD isn't the most flexible!
  13. I emailed them this morning. Perhaps they have forgotten about my DD's application - I sent it in very early
  14. Hello, I was just wondering if anyone's DC is auditioning for YDA Associates this weekend? If so, has further information (times, etc) been sent yet? I would be grateful also for feedback from those whose DS/DD has auditioned recently.
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