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  1. Ah sorry to hear that. She still has lots of time ahead of her. I dont know anything of the associates you've mentioned but have you thought of looking at ballet boost?
  2. Which level did she get into @OnlyDance? x
  3. I hope she enjoys it 😍 Has anyone had a 'not yet' email?
  4. Congratulations 🎉 Did you hear yesterday? And what group is she in?.
  5. Thankyou that's good to know x
  6. I think ours was half as well. But like you said not sure if this was with skipping forward
  7. 😂 dont they know dance mums/dads ovwrthink and like to talk 😂🙈 Did you get many views (I am deffinatly overthinking the views lol)
  8. Have you had many views? How old is your DC x
  9. Thats how I feel for us, but I'm sure there will be some more yes 🤞
  10. Weve only had 2 views x
  11. Sorry *not looking good
  12. No not received anything. So it looking good. In our 1st audition no letter it it said what to work harder on. So if they are putting things like that in the emails maybe that's why we havent had them yet. I'd rather not wait all weekend 😫
  13. Have you received anything yet?
  14. I really dont want to be thinking about it all weekend. So I would rather know tonight as well
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