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  1. Hi Proudmumoffdd My daughter is an SA2 (next year) in Birmingham and a Young Dancer also / the classes fit in really well. At the moment I don’t think anyone can say what will happen in September as restrictions can change on a weekly basis and could be lifted or tightened accordingly to how the virus is being contained. I would email Elmhurst’s administration team as they have been active in updating the current Young Dancers so still open on some capacity. They are extremely helpful. Please feel free to dm me for any more help. Best wishes X
  2. Snowflake

    John Mallinson

    I am so sorry to hear this sad news. Sending our sincere condolences to all his family and friends 💕
  3. I have the following leotards for sale. 1 x white Claudia Dean Collections Aurora leotard in Adult Petite. Worn once - £30 1 x light turquoise Degas leotard in size T1 soft fabric 80 percent polyamide. Camisole style. £25 worn once. . 1 purple Mirella leotard adult petite £12.50 worn once. Camisole lace back detail. Worn once 1 x red Mirella leotard adult petite, lace detail on back and front £12.50. Worn once Pair of Wear Moi black flared jazz pants size ladies small - never worn £7.50. plus £2.85 postage via Royal Mail. DM is you want me to email you a photo.
  4. My dd (14) loves acro, but as she’s from a artistic gymnastics background she completed successfully at national level before giving up at 11 to focus on ballet. She does an hour acro a week, but it gives her the chance to practise basic core skills and hand stands etc only on mats so she knows not to somersault I think it’s an amazing class and so good for strengthening. I do however strongly feel after watching some acro at festivals and conventions - a lot of young dancers are overusing the lumbar spine in tumbling they are not using the required shoulder flexibility. I have seen lots of chucking acro skills with huge run ins. Why include it in a dance if it doesn’t look fluid, effortless or correctly executed with straight legs and pointed feet ? - it ruins the dance and makes it look all stop start. I have seen so many near head plants at festivals !! It scares me - how dangerous is that!! I feel scared sometimes for the children as they don’t look secure in their skills at all. But, maybe that’s just me 🙂
  5. I wouldn’t feel at all concerned @HowMuch! as long as your dd is tired at school - I am sure her teacher would tell you if so and her dance teacher if she was exhausted in class. My year 9 dd dances 4 nights a week straight after school and we don’t get home until 9.30. Saturday does RBS associates and festival classes. She also makes her own way to school on the bus and packs her own tea and lunch. She loves it and is in the top sets for English and maths at a very academic Grammer. I am sure all the dancing has made her mind sharp and not to mention the health benefits and other transferable life skills. My dd wasnt in the top set at primary either - I didn’t realise how bright she was until she started excelling in secondary - she was fortunate to get a dance scholarship to go this private Grammer school - Which also goes to show other kinds of doors can open if you have a dedicated attitude x
  6. Thanks so much @Balletmum55 💕 Will keep you posted Xxx
  7. Thanks @Sheila Beelam this sounds really good 💕 I am ordering dd some now ! Thank you so much for your help & advice Xxx
  8. Thank you @Harwel 💕 Keep me posted via DM @Picturesinthefirelight sending virtual hugs - Xxx
  9. This has made me giggle and think of my non dancing Dad in pointe shoes!! 😂 😆 Thanks Sarahw we will definitely give these a try - I will invest in some toe tape too - it sounds great for blisters xx
  10. Thanks so much Anna C She’s got 3 newish pairs on the go at the moment typically ! 😢 She’s started to rotate them and I bought an extra pair just incase she broke one of the 2 pairs at summer school...! Hence the hope of extra slim lined ones to trial until her next pointe shoe fitting.... 😂 If only it was that simple .... Thanks for all the recommendations ! We will look at them all and try on at her next fitting X
  11. My dd, 13, has asked me if I could get her some pads to wear in her pointe shoes. She already wears a gel big toe pad and lambs wool / but after trying out a friends pad - she found it more comfortable to dance en pointe with the pads especially when dancing more intensively in her show etc. She has been en pointe 2 years and wears a grishko 2007 in hard shank shoe. Any slimline , breathable ones anyone can recommend? She suffers from mild excema so breathable would be good ! Any reviews or recommendations we would be so grateful for 😊 TIA
  12. Yes - it must be heartbreaking for you all - it’s so hard watching someone you love suffering what should still be their younger years - I hope there is something they can do to relieve your husbands hearing symptoms when he gets a diagnosis 💕
  13. Sorry to hear about your dh illness - my dh was rushed into hospital last year with a suspected stroke at age 42 after losing the ability to walk properly on one side, balance and slurring his speech - then having to undergo horrendous tests for a suspected brain tumour. This has been ongoing now for a year - we are on holiday in Croatia now - but as soon as we get back he is in for a lumbar punture / dreading it - no mention of a diagnosis her from his neaulogist / I dread the hospital letters - just a suspected damage to cerebral / he did have a bad fall off his bike and waiting and see if stays the same or deteriorates / Lyme disease hasn’t been mentioned - just a diagnosis and treatment plan would be a godsend ! As he is really struggling and still having falls. I hope your dd gets sorted out - She must be worried about her dad xxx
  14. Signed and shared on my FB 💕 Xxx
  15. Hi Sarahitaly Its quite a long walk - especially it you have luggage - I would google a local taxi firm and call a taxi to pick you up. Although Richmond Park is a beautiful place for a walk if you enjoy walking 💕 I walked once to Mortlake station it didn’t take long about 25 minutes and it was lovely - I think Richmond station maybe further. Is your dd excited?
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