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  1. In response to those talking about removing the makeup - Speaking with Harriet who applies the makeup in the videos above she recommends good old-fashioned cold-cream. Even baby wipes (the hypo-allergenic kind).
  2. I've only just seen this - that would be Christopher Hinton-Lewis, a former principal dancer with Northern Ballet. I'll certainly pass yours, and others, compliments on to him and the whole Academy staff. Thank you, Phill Garnett Northern Ballet Digital Manager
  3. Hi - I only saw this today and I've updated the Easter Course page on the site with the following: I hope this helps.
  4. All the schedules, guest Companies and what-not are on http://worldballetday.com/, the site's built and maintained by San Francisco Ballet so times are in Pacific Standard; UK time is 8 hours ahead...
  5. Hi Ellie - he was at White Lodge till 2012 and has since trained at and is joining us from English National Ballet School...
  6. For reference here's an article run a couple of years ago comparing ballet dancers to Rugby League players in terms of fitness, diet, regime etc... http://www.yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk/news/latest-news/top-stories/health-who-is-fitter-the-rugby-player-of-the-ballerina-1-2251495 And as a Company we at Northern Ballet rarely break out the tutus and the costumes in our most recent productions have been designed more to show off the dancers' form and not be an incumbency or distraction to the performance. As for pretending to be fairies - we have A Midsummer Night's Dream in our rep but one of the most popular productions we've produced in recent years has been The Great Gatsby, a firm favourite is Dracula and our cinderella has a magician where you'd expect to find a fairy Godmother! One of our Leading Soloists answers a question on diet, weight limits etc... http://northernballet.tumblr.com/post/52135718144/leading-soloist-hannah-bateman-answers-a-question Lastly here's Rugby League star with ballerina Antoinette Brooks-Daw comparing worlds... Sorry about the Northern Ballet -centricness!
  7. That's as good as the Chair of IBM saying that the computer will only need five computers... Here's the link for the patents listed on Google relating to ballet... https://www.google.com/?tbm=pts#q=ballet&tbm=pts
  8. We found lots more - one frightening device being a pointe shoe with a spike coming out of the box for dancing on ice! There are plenty of patents for the useful to the useless...
  9. Janet alerted me, just had a reply from the server people and they reset the machine - the site was down for about 2 minutes because of it. All should be back to normal now!
  10. I'll try my best, Janet - and I may rope you in to help me come up with the questions! I'm sorry if you don't get the answers you want or expect, the scoring is done pretty much the same as magazine quizzes and the results not changing in response to individual questions. I'll certainly take that on board and finesse the system somewhat before another personality quiz. But as a first go at this kind of quiz I don't think we did too bad?
  11. Never mind Lysander & Hermia, at least you didn't get Demetrius - how he treated poor Helena! Seriously though, I'll take your comments on board ready for the next quiz... Speaking of which, what type of quiz would you like? Fun personality, trivia, can be anything really - all suggestions taken on board.
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