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  1. Very central spot, SCS for tomorrow’s Sleeping Beauty (Osipova - Hallberg) £ 11.00 easy to transfer e-ticket
  2. Urgent sale Bolshoi Don Quixote e-tickets, easy to transfer tonight, 16th of August SC C-91 tomorrow, 17th of August SC C-22 each ticket £ 27.00
  3. Thank you to everyone for such an interest, will answer all PM later tonight after this evening performance
  4. For Sale Bolshoi (various) tickets Spartacus 10 August 7:30pm Balcony standing C-67 Swan Lake 12 August 7:30pm SC standing D-10 13 August 7:30pm SC standing D-10 14 August 7:30pm SC Standing D-1 The price is £ 15.00 per ticket All they are e-tickets, easy to send
  5. Hello, Eva! Would like to buy the ticket Osipova/Hallberg on 01/06 Will send you PM
  6. It's an e-ticket, easy to transfer very central standing spot
  7. Would be pleased to buy this ticket Will send you PM
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