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  1. Can anyone give an idea of what to expect in a Liz Alpe advanced class on Saturday afternoons? Thanks !
  2. Thanks to everyone who replied--just managed to get tickets from the site by the skin of my teeth after long, strange battle with recalcitrant software. Victory!
  3. It was the standard one Opera DP site. Thank you very much for this other link, I'm seeing a few gold dust tickets
  4. Thanks for your reply. I did try the above, but there was an odd disappearing listing of a ballet, and tickets disappearing before my eyes ...perhaps I will try the box office...
  5. Does anyone have 2 unwanted tickets for 'le Parc' in December ? OR -- could advise on the best way to obtain tickets from Palais Garnier for returns or day seats ? I had trouble with booking via their website and I've not bought tickets for performances there before ...any tips would be much appreciated !
  6. Any mid-range tickets for matinee or pm shows over the final 2 weeks of August ?
  7. Thanks to both. I do think it gives a sense of achievement to get ribbons sewn in well sadly these Gaynor Mindens are hard as metal to get a needle through.! Not much fun at the best of times.
  8. Hi, and thanks v much for your quick reply. I''m in Ladbroke Grove. and get to Central (SB) and dance studios in the West End;. didn't think of asking dance shops--I kind of think they don't offer this, but I'll ask. As far as friends go, they all really hate having to sew shoes, even for themselves, so I haven't asked.-- I'm not around any dance mums. Thanks for the kind suggestion and sympathy.
  9. Does anyone know of anyone able to sew pointe shoe ribbons? I badly injured my thumb joint, and my right hand is going to be unusable for awhile. I would be willing to pay someone a modest fee to do this for me ? I can provide thread, needle, ribbons...I need this done ASAP for workshops/classes. It should take very little time to do for the able-handed !
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