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  1. My friend cannot make it to this performance so I’d like to resell this ticket. It’s the T61 in the Amphitheatre and costs £21. Date: Thursday, 5 March. Note that it’s an early start at 19:00. Cast: Nunez and Muntagirov. This is an e-ticket so can send you via email. Thanks!
  2. Hi all, I’d love to resell my ticket for RB’s Onegin on 29 Feb 2020 at 19:30. Standing place W62 at the back of the Amphitheatre (good view and good sound) costs £5. Cast: Mendizabal, Soares, Hinkis and Donnelly. Can hand over in person on the day. Thanks, J
  3. Just sent you a message as well, Alice! Thanks
  4. I guess it’s a mistake in your post? The cast is supposed to be Osipova and Clarke instead of Nunez and Bolle?
  5. Hi all, I'd love to resell my ticket for the ROH's La Bohème tomorrow, Wednesday, 5 Feb 2020 at 20:00 (8pm). It's a standing ticket W55, at the back of the Amphitheatre and costs £11 (cheapest band for this production). You should be able to see the entire stage and the sound is good up there. It's e-ticket so easily transferable. Thanks, J
  6. I can't make it to the Coliseum tonight so ticket is still available. Thanks Sebastian anw!
  7. It’s the last run of The Sleeping Beauty this season. C23 is the second best place to stand in the Balcony, you will only miss a tiny part in the background, all the great dancing will still be visible. Hope someone could take it before I have to return to the Box Office.
  8. I would love to resell my Balcony standing ticket for today’s last performance of The Sleeping Beauty. It’s a C23 one and costs £11. If anyone’s interested please message me. E-ticket so easily sent. Thanks, J
  9. I just saw that there might be some cheap tickets available online but maybe you have to call the Box Office. Hope that helps.
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