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  1. Any more auditions anyone knows about. ? Anything would be helpful !
  2. Modern and tap at NBS are all studied in istd so she will be able to take those exams, also istd ballet is learnt by the first years in their normal ballet class once a week I think. She will have to start at intermediate again for the first term but then they will go up to advanced 1 and pupils do get put in for those exams as well she will have to start rad ballet as well though but she won't be the only one who hasn't done it so she shouldn't worry! I'm not sure about the exact cost of ddi because I didn't do it sorry. It is after school on a Wednesday but only offered to second and third years. I don't think it really breaks the bank though because a lot of pupils do opt to do it!
  3. Last year a lot of the girls were jazz focus, there were only three classical focus girls. Most jazz focus went on cruises with companies such as costa, princess, P&O and carnival. One of the boys joined Murley dance company, a neoclassical company based in London, and is now dancing with the vienna festival ballet. One of the classical girls decided to go for jazz and is now dancing on a costa cruise. The other two- Honoka and Sahya went to cinevox junior company and ajkun trainee respecitvely. Hope this helps!
  4. Ms MacDonald takes on talent and potential not age! There is a girl in my year who started first year at 15 and equally there was a girl who was 21
  5. Hi the qualification you receive is a diploma in professional dance which is from Trinity. This is the only obligatory work that the school requires you to do and it is what you receive at graduation. There is also the opportunity to do the istd ddi exam in modern, ballet or tap which is the teaching qualification and also on Friday we have classes in whatever RAD level that we are in and so there is this exam opportunity as well. In a year group there are normally around 30 girls and 6-10 boys
  6. Please can you send me a picture ?
  7. I am a graduate student at NBS so if you have any questions left especially about things further on in school life etc feel free to ask
  8. Feel free to message me if you have any questions about NBS!!
  9. I am currently a third year at NBS and I just wanted to say that we have recently had a lot of changes to teaching staff and the classical course has soared in standard as a result. Mr Alexandrov came from a long and successful career at the Hamburg Ballet and is an amazing teacher. He now does teach first years. As for grad success we have a small graduating class on the classical focus but one girl has been offered a contract with Ajkun Ballet in NY with two others being offered trainee positions. I myself have been offered two junior companies, two trainees and am waiting to hear back about three full contract positions after being successful in the auditions NBS is really getting there classically! Good luck making the decision I know your daughter will be very happy wherever she goes
  10. Hi I just was wondering if anyone knew about the youth company 'Kayzer Ballet' in Portugal? Anything about where people go on to afterwards and how prestigious it is? Thank you ☺️
  11. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could share with me any exercises that they know that are super effective? I have strong ankles and arches but they are not particularly flexible and I obviously want to improve this! Thank you
  12. I emailed them last week and they replied yesterday saying they would be allocating places early may
  13. afab the academy one in Leeds, I also got into the ENB summer school but that's only five days in comparison to two weeks so I am a bit unsure x
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