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  1. I found "The Intelligence Men" on Talking Pictures TV (Freeview 81) the other day. Morecambe and Wise caught up in a performance of Swan Lake, hilarity and real ballet combined.
  2. The National Theatre has parts open to all, performance or no performance. I'm assuming it could be like that. (Do we need a separate thread for this, it's not exactly Swan Lake.)
  3. I know someone, not in the dance world, who was offered a knighthood and refused it. He had to put up with many people saying it was a shame he wasn't given one.
  4. Christmas television?

    Not all of it ballet, but big chunks of dance:- There's Moira Shearer in the film The Red Shoes at 12.10pm on BBC2 on Wednesday 27th December. Channel 5, at 1.05pm on Christmas Day, has Singin in the Rain. And Channel 5 at 9.25am on New Years Day, On the Town with Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra. Also Christmas Day, 1.40pm on BBC2, this year's semi-staged Prom of Oklahoma(with Robbie Fairchild showing how it should be done!).
  5. Some have a Nutcracker Encore screening between Christmas and New year.
  6. Stepanek' s Lensky and Galeazzi's Tatiana are ones that'll stay in my memory.
  7. Changes, now on website, from info given in House magazine:- Manon Insight still in Clore but on Wednesday 7th March 2018, not Thursday 8th March. The In Conversation with Yasmine Naghdi on 6th March, and the RB in Rehearsal on 4th April, dates unchanged but now in the Linden Studio over the road at the RB School.
  8. I've just finished Judith Mackrell's biography of Lydia Lopokova - Bloomsbury Ballerina. An excellent read, from her early days in Russia, to her time with, or without, Diaghilev, to her time with her husband, Maynard Keynes, in England. It is not a thin book!
  9. ROH Open Up changes

    That's what we were told with the Conservatory/Crush Room as well, but no sign of any merging yet
  10. It depends on your daughter. Of my 3 granddaughters, when they were 10 two I would have taken, one I wouldn't .
  11. RB Nutcracker 5th Dec 2.30 SCS

    Returned to box office
  12. RB Nutcracker 1st January 2pm Amphi

    Returned to box office
  13. Dance on terrestrial TV

    Anyone else watch this? It was really weird. In the introduction they said Satie went to prison after the first performance - for punching a critic. Hmm!
  14. Selling, Royal Opera with Joyce Di Donato as Semiramide, 4th December 6.30pm, stalls circle standing D40, £17 (I've been given a medical appointment which wont let me get to the opera on time, grrrr!) PM me if interested Margaret