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  1. I managed to find the 'email us' link to send a few choice comments. First one was "Who the .... tested this?". Included a challenge to book 30 (it could be more of course) rehearsals/performances/events in the 30 minutes alloted time for booking.
  2. I think I heard Leanne Benjamin say, at the RB in Rehearsal on Tuesday, that Ed Watson was working with her coaching Romeo and Juliet. Can anyone else who was there confirm that?
  3. Then you should have come to the Harrow Vue cinema which tried to persuade us to watch the Bolshoi version! From 7.15, when the live relay from the Royal Opera House should have started, we were "treated" to being shown people wandering about in a Bolshoi Theatre anteroom (I assume that is what it was), then a woman speaking in Russian, French, and English from the stage with Boshoi dancers preparing behind her. I wasn't the only one who dashed out to tell management they'd got the wrong one. They eventually managed to switch to the Royal Ballet one just in time to see Don Q, followed by Sancho Panza, exiting his room. As I have seen the ballet a number of times I knew what we had missed in the prologue, although there were a good number in the cinema who hadn't seen it before. I particularly regretted not seeing the intro when I discovered at the interval that Kristen was presenting. Hope it gets put on the ROH website. Well, at least I got my money back so had a free evening.
  4. What is this "system upgrade" banner that has appeared across the top of my balletcoforum page? I do not click on such things without knowing about them. If there's been info on this, my apologies, I haven't noticed it. Info and advice,, please Margaret
  5. For the opening night of New Works I had circle A44, could see about 2/3 of the stage. I was told the right hand end two seats of circle central row B were empty in first half, so went and stood next to them towards end of interval. When Alex Beard and guests returned to take their places in that row he asked me "Are you sitting here?" to which I replied I hoped to be as where I had been sitting I couldn't see. He replied that certainly I may sit there, then. Might this be a case of my action speaking louder than words?
  6. Is it Windows7 or 10 that makes a difference?
  7. Are you sorted, Rob, or not? PM me. Margaret
  8. I can't use my ticket for the Royal Opera Cosi fan tutti, 7pm on 9th March, central balcony standing, D33, £12 Please PM me if interested. Margaret
  9. I can't use my ticket for the Royal Opera Cosi fan tutti, 7pm on 9th March, central balcony standing, D33, £12 Please PM me if interested. Margaret
  10. ROH Linbury Sunday 20th January, 4pm. TRIO ConcertDance. Performance followed by a question and answer session Level LG Circle D23 standing £7 PM me if interested Margaret
  11. I've danced at the ROH partnered by Brandon Lawrence 🙂 (We were standing next to each other in the Balcony for Yasmine Naghdi's Odette Odile debut and, the gentleman that he is, Brandon answered my query on how was it decided when to release hands for Odile's held arabesque by demonstrating it. Don't think my arabesque was as good as Yasmine's.) And no, this dance loving BBC pensioner didn't watch it either. I decided from the trailers that it wasn't for me, and wish it'd been called something else. "Dance for 50 Grand" perhaps?
  12. I can't use my Saturday evening Nutcracker SCS D42. PM me if interested. I hope to be at the triple this evening, Friday 4th, in balcony standing D33. Margaret
  13. Found a small boy in the cafe enchanted by the fact the model of the Royal Opera House is built of Lego. He was even more delighted when assisted to establish where in the model he was.
  14. Sorry, got Autmn/Winter mixup and couldn't delete. However, with Hay out of the "Autumn" Nutcracker that doesn't look good for the Winter Skaters.
  15. I discovered a book in the ROH shop. It is, sort of, the latest Royal Ballet Year Book. It is now called "A Season in Pictures", and it is what used to be the main photo section of the Year Book, ie this one is the 2017/18 production photos. The full title on the spine is "The Royal Ballet: A Season in Pictures 2017/18". What it does not have is the intro for the 2018/19 season, with Company news and promotions and the 2018/19 Season at a glance giving this years' productions.
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