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  1. Suitable age and ballet for first visit can, and will vary, and sometimes you think you know the child then discover something new about them. Three of my granddaughters, one age 5 (totally enthralled by Romeo and Juliet, re-enacted the next day with her dolls), one age 7 (Sleeping Beauty), one decided she preferred opera!
  2. Gala for Grenfell

    I'd assumed they omitted the lifts for space reasons, and thought they'd worked out a clever replacement of turns.
  3. And the hull2017 website can't cope with trying to book for the live screening today either. Edit added later - But persevere and eventually after a number of "sorry technical problems" messages along the way can get through. Although I'll still be trying for returns to get at least one ticket for my sister-in-law inside the theatre.
  4. La Tragedie de Carmen

    It's a Jette Parker Young Artists opera performance. Just the 4 main characters, no chorus, and a small orchestra.
  5. Yes, same with me. And I was trying to get a ticket for my sister-in-law who is local to Hull and used to run a cub pack of which a certain young Xander Parish was a member. I'll be keeping looking for 2 or 3 tickets.
  6. And looks like a good set of debuts as Polixenes.
  7. Dance on terrestrial TV

    The Royal Ballet in Wayne McGregor's Woolf Works will be on tv, BBC 4, 7pm 9th July 2017
  8. The delicately etched beauty and the mesmerising hands of Yuhui Choe in the afternoon's Emeralds, the delightful sassiness of Akane Takada in the evening's Rubies, then the absolute class of Lauren Cuthbertson in Diamonds. Three right Royal ladies.
  9. BBC Young dancer 2017

    They did say the complete dances for each finalist could be seen on the programme website.
  10. ROH Meistersinger

    Re the ending, with Eva taking control of her own life in future, the dress rehearsal was on International Women's Day
  11. Dance on terrestrial TV

    Thanks. Switched on just in time to see Ondine coming through the waterfall/fountain. I was lucky enough to see Fonteyn in this, and that first view of her hand has stayed in my memory ever since.
  12. Ah, just noticed I made a strange mixture of Akane Takada's name. My apologies. (Might have been my stupid smartphone again. I just had to persuade it to get it right this time.)
  13. I was told that Takane and Campbell had just half an hour rehearsal together
  14. A quick comment on Saturday evening - a delightful debut from Reece Clarke.
  15. Monday evening (9th Jan) was my last Nutcracker of this season. A shame we didn't have Emma Maguire and Tristan Dyer as Clara and Hans-Peter, but in their stead we had the excellent Anna Rose O'Sullivan and James Hay. Then Act 2 brought us the delicious Sugar Plum of Yuhui Choe and the gorgeous Rose Fairy of Claire Calvert. Thank you to all the company for the many excellent Nutcracker performances I've seen this season. And yes, cameos amongst the party guests, and various behaviors by Clara's friend and dancing mistress were noticed. Well done that servant who wouldn't let the young friend get hold of the drinks!