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  1. I can't use my ticket for the Royal Opera Cosi fan tutti, 7pm on 9th March, central balcony standing, D33, £12 Please PM me if interested. Margaret
  2. I can't use my ticket for the Royal Opera Cosi fan tutti, 7pm on 9th March, central balcony standing, D33, £12 Please PM me if interested. Margaret
  3. ROH Linbury Sunday 20th January, 4pm. TRIO ConcertDance. Performance followed by a question and answer session Level LG Circle D23 standing £7 PM me if interested Margaret
  4. I've danced at the ROH partnered by Brandon Lawrence 🙂 (We were standing next to each other in the Balcony for Yasmine Naghdi's Odette Odile debut and, the gentleman that he is, Brandon answered my query on how was it decided when to release hands for Odile's held arabesque by demonstrating it. Don't think my arabesque was as good as Yasmine's.) And no, this dance loving BBC pensioner didn't watch it either. I decided from the trailers that it wasn't for me, and wish it'd been called something else. "Dance for 50 Grand" perhaps?
  5. I can't use my Saturday evening Nutcracker SCS D42. PM me if interested. I hope to be at the triple this evening, Friday 4th, in balcony standing D33. Margaret
  6. Found a small boy in the cafe enchanted by the fact the model of the Royal Opera House is built of Lego. He was even more delighted when assisted to establish where in the model he was.
  7. Sorry, got Autmn/Winter mixup and couldn't delete. However, with Hay out of the "Autumn" Nutcracker that doesn't look good for the Winter Skaters.
  8. I discovered a book in the ROH shop. It is, sort of, the latest Royal Ballet Year Book. It is now called "A Season in Pictures", and it is what used to be the main photo section of the Year Book, ie this one is the 2017/18 production photos. The full title on the spine is "The Royal Ballet: A Season in Pictures 2017/18". What it does not have is the intro for the 2018/19 season, with Company news and promotions and the 2018/19 Season at a glance giving this years' productions.
  9. Remembering what James Hay's Lescaut was like, since he's not doing Romeo I 'd rather like to see him given a try at Tybalt. The Corrales/Hayward cast perhaps? 😊
  10. The Saturday matinée performance of Mayerling, wows all round. What a company! One of those occasions of which I suspect many of us will say "I was there". I'd also like to put in a word for Paul Kay's Bratfisch. Not just his dancing, also his acting. The emotion he showed towards the couple, the situation, in that final scene with Rudolf and Mary had me crying.
  11. And there appear to be far more, and better, seats available in the public booking for these events than for the Friends booking last week. I can understand that (I think), in that they want to use this as introductory? Also intrigued at the rows in the stalls. For the dance ones it's A-E and H K L M. I wondered if this was an indication of split seating with the stage in the middle. However it's this for the dance film as well, so doubt that! For the opera it's all rows A-K but no L or M. We shall see.
  12. Yes, what a wonderful looking programme. And oh, how I wish to see those two great Ashtonian dancers, Laura Morera and Ricardo Cervera, do that tango.
  13. MargaretN7

    Upcoming DVD/Blu-ray Releases

    Yes, I already have the first DVD with Ed Watson as White Rabbit. I'll get this one as well, with James Hay who I thought was also great as White Rabbit. Each made it their own role in very different ways.
  14. MargaretN7

    Upcoming DVD/Blu-ray Releases

    If it is the 2017 cinema broadcast of Alice then it has James Hay as the White Rabbit. That sounds like a plus for me.
  15. MargaretN7

    Nehemiah Kish and Yuhui Choe are married!

    Some beautiful photos and short videos in Lauren Cuthbertson's instagram story set.