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  1. Yes, what a wonderful looking programme. And oh, how I wish to see those two great Ashtonian dancers, Laura Morera and Ricardo Cervera, do that tango.
  2. MargaretN7

    Upcoming DVD/Blu-ray Releases

    Yes, I already have the first DVD with Ed Watson as White Rabbit. I'll get this one as well, with James Hay who I thought was also great as White Rabbit. Each made it their own role in very different ways.
  3. MargaretN7

    Upcoming DVD/Blu-ray Releases

    If it is the 2017 cinema broadcast of Alice then it has James Hay as the White Rabbit. That sounds like a plus for me.
  4. MargaretN7

    Nehemiah Kish and Yuhui Choe are married!

    Some beautiful photos and short videos in Lauren Cuthbertson's instagram story set.
  5. For those off you who can get the London Live channel, it's worth keeping an eye on it for dance related programmes and films. This Monday 18th June at 1pm to 3.30 is "The Royal Ballet, a showcase....." Actually a showing of what is also available as a DVD, Fonteyn in Firebird, Swan Lake, and Ondine.
  6. Well, I suppose if one wanted fuller explanations one could have a pre-prologue where Rothbart gets the king to sign a document making him in charge until the prince is 21, and then kills the king. Or not.
  7. I've sometimes been standing where, without stopping watching the Act 3 pas de deux I could also see Itzia Mendizabel as the Spanish Princess. If looks couild kill Odile wouldn't have survived to finish the act.
  8. MargaretN7

    Audience Behaviour

    I have no complaints about the young man standing next to me at the RB Swan Lake on Monday evening, even though he did give out a great whistle of approval for Yasmine Naghdi which made my hearing aid buzz, but only a little. He gave me a personal tuition on how to release hold when you feel that arabesque is secure.Thanks, Brandon 😊
  9. Re colour of tights. I asked the costume dept at the Behind the Scenes event what colour Benno's tights are in Act 3. I didn't believe they were the tasteful(?) shade of pale mauve they appeared to my eyes. They said they are a light stone sort of colour but the lighting was affecting them.
  10. MargaretN7

    ROH Spring Gala - 30 May 2018

    And I suspect those cheers at the end of the American in Paris item might have been for seeing Leanne Cope gracing the Royal stage again.
  11. MargaretN7

    ROH Spring Gala 30th May

    Yes, I bought a good, cheap standing ticket. ROH used not to sell standing places for galas but they usually do now. You only pay the really extra high prices if you want the full gala experience including the reception/dinner.
  12. Regarding the tutus, the first time I saw them from above and was delighted with them. Then when I was standing down below I thought, hmm, perhaps the skirts might be better set a little lower on the hips. Aside from that and the occasional too adagio adagio, I love this production.
  13. James Hay as Benno with Claire Calvert and Yuhui Choe as sisters.
  14. MargaretN7

    ROH Swan Lake Monday 28th evening

    SCS D34 suit you?