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  1. Not to mention the corps de ballet taking selfies as they cross the stage in arabesques.
  2. Who will follow Bintley?

    Had to smile at the thought of family meal conversations if brothers headed the two companies.
  3. When they gave me my replacement tickets they replaced Saturday evening with matinee. Fortunately mistake noticed and rectified while still possible.
  4. Combi boiler problems in freezing weather

    Anyone with a condensate pipe installed such that it is likely to freeze in extra cold weather needs a boiler buoy fitted (I think that is what it is called).
  5. I hope Laura McCulloch was given a good send off.
  6. It's not things going wrong, it's by-play in the corps that can raise a giggle from me. With Manon coming up, plenty of opportunities there. Now we no longer have Miss Cope, I wonder who is going to be the trouser girl?
  7. When I first began going, well, being taken, to the ballet, I'm sure I remember reading that, in Giselle Act 2, as Giselle and Albrecht crossed the stage in grand jetes, with both in mid air she threw, and he caught, the flowers. Not an easy thing to do! I can remember at least one catch, but not who, and many misses. I suspect that eventually the decision was made not even to attempt it as it could distract from the drama if people were waiting to see if it would be a catch or a miss. Was the decision made at the start of Peter Wright's production, perhaps?
  8. Lift between Grand Tier left and Hall.
  9. Selling, Royal Ballet Winter's Tale, Saturday 24th February 1.30pm matinee, Stalls Circle Standing D10, £8 Please PM me if interested. Margaret
  10. Watching BBC1 South East News 31st Jan 18.30. They've just said there's going to be an item on Marianela's 20 years with RB
  11. I think I remember Muntagirov saying Ben Ella was first cast and he was second cast. They each had one leg injured (so there was an uninjured pair between them, but that might have been a bit difficult to negotiate! ) Vadim said it must have looked a bit strange when the two of them hobbled up to collect their awards at RBS.
  12. I'm going to wait until I've seen more, but so far three different Bathildes, all excellent and all so different.
  13. Ones to Watch in 2018

    I add Calvin Richardson to this list, not just his dancing but also his acting. The Royal Ballet Corps members are good at their involvement in what's happening but I often find myself taking notice of Calvin.
  14. I found "The Intelligence Men" on Talking Pictures TV (Freeview 81) the other day. Morecambe and Wise caught up in a performance of Swan Lake, hilarity and real ballet combined.