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  1. I think this might well be an error on the ROH website. I'm almost certain these seats were not available during Friends' priority booking for the Winter Season. I just checked virtually every date in the Winter season and, unless the Friends of Covent Garden have booked every available seat in these areas, there is no sign of these stage seats being available to book. I suppose there's an outside chance that they're all being reserved for Public Booking but I think this unlikely.
  2. A friend who, years ago, used to spend a lot of time in Eastern Europe, once told me that she always made sure to have a 50 pence piece with her as it served very well as a plug in the many plug less basins there. Edited to add that I think it’s possible our current 50p coins are marginally smaller than they were then. Still might work though!
  3. According to the ROH website, Lucy Sinclair isn't a consultant, she's a member of staff. She's their "Director of Audiences and Media" http://www.roh.org.uk/about/royal-opera-house/whos-who
  4. This discussion of the loos hasn’t yet touched upon the extremely badly designed loo paper dispensers. If there isn’t a bit of paper to pull down from the bottom of the dispenser, it’s incredibly hard to get at the toilet roll. I’ve noticed that they’ve taken to leaving the top of the dispenser unlocked so that it’s possible to get at the spare roll on the top of the pile. Definitely not very user friendly!,
  5. a friend would like this ticket. I'll send you a PM
  6. Last night the Orchestra of The Royal Opera House were given a rest between two very lengthy Wagner operas (Sunday and today)The Royal Ballet Sinfonia played in their place and did so extremely well.
  7. At today’s Mayerling rehearsal, I had a ticket for the Balcony. A lady, who also had a Balcony ticket, told me that she couldn’t find her seat. I told her I was going there myself and would show her the way. We arrived at the Balcony entrance I’ve always used and I became very disoriented as the word ‘Balcony’ was no longer above the door and I thought, for a moment, that I’d brought her to the wrong place. It took a while for me to realise that the word ‘Balcony’ had been removed and replaced by Level 3! edited to apologise for the large type face. I can’t find a way, on my iPad, to reduce the size.
  8. I don’t think they seem to be aiming at those regulars who stand. The price of the stalls circle standing places has been relatively stable while the price of the side amphitheatre seats, where most of the older regulars sit, has increased. In past seasons, side amphitheatre seats have normally been between £15 and £17 for full length ballets. Stalls Circle Standing places have usually been between £9 and £11. For Swan Lake the side amphitheatre seats were £29! Thankfully this hasn't continued but, nonetheless, for the Spring Romeo and Juliet performances, the side amphi seats will be £21 and the Stalls Circle Standing will still be £11. For mixed bills the SCS tickets have been £5 or £6. This season they are still £6. Until this season the side amphitheatre seats were also priced at £6. They are now £11. Still a very reasonable price but, nonetheless, a considerable increase.
  9. I only caught a bit of the Corps rehearsal but Vaziev, the director of the company, was the repetiteur while I was watching.
  10. On Thursday evening I arrived early at the ROH (around 5:30 pm) The outdoor terrace was almost full when I arrived but had thinned out by 7 pm. This might possibly explain the problems during Die Walküre as the performance will have started mid-afternoon. I sincerely hope this is the case as the amphitheatre bar and terraces were crowded enough during intervals before the House was opened up to the general public. Re Capybara's earlier post, the overflowing wastepaper baskets in the toilets were very much in evidence Thursday evening. I visited the amphitheatre toilets just before the Insight was due to start and the baskets had not yet been emptied.
  11. Bluebird

    Choral Ballets

    This evening and tomorrow evening, a new choral ballet is being performed by the New English Ballet Theatre at the Peacock Theatre in London. The following description is taken from the Peacock's website: "World-renowned choreographer Wayne Eagling’s Remembrance is inspired by the story of Dame Marie Rambert’s life during the Great War. This moving, new ballet to commemorate the armistice is set to Handel’s Ode for St Cecilia’s Day and is played live by The English Concert Orchestra with chorus and soloists." Edited to add a clip I just found on London Live. Wayne Eagling and Alessia Lugoboni are interviewed about the production. There are some rehearsal extracts shown (sadly without any sound) https://www.londonlive.co.uk/news/2018-09-12/ballet-production-remembrance-commemorates-ww1
  12. If you click on John Mallinson's link in the post above yours, it will take you there, JohnS. I think, however, that you are absolutely right. I just had a look at the ROH website and the only route to information about the streaming was from the new 'front page' and, even then, you had to know to click on the Twitter or Facebook icon to find it. In the past they used to advertise streamed events on the main news page of the website. They need to get their act together! Edited (in response to other posts above) to add that there were many empty seats in the Clore last night. Virtually the whole of one of the rows in the central block of seats was empty (I'm not sure if it was row B or C) as well as a number of other empty seats dotted around the Studio..
  13. Thanks, JohnS. I hadn't thought of clicking on the seats. That makes a bit more sense. However, if they were intending to sell some seats at a promotional price, you'd have thought there would have been an announcement to let people know about it. Maybe there has been an announcement and I've missed it?