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  1. Living at The Hammond

    Aww thank you ? he's loved his scholars classes just a shame he can't continue with them come September xx
  2. Living at The Hammond

    Yes our ds had his last bbo class on Sunday ? xx
  3. Living at The Hammond

    Our DS will also be joining year 7 we are all very excited xx
  4. Junior boys doing ballet

    I completely agree with the majority. My DS only started Ballet 18 months ago. After begging his teacher to let him have a go. He is going to vocational school in September. He has never had any real issues with the Boys don't do ballet ect. Once a boy at school said ballet is for girls his reply was I don't agree and I like it if it's good enough for Rio Ferdinand it's good for me. I think if they should be supported if they want to follow it but not pushed as my loose intrest. We need more boys in Ballet and it needs to be publicised more to show it is OK for boys to do it
  5. Elmhurst auditions Sept 2017 entry

    Hi Sarah2203, It is Denise Whiteman that is ment to be getting back to me. My son is there to. Hopefully this week just how know what you work on for Hammond final ect
  6. Elmhurst auditions Sept 2017 entry

    HI, It was finals and was told would get back to me last week. He is also an associate. We would just like it prior to funding audition ect. Past that is not helpful.
  7. Elmhurst auditions Sept 2017 entry

    Hi all, Has anyone with a DC that got a no received feedback yet. I have emailed and called but still no feed back. Happy my DS got a no as he has been offered a place at hammond which he loves. But would like feedback prior to the funding audition.
  8. Hammond Funding audition April 24th year 7

    I remember the head saying 16 to 19 places. Unsure of numbers
  9. Living at The Hammond

    ​Hi all thanks so much. still cant believe how fast results were two days. Still in complete shock. how do your DC find the boarding. I know it looks old and not as some my expect. but I thought it was homely and very friendly. witch is far more important then brand new accommadation. the boarding staff were lovely.
  10. Questions about Lower School auditions

    So so proud DS has had his letter today offering him a place at The Hammond.
  11. Living at The Hammond

    So so proud DS has had his letter today offering him a place at The Hammond. just a question it dos not mention boarding i assume this is just a given and this will come later? thanks in advance
  12. Tring auditions for 2017 entry

    Congrats Happymum really pleased for you and your DS We had our letter today it was a no for our DS but he enjoyed it all and tried his best that's all that matters and he's still smiling. Best of luck with the funding audition
  13. Tring auditions for 2017 entry

    I hope so happymum.
  14. Tring auditions for 2017 entry

    Really don't like the waiting game!
  15. Tring auditions for 2017 entry

    Hi Klparris, That's Fantastic news. funding is few and far between for Tring i think.