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  1. Totally confused! My DD has accepted her place for Sept 17, why is there another audition?
  2. Yes TBG it is! We are still reeling from the shock!
  3. Utter shock, the no letter we expected was infact an mds place, so thrilled for my dd x
  4. I feel your joy, well done to her, what a journey! We have a really bad secondary local school that mine will go to so all hopes are pinned!
  5. That's such fab news for you, I hope your dc was one that got the yr8 mds, excellent news that 2 mds were awarded at yr 8! It's beyond stressful!!
  6. There's hope then? Sorry to hear about the no letter. Maybe there is a wait list letter then? So happy for all of the yes letters, such little people for such enormous pressure!
  7. Is it safe to say that the letters received tomorrow will be no letters?
  8. Well done to your son Happymum! Such joyous news for you all. Good luck to all the dc and brilliant mums on this forum that are trying to help their children fulfill their dreams. Early postman at your house! Xx
  9. Hi, where is the best place in the U.K. to buy these leotards?
  10. Hello everyone, Do any of you know how many MDS places there are for the new year 7 intake this year? Also, any idea how many children will be at the funding audition?
  11. Thank you everyone for your help, still none the clearer but that seems to be how it is on this rollercoaster!
  12. If DC were lucky enough to receive an offer from Elmhurst, does anyone know how quickly you would need to accept it? In the past I have known DC who have been offered places from three schools but if there are timescales for acceptance, how would this be possible?
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