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  1. Good luck everyone, hopefully not too much longer for you all to wait. Xx
  2. Thank you. That is heartbreaking to hear, as those poor children are not only about to move schools but essentially home as well and needing to make new friendships at their new school. It does beg the question about whether RBS is run as a school or a business? Surely it is a failure on their part if children do not pass their assessment. Should they not perseverie and put everything into the training for those children. As we all know children are an unknown entity as they grow and change, at least give them a chance to prove themselves.
  3. Dancing Kitty is that for RBS or Elmhurst? Xx Good luck everyone, xx
  4. Thank you amos73, that is really helpful. What age/yr group do they go up from younger group to next age group. My dd is yr 8. As much as i want value for money, it should also be about having fun and in a more relaxed environment than being at school. It is a great opportunity to meet new (and old ) friends, and to share experiences.These are their holidays and dd would go mad if she couldnt dance. Having said that, dd will be expecting corrections. We will just have to wait and see how it compares to others. Xx
  5. Place on wk 2 for dd but sadly no scholarship. Dd very excited to be going, although has heard they are usually big classes and individuals dont get much attention. Does anyone have any knowledge of this please? Xx
  6. Well done to both your dd. Have watched your posts over the last few years and really pleased for them both. amos73 is that Elmhurst too?
  7. Dd's year there are 17 girls ( 5 entered Sept 17), so very much if they like them they will offer, +/- MDS. Classes will take up to 30 mixed.
  8. Yes totally agree dancefanatic. He also meets with the children on a 1:1 following appraisals, and meets with parents in a group discussion forum at open days. In my limited knowledge and experience he is everything i think an AD should be and do. Xx
  9. TBG


    Ok, thanks JulieW Xx
  10. TBG


    Hi Sue, just out of interest, what did the vocational school say. Were they supportive? Is she still at vocational school, has she gone through lower and upper school?
  11. RBS JAs definitely worth a try, at least you will have a better idea of whether she has potential or not. My dd didnt want to try for yr4 but auditioned in yr5 as teacher kept asking her to apply. She was successful for JAs and Elmhurst associates for yr5 and yr6, got a place as MA for yr7 for a year before being offered a place at vocational school - not bad for dd who wanted to be a Dr!! The more she danced the more she loved it and still does. My other dd didnt get a JA place but glad she auditioned and knows that at that time there were better dancers. She still enjoys dancing but enjoys her other activities too, when she knows what she wants to focus on we will support her just like our other dd - not an easy feat though. If the applications have closed - email and see if it is possible to still apply. Hope that is helpful. Xx
  12. MA results probably wont be out until late next week at the earliest as vocational finals results still to be sent out and there will be acceptances and a lot of movement between vocational schools. Once all those places are finalised you will find that there will be more MA places available . This can sometimes happen for a month or two. So those who dont get an MA place initially, and are on the waiting list, be patient places do sometimes become available. Xx
  13. Good luck to all those auditioning in next few days. I know if not successful, associates receive feedback with a phone call from one of the panel - can be a bit of a wait for this and may take weeks, not sure if non associates get a call. Looking forward to seeing all those yes's. Xx
  14. My dd wore her Elmhurst tracksuit to her final audition but many others were wearing RBS tracksuits. Most importantly make sure dd wears a leotard that she finds comfortable and wont fidget in. Good luck to dd. Xx
  15. So sorry to hear this Taxi, Curious, and Loulabelle. It must have been a heartwrenching decision for them all, and just as heartbreaking for you all too. I wish your dd's success in their 'plan B' hope any injuries have healed/are healing, and thank you for all your valuable advice over the years. Xx
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