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  1. I saw it too and think it was from a students dance school when they announced their student had a placement. if approx 2000 apply I think 278 got places between WL and HK last year so still very difficult to get a place
  2. My daughter just RAD adv found. Put in an application as you just dont know! Good luck
  3. Ballet Mummy28.... in London or Hong Kong? how many dancers are in a class for those that have previously attended? Do you get a timetable closer to the time?
  4. Congratulations.... how old is your daughter? Mine is 14. Shes so happy to be going
  5. We just got a YES for Hong Kong!!!!! I can not wait to tell my 14 year old when she wakes up!!! im crying with excitement for her!!
  6. Just completing application form. On the last page there is a question regarding access requirements. Does anyone know what this question related too? You have to enter something in the box and I dont understand what the question is!! Help?!! Thanks
  7. Hi my daughter wants to apply for the RBS spring intensive and summer school for 2019. She isnt bothered which one she attends if she is even lucky enough to receive a place (she knows its a huge long shot). Question I have though ....can we do one application and one application fee to cover all 3 options? Or do we do a seperate application for spring intensive and one for summer school? I have emailed and asked but no reply yet. Also has anyone applied and know when we will be notified of results? Is a week for spring intensive long enough? Has anyone had a child attend? thanks
  8. Mouseys mum

    RAD vocational classes Crewe area

    Hi we are coming to the UK on holiday at the beginning of January for 3 weeks. My 13 year old daughter is advanced foundation RAD. We would love her to be able to attend some classes/and open classes if possible. We will be staying in Crewe but will have a rental car. Can anyone help with suggestions of dance schools where she may be able to attend that have vocational levels? Thanks
  9. Mouseys mum

    Yorkshire Ballet Summer School

    Dizzyballet mum....what ss did your daughter prefer? did she have a preference?
  10. Mouseys mum

    Royal Ballet School SS

    When is the acceptance deadline?
  11. Mouseys mum

    Royal Ballet School SS

    Hi my daughter she s on the wait list. How many kind ds get on the wait liat amd has anyone heard of kids getting a place from the waitlist?
  12. Mouseys mum

    Royal Ballet School SS

    Hi there have decided to put in an application for my daughter to attend RBS SS. Will take photos tomorrow. Any advice, tips, suggestions? Any opinions if we should apply for week 1 or week 2. Shes 12. Any general advice/thoughts? Thanks!
  13. Mouseys mum

    Ballet Shops manchester area

    Thanks for your replies!! LovetoDance2003 do you know what brands she stocks? I have sent my husband the adddress but they dont have a great webpage to look at! Thank you
  14. Mouseys mum

    Ballet Shops manchester area

    Hi its very likely ny husband will be in the Crewe/manchester/liverpool area next week (we live in New Zealand). What are the danceshops he should be visiting to buy for our aspiring ballerina? Thanks