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  1. I think of not DaDa or MDS they can set own terms so read small print as expect some reserve right to keep deposits if place later declined.... I hear this is common place in the private school sector & that often parents will lay drposits for 2 or 3 schools in full knowledge that they will forfeit 2 of them but want to be in apposition to choose...I think it is a common long established method of making money by these schools!!! I think the deposits are often lodged before common entrance exam even sat!!! Bonkers
  2. There are also bursaries available at some schools - good luck! It is something of a Pandora’s box you have opened 😉
  3. Nice problem to have on the one hand.... multiple offers! But again the issue whereby those on limited income dare not risk losing big deposits & might feel awful pressure to accept/turn down in advance of all outcomes being known.... it plays into the hands of schools too in that those offering early in with acceptance deadline dates may just get first pickings.... I think all the schools should put their heads together & create an honour system whereby they all have similar dates/deadlines then a clearing system perhaps so people can choose based on best fit & informed decisions rather than maybe rushing & choosing based on finance.... more like Uni entry? I appreciate the schools/colleges are in many cases businesses too with cash flow projections etc but theses choices are so so massive & impactful on young people & families & really do shape futures.... Maybe this could be something addressed by government body that overseas DaDa’s for at least those schools ‘regulated’ under this funding scheme? Good luck to all...already feeling anxious for next year....😧
  4. I enjoyed reading that article & could relate to it.... albeit I trained in dance up to age 18, then stopped, re-started classes at 40 & now at 50 am beginning my journey into training to teach ballet.... the comment about that ‘special internal spark’ rang such a chord of truth with me! No matter the journey we take in life, once that spark is there it never dies & it’s such a joy when it reignites & ballet is once more a big part of life!
  5. Have never heard of this venue before (from out of town!) Its probably sold out already, but csn snyobe give me a quick idea of where this is in relation to nearest we’ll know landmark/nearest tube please.... thank you!
  6. Thanks Dancefanatic & congrats to your DD too! And to others with funding & places....Last year was first attending & DD loved the dancing & social side. So happy she can go again....& proof that all in with a chance at auditions & value in motto ‘if at first you don’t succeed, try try again!’
  7. I know one school I am involved a little with in Dorset have taken groups of children & adults to dance at a local Nursing Home. I think it took place on a Sunday afternoon & they were naturally accompanied by DBS checked teachers. Think they did Grade exam dances...
  8. So happy for DD.... case of third time lucky as she has a 1 week Scholarship for this year. Perseverance to keep going does pay off folks!
  9. Wonder if there will be any more scholarships/bursaries available for this extra week? Or will a few successful ones be offered funding to attend 3 weeks perhaps? Hope it doesn’t in effect dilute numbers who are offered funding....still keeping fingers & ties crossed for the audition results due Feb!
  10. Hi, lucky to be visiting Florence area in April for 4th time. As have done most of the galleries etc several times did wonder about seeing if there was any ballet to watch or even take part in! Anyone here know of anything in Florence region (happy to travel up to 50km or so) to either go watch or do? Happy for any other tips of must do things too.... DM me perhaps as guess forum thread should just be for the dance elements! 😉 Thanks in advance!
  11. Wow - you are proactive! Panicking as only recently thought about overseas Summer Schools & video application the only route I’m guessing.. Wondering if being an ‘overseas’ applicant is better.... going by how many overseas students attend the top UK SS (afterall, looks really good to have a truly International roll call!) might up DD’s chances if she’s the overseas one.... plus I’d love an excuse to have to travel with her 👍🏻😉 But suspect pie in sky dream as no way I can see producing anything worthy on video without teacher input...ah well....
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