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  1. Peanut68

    Pointing toes in ballet

    Add a pair in convertible pink or black baller tights & you are ready for anything! Convertible means they have a pre- made hole in sole of foot of tights so you can pull over foot, roll up a little & wear them as footless tights.... so useful for dance/fitness where near feet are helpful.... so 2 pairs for price of one! My DD & I really like a brand called Silky as inexpensive c. £5 a pair (we get on Amazon) fit well with nice slestic held in feeling, hold colour & wash well & are not easily laddered & seem to last ages! Glad to head your interest is going from strength to strength!
  2. Peanut68

    Questions about Upper School auditions

    I do think much of the touchy feely ‘you are all winners’ starts back in early years....to a point it’s a good strategy in pre-school years when you get different children in different sessions so inconsistencies in the amount of ‘schooling’ they get a chance to experience - then a positive twist is perhaps a very useful thing. However, it is somewhat insidious when it follows on in primary years... call me a cynic, but I suspect it has much to do with box ticking & test results & Parent opinions which are then used to judge the school (ofsted/word of mouth etc) If you are told your kids are doing just great, one will probably be more inclined to think the school is just great..... lots of teachers in all areas (dance will be included I am sure)do perpetuate the positive spin.... my turn to be controversial here now (& I am sure this is a very tiny minority).... Do some allow the cold hard facts to be a little rose tinted in order to keep income streams healthy? Just a thought... would like to add have not ever experienced this first hand though have wondered at the amount of money & emotion some seem to invest which is fine if the here & now is a happy place but not so good if unexpected rejection & the unprepared for no destroys young minds & hearts (not to mention the house extensions & family holidays that may otherwise have been afforded & enjoyed😲) Mods.... please alter if this is too off topic 👍🏻
  3. Hi, anyone know of any routes to try source accommodation for a 15 year old DD to enable attendance at ENBS Spring course - & possibly other things over next year too. Ideally to stay with another attendee so travelling to course with another/others. I cannot be there due to work commitments. As course is non residential I am trying all routes to make it possible.... have exhausted friends & family so am now asking the lovely Forum Family to see if anyone out there has the solution as am sure this is a common issue? Mobe thought I had was contributing to the AirBnB or similar cost of another dancing family booking accommodation or a commuting distance attendee whose family may have a spare room they would be happy to rent in bed & board basis? Hope it’s ok to explore this here... Thank you
  4. Peanut68

    Taking Ballet Exams as an adult

    Well done Viv!!! Massive success!!
  5. Peanut68

    Assessments / reports

    Thanks for this useful comment.... so why oh why does the RAD - so often the benchmark of achievement - persist with marking by score alone with absolutely no feedback or useful critique? I think it is actually a bit of an insult when exams can cost over £100 for higher levels (& still a huge sum for younger pupils too) for them to give no feedback or indication of what may have been good or what needs work...I recall when younger that the feedback or ‘constructive criticism’ was really helpful. Invariably it backed up teacher comments & quite possibly actually got through to me to actually assist in making improvements! ‘Now show you enjoy it’ on an exam report I felt as a very shy 14 year old gave me permission to perform & smile (whereas hearing it from teacher alone I was still stifled as scared to appear a show off!) LAMDA/ABRSM/Trinity exams for drama/music etc all cost similar sums yet on the whole these exams are taken 1 at a time so a) examiner gets more direct knowledge of each candidate & b) you get written comments scribed at the time for almost every section/aspect judged. The marks can then make sense etc etc. I could go on but you get my drift... Yes, msny ballet exams last longer to show syllabus & possibly to take an exam one at a time may be too exhausting (ah the relief to take a breather when other candidates perform!) but really, the RAD are getting a huge hourly rate for exams & giving very little back by way of comments shared with candidate. They seem to write in the exam....for 4 or more people this must mean much time not spent actually watching so could miss the good the bad & the ugly! So do they then go away, re-read then mark? It seems very hard to accept a mark with no back up text whatsoever & leads to far too much emphasis (esp by Parents) in scores & comparing these.... not helpful & not going to really aid improvements of growth as an artist IMHO....
  6. Peanut68

    Jazz Pants nightmare

    Less said the better probably.... the image is sadly burned onto my memory... as is the feeling of ritual humiliation as I was just totally incapable of the needed hip thrusts!!! An even more traumatic image - sorry folks 🤣
  7. Peanut68

    Northern ballet School Manchester

    Oh boy...very confusing.... Wheb I hear about applications via video for a Summer School is this likely Leeds one or Manchester one???
  8. Peanut68

    Jazz Pants nightmare

    Bringing back horror memories of a male Jazz teacher in the early 80's who wore the tightest possible Jazz pants with wide flappy flares all manner of bright hues & pared with skinny V tops open way too low....We were taught to do oh so 1970's style jazz walks with isolations from the corner to 'Fantasy' by Earth, Wind & Fire .....a sight to behold I'm sure!!
  9. Hi, I'd like to purchase current syllabus books etc for all grades. Any condition considered!
  10. Peanut68

    Northern ballet School Manchester

    I too often mix up the two....only recently learned that NBS was not linked to NB! I knew they were different cities but still thought with such a close name they'd be linked.....so much to learn - aghhh!
  11. Am intrigued....how does one use this? Can it be used as a temp floor covering...ie. put up for a day or two, then taken down regularly?
  12. Peanut68

    Sewing elastic to pointe shoes

    Ah that’s so impressive - good for her! Is she away at vocational school? If so, others (older dancers) will probably help with elastic/shoe/sewing advice & help. I agree with the fitting advice... my DD has only had limited brands to choose from & similarly has narrow feet..... 4 years in I still have to plan the long promised CG trip to go around & try all the brands there!
  13. Peanut68

    Sewing elastic to pointe shoes

    My best tip is to encourage your DD to take on sewing ribbons & elastics to her future pointe shoes as soon as you can 😉 This way she takes ownership, feels like a pro (lots of utube videos of pro dancers showing how they sew/prep shoes) & it’s then not your fault if they don’t feel right! They soon get the hang of it & actually like knowing that they do it ‘their way’. I actually felt super proud once DD no longer asked me to sew ribbons/elastics/darn toes (& dare I say also a little sad as no longer needed?? That feeling didn’t last long rest assured!!) We were probably 1 year & 3 pairs of shoes in before this stage so good luck until then if you are new in this pointe shoe journey!
  14. Peanut68

    Taking Ballet Exams as an adult

    Good Luck BallerGremlin! I always get cold feet & numb ties not what you want...to keep your tootsies warm once ready & waiting, pop a big pair of socks (preferably slipper socks with non slip sole) on over your ballet shoes! DD has exam today too so fingers crossed for all showing what they can do today! 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻
  15. Peanut68

    RAD Intermediate Exam

    Viv, you perfectly describe the differences in working in flats v Demi pointe or even pointe... as very few will go on to a classical ballet careee dancing almost completely in pointe shoes it does seem an unnecessary thrus back to former times when perhaps many fewer took these exams & they were truly ‘vicatiinal’ ie. a sign of preparing for world of work as a professional ballet dancer. I reckon wearing Demi pointe quite likely cost me large amounts of marks as my balance was completely disturbed - especially in adage....probably should’ve started wearing the dreaded Demi pointe shoes much earlier (literally first time I wore them was one week prior to exam in our ‘mock’) Probably not the best idea wearing a pair of hand me downs from my daughter either 🤣 I can hear my own words that would ring out to DD.... “be well prepared”.... but as a working mum (& with high maintenance partner if you know what I mean...!) just getting to 2 classes a week was hard work enough... having time to shop for shoes/sew on ribbons/break them in etc etc? Not a chance!! 🤣