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  1. grades in ballet?

    Re. Progression, For my dd in ballet her proudest progression "skill" wise was probably being allowed her first pair of Pointe shoes, but maybe for a talented adult beginner maybe this would happen quite quickly anyway 😂 Well done for getting to level 8 you must be extremely talented! It's lovely you are thinking of dancing now, it sounds like you have all the right attributes.
  2. grades in ballet?

    Hi Katie 93 😊 my dd used to be a competitive artistic gymnast turned ballet student like yourself, though she's only 12 still. I have not heard of level 8 other than in America? Are you in the US by any chance? In the UK it is done by graded pathway, regional, national or elite, and goes upto level 1, ie the British, but you can switch in between, my dd was on the national pathway. It was very hard and she suffered too terrible backwards tumbling blocks and fears on floor. Although, crazily was very happy to tumble on beam ! it is a very mental sport, she too is happy to be free from those fears now too in dance, but facing fears can be character building too! And very common in gymnasts. In my humble opinion as an observer and mum gymnastics is very focused on technique, precision, athleticism, bravery and skills. Whereas in ballet body type, ability, extentions, performance, acting, artistry and musicality are focussed on. So very different yet both requiring a lot of fluidity, flexibilty and strength and determination. Also, I don't think you compete really in a point scoring way in ballet, even if you do competitions, they are more seen as a chance to perform and receive feedback, you are more in training towards a goal i.e. exams, a career, audtions when older. Whereas in gymnastics you have to compete right from a young age of 8 against all other competitive gymnasts in your region which is organised by one governing body British Gymnastics to climb the ladder, i.e. to get in squads win a good coaches interest etc, so maybe that's why the rules have to be so transparent and a bit more straught forward, as it's quite common to contest scores awarded in gymnastics, and its not seen as bad manners. Good look with your training ! Hope this helps X
  3. 2 years between exams???

    A school that has classes for RAD Adanced 1 and 2 or equivalent is what we looked for, a goal dd wanted to strive towards. Although everyone is different and may have a totally different goal. We were recommended Centre Pointe, where she is now and extremely happy! I know it's to far for you, also Kate Simmons and Northern Ballet Associates for y7 plus by various people whose opinions we really respected.
  4. 2 years between exams???

    You may also have the problem with just grade 3 RAD exam work classes, I believe there are no pirouettes yet in Grade 3 ? I can vaguely can remember dd having to pick them up at her Royal associate classes very quickly before her audition, which she managed thankfully and has been taught them beautifully, but if you can fit in more classes at a different school I would most definately strongly incourage you to do so!! It helps with confidence and is one less thing to worry about at a nerve wracking audition!
  5. 2 years between exams???

    We had a similar situation with my Dd, for different reasons. Does the school add more classes as they get older for Pointe work etc? We ended up staying until age 12 as dd did gymnastics too so it suited her. She has moved on now to a wonderful new dance school. Dd attended 1 grade class a week a grade, they moved up one grade a year, they also offered one non syllabus, and tap and modern but she insisted she wanted to attend gymnastics instead as she absolutely loved it! And then in year 7 or 8 (if a new starter etc) students moved up to interfoundation. It was a lovely school. But, dd wanted to do more classes than they could offer eventually ! Students were never allowed to move up faster than peers at her old ballet school to make it a fair and non competitive environment for everyone to just enjoy dance without pressure. I don't think all school can offer training for girls who want to make a more of a career from dance for practical reasons sadly, not always because they don't want to help...! And when I say a career, I don't mean necessary a job as a dancer when they are older, but as a journey getting more involved in the dance world etc. Maybe have an honest chat with your dds teacher would help? We were reassured at auditions, if your Dd wants to audition for full time training 😂 the schools mostly look for potential, and are very good at spotting natural potential rather than how advanced students are, but I think being better prepped would give a student confidence and you don't want your child feeling demoralised. And it's always nice to feel you've given something your best shot!!
  6. The 'C' word (dance themed gifts) 2017

    These are so pretty, we bought some gorgeous nutcracker themed decorations last year from Tesco, of all places, so will be adding these to our Christmas tree collection 😂 thanks for sharing Xxx
  7. Is an hour enough ballet a week for a 9yo?

    I would say if your daughter is saying she wants a decent chance to do her best at auditions, and she wants to do more than an hour move her on somewhere she can do more classes. My Dd until year 5 only did an hour ballet a week at her dance school, then up until y7 only a hour a week RAD grade 3/4 class alongside Royal Ballet Associates. She felt behind where she felt she could be, and started to get frustrated! I.e. Wanted to learn to pirouette more etc, learn pointe work more, progress faster, dance move, just get more involved in dance. Be lead by your child if she has ambitions of obtaining a place at a youth ballet, and has a real passion for ballet i.e. Is always dancing everywhere she goes 😀 and wants to work hard, I think definitely more than one class at age 9, as long as she doesn't find it too tiring even alongside other dance styles as well rather than giving them up! but, of course it depends also on what you as a family can commit too as well as you need to be there to drive her to the classes. My Dd eventually moved dance schools after the first term of y7 and she is very furfilled and happy now on loads more going on more classes, shows, contemporary, pointe work, it's all a lot more for her to get involved in! one hour a week is not enough really to cover much at all! I am surprised looking back Dd did aswell as she did in exams and auditions, although not doing much was lucky to have had really amazing teachers!
  8. RBS Junior Associates 2017

    When dd was in Junior Associates, her (state) primary headteacher marked ballet absences as Educational Visits, so as not to effect any of her attendance records. It doesn't take many absences to send them over and receive a awful attendance letter from the council, my son received one after only 4 days of at right at the beginning of the school year with a stomach bug and he wanted to make sure that didn't happen down to her when she was off school working hard at her ballet! Apparently the council send them out not the school. Mind you, she did associate on a Friday so it was really relevant. The secondary school she is at now is private, so it's so much easier. Though, I think they mark them as authorised absences, although they do this for their own school trips and residentials too.
  9. RBS Junior Associates 2017

    Yes, schools are incredibly different in their attitudes. At dds primary school they allowed medals or certificates into morning worship to be presented to children with a huge round of applause and well done from the head teacher. The headteacher was very supportive of her doing JAs on Fridays and allowed her all the time off she needed, and even now asks me about her and her dancing. However, her class teacher didn't understand at all and used to get a bit confused and think she was going for loads of ballet exams and get a really grumpy. At her secondary school they have an achievement board in reception which are they are positively encouraged to use. My dd finally plucked up the courage to bring in a picture of herself at her final RBS MA class of the year and the school asked my permission to do a feature on dds ballet in the September school magazine and on their website too. She was over the moon and I think it's has given her a huge boost of confidence. I just wish I had some lovely professional shots of her to give them ! So, yes schools and infact different staff in schools, can have very different attitudes. I would just carry on regardless and well done to your dd!!
  10. Sports Day - Love it or hate it?

    Yes, you can't always judge a book by its cover ! I love the fact she's feisty. I should really rephrase the tacking for trying to get the ball, I am getting mixed up with football, I knew very little about basketball. Also, we live in the centre of Manchester and sometimes the more boisterous boys on sports teams can *ahem* play a bit on the rough side !
  11. Sports Day - Love it or hate it?

    Yes, I was not happy with her! and had to carry her into A & E, thankfully after primary school age children are banned from playing against the opposite sex well at least while they are in primary school league competitions anyway. Some of the boys were huge on the opposite team and played as a hobby and she was terrible at basketball, but far to feisty and trying so hard to win. I had told her too I didn't want her playing in the school team, but she begged and cried, I think it finally taught her a lesson, if she wants to dance, she can't play contact sports and she's never asked again to join a team strangely enough!
  12. Sports Day - Love it or hate it?

    Sports day is the highlight of my dds acedemic year. She even wants to go back to watch her old primary schools sports day this year. She came first in her year at high jump the other day, and loves athletics, any sport really even the ones she's bad at! Her idea of "fun" is watching football on tv, she has an obsession with sports and I even had to tell her off for joining a football forum, she literally knows everything about every player it's crazy. She does not get this from me, I was always the child told off for purposely forgetting my PE kit at school, watching team sports to me is like watching paint dry..! She has often injured herself at sport, a broken arm at gymnastics falling off the beam, badly sprained ankle playing basketball at school, after she got really stuck in tackling a boy and got knocked flying, injured knee somersaulting into a vault at gymnastics, and sprained knee being accidentally kicked playing football, requiring me to pay for her physio!! I think I can safely say she's a bit of a tomboy...! You'd never think it to look at her in a ballet class though...!
  13. RBS Mid Associates Auditions

    Yes, just amazing !! dd absolutely loves it! She is just about to finish her 2nd term there, so quite new too, I will ask her to introduce herself if she hadn't already! I'll look out for you, blonde mum usually with my very lively 9 year son ? In tow..!
  14. RBS Mid Associates Auditions

    Congratulations RichieN, my dd is going into Manchester Mid Y8 and grade 5 at CP too!! They must know each other surely. Such a beautiful dance school. Look forward to meeting you soon I expect your dd is very excited!
  15. Flexibility

    That's very enlightening!! Thank you for explaining! Gymnastics is a fantastic foundation sport as it trains everything strength, flexibility, explosiveness, balance. But, I don't think it would be worth attending to compliment ballet flexibility, as more time would probably be spent practising hand stands and conditioning lol! Not to mention they don't encourage working turnout. My dd attended a Rhythmic Gymnastics club before she switched to artistic and it was the coach there who told her artistic gymnastics would make her muscles shorter as they do more strengh and plyo training I mean a lot, you have to be super super strong! And it would effect her long lean elegent appearance, they preferred invisable muscles and ordered her to stop attending her artistic class, if she wanted to continue in the sport, as she would build the wrong body shape. The two disciplines are like chalk and cheese!! Totally different! What a talented young lady this Audrey Freeman is! rhythmic gymnastics is a very elegent sport! I wonder if she is going become a professional ballerina eventually...! She should she would be so amazing.