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  1. Snowflake

    RBS Junior Associates 2018

    Yes, it’s hard to get them to make a choice - if they have dedicated so much of their childhood to gymnastics - the training is really tough and their gym can become almost like a family. My dd trained in the same small group of 5i girls with the same wonderful coach from age 6 to 11 - training together long days all summer, and forming such strong friendships and bonds - happy memories for her! Thankfully the group all left at the same time, for various reasons - mostly combining higher level training with starting high school - but it made my dds transition to purely dancing a lot less heartbreaking. Well done on your dds Elmhurst place and good luck for next years round of audition and WAG Grades ! An amazing achievement! 😊
  2. Snowflake

    RBS Junior Associates 2018

    Just to confuse people even more re the gymnastics/ballet debate 😊 my dd, who was a JA and now a Mid used to be a very successful WAG gymnast on the BG NDP, county squad member every year plus she did her National Grade 4 in age on only 12 hours training a week, one of only 4 in her region (NW) her lovely coach loved her dancing too and she still comes to watch her in shows even now. She was very fortunate to be able to able to do both, but had to make a choice in year 7 - as she wasn’t doing enough ballet classes to keep up - only 2 hours a week outside Mids and not much pointework, she now dances nearly every night! She is tall with extremely proportionaly long legs - not all gymnasts are built the same! They don’t select on body type really, more fast twitch muscle type, flexibility and strength and of course a complete dare devil streak 😊 Good luck to you all, and if it’s a no, just don’t give up, things change X
  3. Snowflake

    RAD Ballet - exam results for graded exams

    I would of thought sharing of exam results with names without permission was in breach of GDPR rules. But, I am no legal expect. I personally hate emphasis on scores and I would prefer to reward personnal progression. At my dds Grammer school, the students assessment scores each term are ranked, and read out. As incentive for students to work hard all throughout the year and creates a very progressive environment. She enjoys this, but it would certainly not suit everyone for example her brother would hate this kind of environment and I know it would make him totally miserable, rather than enjoying the strive for improvement and looking up to all the outstanding successes. So, I don’t think personally think it’s necessary for a recreational dance school to be displaying scores, unless to applaud an outstanding success. But, I expect everyone has a very different perspective on this. But, I also wouldn’t be offended if my dds scores were displayed anywhere, but would understand totally why some people dislike the practice so much! 😊
  4. Snowflake

    RBS Summer School

    We are packing a fresh leotard for every day so 5, one black they usually wear plain black for the parent viewing classes on the last day. My dd likes nice cotton fabric and a camisole style, as it can get hot in England at this time of year especially in the south of England. We are in the north, so it’s a few degrees cooler, it can feel warm from my dd although it might not if you are used to the warmer climates of Italy !!😄 My dd has asked for a skirt too, not something she usually wears, but they are popular at summer schools she must believe. Warm up boots as they move from class to class or a pair of easily slip on shoes. They can take pocket money which is handed in in cash on the first day, my dd took £10. Food is lovely and they had a barbecue last time my dd went and she had lots of lovely snacks too. She also took a refillable water bottle for refilling at water fountains in between class. It’s a wonderful experience, White Lodge is stunning and the grounds are beautiful. Any more questions please feel free to DM me X
  5. Snowflake

    RBS Summer School

    Don’t worry Sarahitaly, we haven’t been contacted yet either, I think it’s usually a bit closer to the date around May time. Which week is your dd on? My dd is week 4 and very excited, it’s her 2nd time xxx
  6. Snowflake

    RBS Spring Intensive April 2018

    Yes, just to second this, it is the most wonderful exciting experience and the best advice would be to just enjoy every second! And make sure your child is well rested before going so they can really appreciate all the wonderful training they will get. Balletmum55’s dd and my own dd met at RBS summer school a couple of years ago and had the most wonderful time and are on the same week at RBS summer school again this year! It is so just lovely they can meet up again dd is so excited about seeing friends and going back to stay at WL this time en pointe ! 😊 Good luck and enjoy the RBS spring intensive !! Xxx
  7. Snowflake

    Are back flips and cartwheels a required skill for ballet?

    Yes 😂 😂 you are welcome Balletmum55 😊Xxx
  8. Snowflake

    Are back flips and cartwheels a required skill for ballet?

    Going back to complete basics with no pressure can help with blocks in gymnastics, so maybe rocking backwards and forwards on her back on a mat my help her gradually build more confidence the sensation of rolling for her forwards roll without actually going over. This is if she ever wanted to learn one, although I am 100 percent sure she’s never need one for a ballet class or audition ! 😊 Xxx
  9. Snowflake

    Are back flips and cartwheels a required skill for ballet?

    Hi Scottishdancermum Your dd shouldn’t worry forward rolls are taught in gymnastics classes to teach the basic shape of a somersault and a cartwheel is a tumbling skill. Probably not skills your dd would want to progress if she doesn’t enjoy them and she most certainly won’t need them in a ballet class. Maybe your dd is capable of doing a forward roll and has a mental block. If she’s really determined to master one, you could try to get visualise herself doing a forward roll maybe the night before and then try to do one with a qualified coach or teacher spotting her. My son learnt his backwards roll on an inclined mat to give him a bit of extra momentum. Walkovers need lots of shoulder flexibiliy to ensure the lower back isn’t overcompensating.... Good luck and even if your dd doesn’t manage her forwards roll or cartwheel ever, I am sure it will have no bearing whatsoever on her ballet 😊 Xxx
  10. Snowflake

    Audition disaster!

    Well done!! Congrats to your dd 😊
  11. Snowflake

    Audition disaster!

    Well done to your dd for doing her first audition despite being so unwell! 😊 She may be being harsh on herself and have done much better than she thinks Xxx
  12. Snowflake

    Thank you

    Congratulations to your beautiful dd, can’t wait to see our girls beautiful group dance! We’ve had many ups and downs too, got straight into JAs in year 5, then waitlisted for mids then thankfully a place 2 weeks later, finals for Elmhurst then no place, but every time dd gets upset, and I say to her it it all really worth it!! she simply could not comprehend life without dance, so there is no question about carrying on ! As it’s simply everything to her 😊 Though thankfully, being an associate has lead her to a lovely place to dance at higher level, with supportive teachers and lovely friends, who seem to understand journey her better than I do 😂 This forum has also been such a great support for me, thank you all!!
  13. Snowflake

    I don't know what to do!

    Are you able to top up your hours at your ballet school with privates? That may help? Or have a private where you have your Associate class? If you want to move think of yourself first, as you don’t want to look back and have regrets. Also, consider you may have to give a terms notice, we had to do this with my daughters School this may help any transition ie if you have an upcoming exam scheduled. My dd moved dance school as her local dance school only offered a purely recreational syllabus, no festivals, only 1 grade class, 1 vocational grade class a week with 10 minute of Pointe work at the end from year 7 upwards for an hour and a half and 1 very very basic huge non syllabus class for ages of all abilities from complete beginner to my dd who was the most advanced being a Royal Ballet Associate, which dd was incredibly frustrated in!! Though it was a lovely place to dance with a wonderful teacher. We didn’t realise any schools offered more until she met other associates. We were told it at her old school it doesn’t matter how much you do training wise as to be successful in an audition they only look at physique and at potential at 11 and 16, so it’s better just to do very little. While this maybe true, my dd loves also challenging herself and wanted to excel and feel she was furfilling her true potential. Also have fun with her dance journey ie do festivals, try contemporary and therefore so is far far happier at her new school. She also is now with other more seriously minded dance students like herself and the has most amazing teachers, she has come on leaps and bounds and is having the time of her life! Would your mum and Dad be able to drive you somewhere further away? Or could you get a train? Don’t give up hope, where there is a will there is a way I am sure! but, you do need your parents help... Xxx
  14. Snowflake

    grades in ballet?

    Re. Progression, For my dd in ballet her proudest progression "skill" wise was probably being allowed her first pair of Pointe shoes, but maybe for a talented adult beginner maybe this would happen quite quickly anyway 😂 Well done for getting to level 8 you must be extremely talented! It's lovely you are thinking of dancing now, it sounds like you have all the right attributes.
  15. Snowflake

    grades in ballet?

    Hi Katie 93 😊 my dd used to be a competitive artistic gymnast turned ballet student like yourself, though she's only 12 still. I have not heard of level 8 other than in America? Are you in the US by any chance? In the UK it is done by graded pathway, regional, national or elite, and goes upto level 1, ie the British, but you can switch in between, my dd was on the national pathway. It was very hard and she suffered too terrible backwards tumbling blocks and fears on floor. Although, crazily was very happy to tumble on beam ! it is a very mental sport, she too is happy to be free from those fears now too in dance, but facing fears can be character building too! And very common in gymnasts. In my humble opinion as an observer and mum gymnastics is very focused on technique, precision, athleticism, bravery and skills. Whereas in ballet body type, ability, extentions, performance, acting, artistry and musicality are focussed on. So very different yet both requiring a lot of fluidity, flexibilty and strength and determination. Also, I don't think you compete really in a point scoring way in ballet, even if you do competitions, they are more seen as a chance to perform and receive feedback, you are more in training towards a goal i.e. exams, a career, audtions when older. Whereas in gymnastics you have to compete right from a young age of 8 against all other competitive gymnasts in your region which is organised by one governing body British Gymnastics to climb the ladder, i.e. to get in squads win a good coaches interest etc, so maybe that's why the rules have to be so transparent and a bit more straught forward, as it's quite common to contest scores awarded in gymnastics, and its not seen as bad manners. Good look with your training ! Hope this helps X