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  1. Thanks @Sheila Beelam this sounds really good 💕 I am ordering dd some now ! Thank you so much for your help & advice Xxx
  2. Snowflake

    Beginning to panic now!

    Thank you @Harwel 💕 Keep me posted via DM @Picturesinthefirelight sending virtual hugs - Xxx
  3. This has made me giggle and think of my non dancing Dad in pointe shoes!! 😂 😆 Thanks Sarahw we will definitely give these a try - I will invest in some toe tape too - it sounds great for blisters xx
  4. Thanks so much Anna C She’s got 3 newish pairs on the go at the moment typically ! 😢 She’s started to rotate them and I bought an extra pair just incase she broke one of the 2 pairs at summer school...! Hence the hope of extra slim lined ones to trial until her next pointe shoe fitting.... 😂 If only it was that simple .... Thanks for all the recommendations ! We will look at them all and try on at her next fitting X
  5. My dd, 13, has asked me if I could get her some pads to wear in her pointe shoes. She already wears a gel big toe pad and lambs wool / but after trying out a friends pad - she found it more comfortable to dance en pointe with the pads especially when dancing more intensively in her show etc. She has been en pointe 2 years and wears a grishko 2007 in hard shank shoe. Any slimline , breathable ones anyone can recommend? She suffers from mild excema so breathable would be good ! Any reviews or recommendations we would be so grateful for 😊 TIA
  6. Snowflake

    Beginning to panic now!

    Yes - it must be heartbreaking for you all - it’s so hard watching someone you love suffering what should still be their younger years - I hope there is something they can do to relieve your husbands hearing symptoms when he gets a diagnosis 💕
  7. Snowflake

    Beginning to panic now!

    Sorry to hear about your dh illness - my dh was rushed into hospital last year with a suspected stroke at age 42 after losing the ability to walk properly on one side, balance and slurring his speech - then having to undergo horrendous tests for a suspected brain tumour. This has been ongoing now for a year - we are on holiday in Croatia now - but as soon as we get back he is in for a lumbar punture / dreading it - no mention of a diagnosis her from his neaulogist / I dread the hospital letters - just a suspected damage to cerebral / he did have a bad fall off his bike and waiting and see if stays the same or deteriorates / Lyme disease hasn’t been mentioned - just a diagnosis and treatment plan would be a godsend ! As he is really struggling and still having falls. I hope your dd gets sorted out - She must be worried about her dad xxx
  8. Snowflake

    Oliver’s story

    Signed and shared on my FB 💕 Xxx
  9. Snowflake

    RBS Summer School

    Hi Sarahitaly Its quite a long walk - especially it you have luggage - I would google a local taxi firm and call a taxi to pick you up. Although Richmond Park is a beautiful place for a walk if you enjoy walking 💕 I walked once to Mortlake station it didn’t take long about 25 minutes and it was lovely - I think Richmond station maybe further. Is your dd excited?
  10. Snowflake

    Pointe shoes

    Hi Dizzyballetmum Dd has quite a narrow foot and she finds Grishko 2007 Pro’s in an X - she loves them - she has got a tapered foot as well though.... I just wish someone would invent a pointe shoe that lasted longer - I seem to be spending all my free time sewing these days - I’m sat watching DS’s karate session while darning yet another pair tonight ....! 😩 Xxxx
  11. Snowflake

    Graduation musings

    Huge well done and congratulations to your daugther on her graduation and all the very best of luck for her up and coming auditions ! 👏🏻💕
  12. Snowflake

    Oliver’s story

    This is so heartbreaking- so deeply sorry for your loss - signed 💕 Xxxx
  13. Snowflake

    UK ballet summer schools for 2018

    Just to second what RichieN - my dd did the Centre Pointe SS last year and absolutely loved it! Would very highly recommend X
  14. Snowflake

    RBS Junior Associates 2018

    Yes, it’s hard to get them to make a choice - if they have dedicated so much of their childhood to gymnastics - the training is really tough and their gym can become almost like a family. My dd trained in the same small group of 5i girls with the same wonderful coach from age 6 to 11 - training together long days all summer, and forming such strong friendships and bonds - happy memories for her! Thankfully the group all left at the same time, for various reasons - mostly combining higher level training with starting high school - but it made my dds transition to purely dancing a lot less heartbreaking. Well done on your dds Elmhurst place and good luck for next years round of audition and WAG Grades ! An amazing achievement! 😊
  15. Snowflake

    RBS Junior Associates 2018

    Just to confuse people even more re the gymnastics/ballet debate 😊 my dd, who was a JA and now a Mid used to be a very successful WAG gymnast on the BG NDP, county squad member every year plus she did her National Grade 4 in age on only 12 hours training a week, one of only 4 in her region (NW) her lovely coach loved her dancing too and she still comes to watch her in shows even now. She was very fortunate to be able to able to do both, but had to make a choice in year 7 - as she wasn’t doing enough ballet classes to keep up - only 2 hours a week outside Mids and not much pointework, she now dances nearly every night! She is tall with extremely proportionaly long legs - not all gymnasts are built the same! They don’t select on body type really, more fast twitch muscle type, flexibility and strength and of course a complete dare devil streak 😊 Good luck to you all, and if it’s a no, just don’t give up, things change X