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  1. My DD has just received a yes for yr 10 with an invite to funding auditions. Good luck to those still waiting xx
  2. Thanks Dancey, ours also arrived
  3. Thanks Loulabelle. Good luck to your DC too.
  4. Thanks Dancy and Loulabelle. I'm guessing there must be different dates for different groups. Group 3 was on May 21st. I'll keep checking the post......assuming they come via post?!
  5. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has received the results of the CBA assesments yet?
  6. Well done Skintdancemum - fingers crossed for some movement on that SWL. Is that for year 7? Has anyone heard of any news for yr 8 mids?
  7. Are the yr8 / 9 results generally sent out before the yr7 results?
  8. 2littledancers my eldest dd is starting this in sept (she's 12) we know a couple of girls who do this and they are fabulous dancers. She's very excited!
  9. Brilliant news! Well done to your DD's. xx Has anyone heard of any movement on the London waiting list?
  10. Hi isadora, JA's cover school years 4, 5 & 6. So if your daughter is going in to year 5 in September she could audition next year for year 6. I hope this makes sense.
  11. Post has arrived here and it's a brown envelope for my DD ????. Good luck to those still waiting x
  12. Brilliant news! Is that year 7?
  13. Hi Biscuit, yes we received a confirmation email with an attached pdf of the application. Perhaps give them a call after the new year?
  14. Good to hear that there is movement on the priority list balletqueen. Do you happen to know how old the DD is? x
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