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  1. It was a no for my DD. Not heard of any places as yet, a few SWL though, well done to those xx
  2. Well done to all those of the SWL. It was a no for my DD. She has been on SWL previously. I am sure she will want to go through this all again next year! xx
  3. I guess it will be tomorrow now at the earliest x
  4. It means she did extremely well. They obviously liked her and she is suitable to be in Mids, they just don't have a space to offer her, she should be celebrating and feeling very pleased with herself xx
  5. Must be out today! Good luck to all those still waiting xx
  6. Lovely news, well done to your DD x
  7. Has anyone had results from London MA's yet?
  8. Has anyone had London results yet? We are still waiting x
  9. The current associates will know by 12th April I think.
  10. Good luck to everyone waiting for news, hopefully MA results this week. We are not expecting anything but nevertheless it is nice when the wait is over! Well done to everyone who auditioned, they are all amazing for having a go, they should all be very proud of themselves.
  11. Last year it was 27th March x
  12. Hi All I bought tickets to see LCB Ballet Shoes but my daughter's dance school has since called a dress rehearsal for their annual show so we are no longer able to go, such a shame we were really looking forward to it. If anyone is interested please get in touch, I booked 2 seats row C Stalls for the Saturday 530 pm, I paid £48 but willing to sell for less x
  13. Did you hear anything back? I have not been able to call as I am at work during their opening hours.
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