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  1. We had the email too, saying we had a place, rather than waitlist, then the error email saying that the acceptance email should have said for waitlist. Luckily for me I had read the error email first, so by the time I reached the congratulations email I already knew there was an error. I feel for anyone who shared news and got excited and now has to say it was the wrong email, very disappointing. Fingers crossed that places come up, if the cut off is midnight tonight to confirm I guess wait list places will come up soon x
  2. Well done Mak that is fabulous news for your daughter. My understanding of the tour is that there are two date options? Hope she can work it out. x
  3. Yes I have checked my junk / spam and nothing! I agree Keoghcar that is is a big achievement to get to the final audition so congratulations to all xx
  4. We are still waiting, has anyone heard from the oder age groups age 13/14?
  5. Still waiting for results. Well done everyone who got a yes, waiting list is an amazing achievement too, and if it is a no, keep trying. This is our third year of waiting results, always had a no and still she keeps trying ! Good luck all xxx
  6. Morning I have tickets for this Saturday for LCB ballet, really good seats: This is the order details with seat numbers: Ballet Shoes Saturday, 6 July 2019 5:30pm Peacock Theatre - Stalls - C5, C6 2 x Standard Peacock Theatre
  7. It was a no for my DD. Not heard of any places as yet, a few SWL though, well done to those xx
  8. Well done to all those of the SWL. It was a no for my DD. She has been on SWL previously. I am sure she will want to go through this all again next year! xx
  9. I guess it will be tomorrow now at the earliest x
  10. It means she did extremely well. They obviously liked her and she is suitable to be in Mids, they just don't have a space to offer her, she should be celebrating and feeling very pleased with herself xx
  11. Must be out today! Good luck to all those still waiting xx
  12. Has anyone had results from London MA's yet?
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