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  1. Thanks for this Snowweisz. I have followed some of Kathryn Morgan's story on the American forum. I wish her all the very best at MCB. She has been through so much and worked so hard to get back to her dancing career she deserves all the luck in the world.
  2. I always ask for "proof of postage" at the Post Office if I am posting anything that is important to me (if I am not using special or recorded delivery). It is free and if there are subsequent enquiries you have the proof that, at the very least, it was posted.
  3. She was a contestant in Dancing on Ice one year and, I thought, came over very well. I've also seen her on chat shows and such like and she, again, came over very well. I think she has recently been in Eastenders too. I rather suspect the "annoying" tag relates to her as a precious child star, including Violet Elizabeth rather than recent years but it is always hard to shake off a "tag" once given.
  4. Lot's of reviews included in the Links yesterday and today:
  5. It's being reported widely in the tabloid press that BBC bosses want Carlos Acosta to replace Darcey! Here's one report: https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/strictly-bosses-want-ballet-star-14389193 Given that he is taking over at BRB and continuing with his company and school in Cuba how could this possibly work???
  6. Links - Thursday 18 April, 2019 Obituary - Jane Nicholas, dancer & arts administrator: Colin Nears, Guardian Reviews - Merce Cunningham Trust, Night of 100 Solos: London: Debra Craine, Times Mark Monahan, Telegraph Vera Liber, British Theatre Guide GJ Dowler, Classical Source Emma Byrne, Standard Lyndsey Winship, Guardian Teresa Guerreiro, Culture Whisper Gallery - Foteini Christofilopoulou, DanceTabs New York: Brian Seibert, NY Times Los Angeles: Mark Swed, LA Times Feature - Merce Cunningham Trust, Night of 100 Solos: How LA organisers pulled off a dance coup, Los Angeles: Makeda Easter, LA Times Review - New York City Ballet, New Works and New Production, Washington: Ethan Knecht, The Hoya Review - Northern Ballet, The Kingdom of Back, Mamela, The Shape of Sound, Newcastle: Peter Lathan, British Theatre Guide News - San Francisco Ballet announces 2020 Repertory Season: News Desk, Broadway World Preview - Sarasota Ballet, Giselle, Sarasota: Nikki Kottmann, Sarasota Observer Review - Phoenix Dance Theatre, Left Unseen, The Rite of Spring, Doncaster: Vanessa Mudd, Culture Vulture News - Miami City Ballet announces new 10 dancers for the 2019-20 season, News Desk, Broadway World Reviews - Damien Jalet & Kohei Nawa, Vessel, London: Louise Levene, FT Richard Maguire, Reviews Hub Review - Tom Gold Dance, Significant Strangers, Counterpoint, Blind Revelry, New York: Marianne Adams, Danceview Times Review - State Street Ballet, Ballroom, Santa Barbara: Charles Donelan, Santa Barbara Independent Reviews - A Man of Good Hope, London: Michael Church, Independent Tim Bano, Stage
  7. Do you mean this site? https://www.dhgate.com/wholesale/professional+ballet+tutus.html
  8. Links - Wednesday 17 April, 2019 Review - International Draft Works 2019, London: Sara Veale, DanceTabs Review - Dance Theater of Harlem, film tribute to Arthur Mitchell, Tones II, Nyman String Quartet #2, New York: Apollinaire Scherr, FT Review - Rosie Kay Dance Company, 5 Soldiers, San Francisco: Rita Felciano, Danceview Times Review - Lost Dog, Juliet & Romeo, London: Audrey Lemarchand, Bachtrack Feature - Youth America Grand Prix: Brian Seibert, NY Times Review - Spring Forward Festival, Val-de-Marne: Róisín O’Brien, Seeing Dance Review - Fuel and Encounter, The Kids Are Alright, London: Graham Watts, DanceTabs Review - Atlanta Ballet 2, Beauty and the Beast, Atlanta: Andrew Alexander, AJC Review - Faye Driscoll, Thank you for coming: Space, Montclair: Robert Johnson, NJ Arts Preview Feature - Pratidhwani, Devi, Seattle: Tantri Wija, Seattle Times Review - West Side Story, Manchester: Ann Treneman, Times Feature/Review - Oklahoma!, New York: Gia Kourlas, NY Tiimes Review - WE.ARE Dance Company, Found, Kensington: Jill Sykes, Brisbane Times
  9. A very wise friend (sadly now passed away) once said to me that you have to be old to dance young. I think it was Capybara who mentioned Marion Tait. I didn't book for her initial performances as Juliet because I thought she was too old. All my friends told me I was mad so I booked to see her in what turned out to be her final season as a principal dancer at BRB (1994/1995) when she must have been in her late 40s. I HAVE NEVER FORGOTTEN THAT NIGHT!!!! To this day Marion Tait is still the most convincing 14 year old I have ever seen. I was sitting on the front row at the Birmingham Hippodrome. I also saw her, some years later, rehearsing Rachel Peppin in the balcony scene. She started demonstrating the arm movements and, dressed in a track suit and trainers she became Juliet. Why should we, the aficionados, deprive the vast majority of the audience of the chance to see dancers who have reached a degree of artistry in their (comparative) maturity as dancers that make them compelling in roles such as Juliet? Personally I love to see young dancers and if it was up to me the castings could well have been different but Mr O'Hare has to keep a balance between satisfying the regulars and the general public.
  10. Links - Tuesday 16 April, 2019 Feature - Merce Cunningham remembered: Lyndsey Winship, Guardian Review - Royal Danish Ballet, Afterite, Etudes, Copenhagen: Eva Kistrup, Danceview Times Review - International Draft Works, London: Graham Watts, Bachtrack Feature - Akram Khan’s Giselle: Jennifer Homans, New Yorker Review - Ivan Putrov & others, Against the Stream, London: Jann Parry, DanceTabs Review - Zurich Ballet, Giselle, Zurich: Sarah Batschelet, Bachtrack Review - Pacific Northwest Ballet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Seattle: Philippa Kiraly, Bachtrack Review - Alonzo King LINES Ballet, Pole Star, Art Songs, San Francisco: Jaime Robles, Bachtrack Review - Luca Silvestrini, The Little Prince, Canterbury: Sanjoy Roy, Guardian Review - Sydney Dance Company, Neon Aether, Cinco, WOOF, Sydney: Claudia Lawson, Fjord Review Featurette- Tara-Brigitte Bhavnani (Royal Ballet) releases time lapse video of her pregnancy: Faima Bakar, Metro Review - Gravity and Other Myths, A Simple Place, London: Maggie Foyer, Seeing Dance Film Review - Yuli (Carlos Acosta biopic): Tim Baros, Gay UK Review - Constanza Macras DorkyPark, Der Palast, Berlin: Veronica Posth, Seeing Dance
  11. Links - Monday 15 April, 2019 Review - English National Ballet, She Persisted, London: Sara Veale, Fjord Review Review - A Feast of Cunningham, New York: Apollinaire Scherr, Fjord Review Reviews - International Draft Works, London: Debra Craine, Times Vera Liber, British Theatre Guide Review - Dance Theater of Harlem, 50th Anniversary Gala performances, New York: Brian Seibert, NY Times News - Jón Axel Fransson promoted to principal at the Royal Danish Ballet: Eva Kistrup, Danceview Times Feature - Christoper Grant, New York City Ballet: Richard Johnson, Jamaica Observer Feature - A day in the life of Alice Topp, Australian Ballet: Annabel Ross, Broadsheet Review - KYL/Dancers, Spring 101, Philadelphia: Lewis Whittington, Culture Vulture
  12. What a wonderfully evocative review Sim; I almost feel as though I was there. Thanks.
  13. Some speculation about Darcey's replacement in the Star: https://www.dailystar.co.uk/strictly/772040/strictly-come-dancing-cheryl-judge-fan-boycott
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