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  1. Jan McNulty

    Room 101

    Sorry you are missing your trip John. Get well soon.
  2. Jan McNulty

    Question about "Sleeping Beauty"

  3. Jan McNulty

    Interview with Graham Lustig

    Graham Lustig was my first Will Mossop in David Bintley’s Hobson’s Choice. Marion Tait was his Maggie. Lovely memories!
  4. Perhaps he’s been given leave of absence for the whole run?
  5. Thanks Amelia, I’ve merged the threads.
  6. Jan McNulty

    Natalia Osipova -- her own projects

    Gosh, that looks a fabulous production. Thanks Amelia!
  7. Hello Sabine0308 and welcome to the Forum!
  8. Although my preference would be the Hynd production I enjoyed the Schaufuss and still think his snowflakes were the best.
  9. Jan McNulty

    Simply Adult Ballet

    Hello J3nesis and welcome to the Forum!
  10. Jan McNulty

    Northern Ballet Class Live

    Sometimes some of the ladies in NB do the whole class in pointe shoes. It has always been this so I have never wondered why.
  11. Jan McNulty

    Christine Woodward - another sad loss.

    Very sad news PDQ.
  12. Jan McNulty

    Elaine McDonald RIP

    Such sad news. As well as seeing her dance (wonderfully) with SB she was also on the ballet staff at NB for a short time. What a sad loss to the ballet world. Sincere condolences to her family, friends and colleagues.