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Adult beginner / weekend intensive


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Hi everyone,


Long time lurker/admirer, first time poster!


I have been taking studio-based ballet since August (was previously taking a kind of cardio-ballet-fitness fusion which I was basically advised to stop by my ballet teacher as it was compromising my turnout.)


My current schedule looks like this:

Wednesday: Grade 6 RAD class with character/free movement followed by an open, non-syllabus class for adults (roughly grade 5 level- I may add se very basic pointe work in the summer) (2 hours, 45 minutes without pointe)

Friday: Intermediate class (1 1/2 hours)

Time and family commitments pending (so... rarely!) I also attend a more advanced (grade 7/8 level) non-syllabus class on a Saturday morning too.

In addition I also take a West End Jazz class on a Tuesday. I try to keep pretty fit by practicing ballet at home and yoga too.


I am much more comfortable at the barre than in the centre. I'm doing my very best to improve my ballet/dance in general. I plan to take more classes during school holidays (I am a teacher so have more free time then.) In the center I feel very wobbly and have a hard time remembering steps.


Is it realistic that I will be of a good enough standard to attend London Amateur Ballet's weekend intensive in October?




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I think you will be fine Beckyl!!


It is quite a lot of dancing in a short space of time so I think it's probably keeping going stamina wise more than whether you are at the right level etc to be honest!!


Tom Linecar Boulton who runs them is really nice and you wouldn't be forced to do anything you were not confident with.....however I suspect you will get very caught up in it all and will want to push yourself once there in the enthusiastic environment!


If you are not sure and haven't done any workshops before I'm happy to give you the name of one day only workshops if you wanted to see how you got on with those first.


But frankly if you are under 40 just go for it!!


I am a member of the LAB company but because I'm that bit older I prefer doing the weekly classes and learning the rep over a longer period of time than the intensives.

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Thanks for the welcome, Janet :)



Stamina is something to work on but I will be basically dong a 3 hour + class soon so I can work on it then.


I would be interested in one-day workshops in the Oxford/Reading/Swindon area if that were possible.


I am 28 but returned to ballet last year after 14 years (I was a non-serious dancer before this, took cursory ballet once a week, focused more on jazz.)

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Hi Becky


You go for the London Amateur Ballet Intensives you will enjoy them. Like Lin I too am a member of the LAB Company of dancers and I have also attended all but the last LAB Intensive.


Firstly there are a couple of things that should help: Dancer Selection, on first arrival the dancers are divided into two main groups as its impossible to tell the standard of each we are just divided on Family/ Surname name. Later dancers are moved according to their ability but the scene we are dancing too remains the same but taught by different teachers. One will teach to a higher standard with the rep while the other will go at a slightly slower pace with some simplification.


Secondly there is always someone making a video recording of the rehearsals, much of this appears in a LAB closed group area on facebook for you to share and see, so make sure you have the means with you to view it, that I find really helpful. You will go over the rep time and time again before your end of course performance for your friend and family to come and see. The end of course performance is formally recorded by LAB and is available to download after editing for a nominal fee. I think the last was about £3.00.


This has been the case on the last two Summer Intensives I attended, however prior to this selection was on height, During the spring Intensive (Sleeping Beauty) the corps de ballet piece was virtually the same (3 groups) as we had over 70 dancers. We had three solo to do, but danced as a group, we each learnt all three(sort off) in the one session each, then selected which one to concentrate on during rehearsal and then perform that at the end of course performance (as a group again).


Intensives with 70 dancers were considered too many, although I liked it, they are now around 35 – 40 dancers.


One minor point, when it comes to the end of course performance you are expected to follow the dress code: some scenes are done in tutu’s usually classical practice tutu bottoms, other scenes in leos and wrap round skirts, there is advise on leo colour but that’s not mandatory, its just to match the character roll you are dancing eg (Don Quixote Red leo and black skirt).



Hope that helps, so just go for it.

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Hi Becky


Where does the October date come from? This is what LAB have planned



The LAB Weekend Intensives

Saturday 7th - Sunday 8th February 2015 - Rambert School, Twickenham



The LAB Spring Intensive 2015

Friday 10th - Sunday 12th April 2015 - Central School of Ballet


The LAB Summer Intensives 2015

Monday 17th - Saturday 22nd August 2015 - Central School of Ballet with Saturday performance day at Lanterns Studio Theatre



Monday 24th - Saturday 29th August 2015 - Central School of Ballet with Saturday performance day at Lanterns Studio Theatre

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