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Elmhurst and RBS upper School audition Question


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My DD is coming to London to audition for Upper School in a few months time. I am curious to understand what exactly happens with Elmhurst and Royal Ballet school places. Are there extra places opened up for upper school or is there only filling of places for those who have been assessed out? I understand with ENBS and Central it is a whole new intake, but I would have thought there must be very few opportunities for a place in Elmhurst and RBS if they already have a full compliment of there own students which presumably are already of an extremely high standard. My dd is especially keen on RBS or Elmhurst but I thought as we are coming such a long way we should try for some others too. Are there other ballet schools that could be suggested for opportunities that perhaps we don't know about.


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Hi Ausdance and welcome to the forum. May I point you in the direction of this thread, which is pinned to the top of the forum: http://www.balletcoforum.com/index.php?/topic/5000-questions-about-upper-school-auditions/


There should be plenty of info there.


To help decide which schools to audition for, do you mind telling us how old your dd will be next September (16, 17 or 18?), and is she primarily interested in trying for a classical company contract, or classical and contemporary, or teaching?

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My understanding is that at RBS and Elmhurst, students have to re-apply for an upper school place. It is not the same as in lower school where only a small number are assessed out each year, thus opening up just ne or two places if that in a year group.


The number of students accepted from lower school varies from year to year, but in addition to those who don't get a place, there are others who decide to go to different schools for upper school or to focus on musical theatre or drama instead of ballet.


I don't know whether the total number of places available in Y12 is the same as in Y11, but regardless, it I definitely worth applying to those schools if those are the ones your daughter favours.


In addition to Central and ENBS, you might look at Tring, Hammond, Northern ballet school, Ballet West, Rambert and the school of Ballet Theatre UK. If you are considering schools in other European countries you have even more options. I would encourage you to look at the graduate destinations of any school you are considering applying to to see whether they match up with your professional ambitions.

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